Flashback Video: Ann Coulter Cheers Torture, Empire, Pre-Emptive War, Gitmo, Waterboarding, Regime Change, Plunder of Nations, Patriot Act
By Martin Hill
September 18, 2015



Ann Coulter has gotten a lot of praise for calling out American politicians subservience and groveling to Israel and the Jewish lobby. However, before she becomes some sort of folk hero, it should be noted that this is a woman who has, and still does, support all the evil, wicked unethical policies of the current and former regimes. Until she renounces what she has previously praised- namely torture, waterboarding, regime change, the Patriot Act, empire, Gitmo, and Zionism itself- she should not be so heartily applauded. Watch this amazing, disgusting clip as a reminder of just what Ann Coulter advocates.

In an interview with John Stossel from October 2012, Ann Coulter, in less than four minutes, reminds us of everything that is wrong with this country. In a manic fashion, she spews out that "Iraq was crucial to the war on terror, we accomplished everything in Afghanistan in six months; Gitmo fantastic! Patriot act fantastic! Waterboarding not bad, but torture even better!" She says invading Iraq was a great idea, they have natural resources. "We needed an Arab Israel, we got it in Iraq!" Even in retrospect, she fully endorses "regime change."

"Haven't we made more enemies?" Stossel asks.

"No, no, no, that's a crazy ACLU argument," she says, continuing "the waterboarding helped lead us to Osama bin Laden, it took ten years, maybe if they'd have tried torture we could have found him in under ten years."

Stossel points out that many intelligence sources confirm that torture does not work in garnering any information of value, to which Coulter replies "this is such a lie, torture works beautifully!"

Watch the video here:

Published on Oct 27, 2012
Ann Coulter epitomizes the neo-conservative stance on foreign policy and domestic security in this interview with John Stossel. She advocates toppling foreign governments based on their natural resources, spying on American citizens, and torture. Coulter is an imperialist with no regard for the constitution.

Just yesterday, The Daily Beast reported: (emphasis added)

"In an interview with The Daily Beast, Coulter said the controversy was all based on a misunderstanding. She didn't mean to say that Jews were hoarding influence in this country. Not at all. "I'm accusing Republicans of thinking the Jews have so much power. They’re the ones who are comedically acting out this play where Jews control everything," Coulter said. ...We don’t need to be coddled to constantly—we’re not Democrats. There is no doubt that the Republican Party is the party of Israel and of Life. So why keep sucking up on Israel?" ...My tweet was about Republicans and the pandering. It wasn't about Israel, it wasn’t about Jews. It's what Republicans are thinking in their little pea brains. I could say the same thing about Evangelicals. Who are you pandering to? A lot of it is to Sheldon Adelson and the Evangelicals…. This kind of suck-uppery is humiliating."


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