39% of Adults who attended public school believe "Jews are responsible for most of the world's wars," Neocon Study Group Finds
By Martin Hill
December 8, 2015



Neocon group AEI, (The American Enterprise Institute) recently released results of a study they conducted in conjunction with the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) measuring adults responses towards eleven anti-Semitic statements. They wanted to determine the effect of private verses public schooling on anti-Semitic attitudes as adults.

The study begins

"We find that the more people attended private school when they were younger, the more favorable their attitudes toward Jews. This finding holds even after controlling for a variety of background characteristics, including age, gender, race, childhood family religion, childhood economic circumstances, mother and father’s education, being raised by two parents, and being born in the United States. The reduction in anti-Semitism associated with private schooling is roughly as large as that produced by having parents who are college educated rather than high school dropouts.

"The benefit of attending private school on reducing anti-Semitism is concentrated among religiously affiliated private schools. Secular private schools are similar to secular public schools in the level of anti-Semitism among their former students. We therefore have some reason to believe that religious, mostly Christian, institutions are playing an important role in restraining anti-Semitism. The overall picture on American anti-Semitism is more worrisome than earlier research by the ADL suggests."

The study measured 'Anti-Semitic Stereotype Results' by asking adults taking the survey if they completely agree, mostly agree, don’t know, mostly disagree, or completely disagree.

The eleven 'anti-Semitic' statements are listed below. The percentage of those Who Disagree with the Anti-Semitic Stereotypes is to the right of each question, starting with the percentage of all pubic school respondents and then all private school respondents. For example, in the first question, 54% of public school students would disagree that "Jews have too much control over the United States government," and 67% of those who were private school educated disagreed with that statement.

[Have we finally found the FIRST-EVER reason to promote public, government schools??! LOL.]

The study continues,

"Of private school adults, 68 percent disagree with the anti-Semitic stereotype “Jews have too much control over global affairs,” compared to 51 percent of those who attended public schools. These results remain statistically significant, but the difference shrinks to 15 percentage points when adjusted for background characteristics. The advantage for adults who attended private schools holds true for the items “Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind,” “Jews have too much control over the global media,” and “Jews have too much power in the business world.” For all three of these stereotypes, the gap between public and private school (18, 14, and 13 percentage points, respectively) is statistically significant and becomes 11 percentage points in all three cases when adjusted for background characteristics.

"Significantly more people who attended private school disagree with the statement “Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust.” The gap between adults who attended all public and those who attended at least some private school is 14 percentage points in the unadjusted comparison and 9 percentage points after controlling for background factors."

Here is a discussion of the study including Opening remarks from Jay P. Greene, University of Arkansas; and a Panel discussion with Yair Rosenberg of Tablet Magazine, Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post, and Leonard Saxe of Brandeis University. The Moderator is Nat Malkus of AEI.

You can read more about the study here and here.

The direct PDF of the studym which is 16 pages, can be found here.

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