Ben Carson's Closest Confidant, Business Partner, & 'Brother-Like' Adviser is Armstrong Williams, Rabid Zionist & Disgraced Paid Propagandist for Bush Administration
By Martin Hill
October 27, 2015

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Armstrong Williams, the black man posing as a 'conservative commentator,' is notorious for being exposed as a phony who took nearly a quarter of a million dollars from the Bush Administration (at taxpayer expense) to promote the globalist 'No Child Left Behind' garbage. Williams is presidential hopeful Ben Carson's 'right hand man'- and much more than that.

The two are intimately close, Williams has a room in Carson's home, their families vacation together, Armstrong employs Ben Carson's sons, and is Carson's financial adviser and 'business partner.' The rabidly anti-Palestinian Williams recently accompanied Ben Carson to Israel.

Despite pretending to be conservative while shilling for 'No child left behind,' Armstrong also admittedly used his blackness and minority status, as opposed to his merit, to convince the FCC to let him buy up more tv stations. This is admitted in official FCC filings and papers. . So these frauds 'publicly' oppose affirmative action, while privately wholeheartedly supporting it and taking full advantage of it.

Armstrong recently tweeted "Here we go again. Israel, America’s truest ally in the Middle East, is under terrorist assault" & "Israeli citizens wisely employed personal weapons to eliminate terrorists on the spot." PNAC Founder Bill Kristol also says that Ben Carson is the best choice for president. BEWARE of this dim-witted humble-posing sleeper cell known as Ben Carson. As I said before: Ben Carson is an Israeli-shill pro-vaccine half-wit who recently said that the 20 million illegal aliens 'can stay'.

On Facebook, Armstrong wrote "Over the last month, Israel has been targeted by a sickening wave of Palestinian terrorism. Innocent Israeli civilians going about their daily chores are being run over by madmen behind the wheels of cars, slashed and murdered with knives, and shot at on city buses." Also: "As Congress inches closer to voting on the Iranian nuclear deal, an historic mistake that will bless the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism becoming a nuclear threshold state, Americans should be terrified."

A recent article even revealed that Ben Carson himself was an Obama adviser! "At one time Carson was an adviser to Obama on health issues." [Armstrong Williams: Ben Carson 'Refuses to Be Anybody's Slave']

GQ's The Man Who Would Make Ben Carson President notes "Above all else, Williams is an excellent hype man, constantly talking up Carson to reporters." GQ explains Williams financial success:

"He teamed up with Stedman Graham (of Oprah paramour fame) to found an international public relations firm. He's also carved out a niche as a prominent (and indefatigable) black conservative pundit, with a syndicated newspaper column and his own TV and radio shows. During Carson's trip to Israel, Williams would frequently disappear to call in to some obscure radio show back in the States to offer his commentary on the news of the day. One afternoon, in the Old City of Jerusalem, he performed a modern miracle - finding a Wifi signal -so that he could use his iPad to do a Skype interview with a Fox show. Williams has also branched out into media ownership. In the last two years, he's purchased six television stations in Alabama, Michigan, South Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania."
GQ adds that Williams helps Carson with his financial affairs, and even employs Carson's sons.: "..I turned him onto the 1031 exchanges" - a financial strategy that's used to shield investors from capital gains tas. Before long, Williams wasn't handling just Carson's business affairs, he was employing Carson's sons through his production company."


Two months ago, The Hill ran a very informative profile of Armstrong Williams and Ben Carson The man behind Ben Carson. Excerpt:

In interviews with Carson, as well as top current and former campaign officials, the message is clear: Carson and Williams come as one. 'It's a package deal, no question about it,' Carson told The Hill. Williams describes himself as a confidant and business partner to Carson. They met in the 1990s when Williams interviewed Carson, who was at the time a world-renowned brain surgeon, on one of his TV shows. The two have since fostered what those close to them describe as a 'brother-like' relationship. They talk multiple times a day about business, family, life and politics. Their families vacation together. They go to Baltimore Ravens games. Williams even has a room in Carson's Maryland home where he keeps reserve clothes on hand for visits.

Williams often uses the quieter Carson as a sounding board, bouncing ideas and suggestions off him on everything from medicine to fashion. Sometimes Carson listens, sometimes he explains to him why he's wrong. Carson, 63, uses the more outgoing Williams for guidance in real estate deals, recommendations for attorneys and negotiating contracts with the publishers of his books.

....The Federal Election Commission has rules governing the employment of campaign staffers that the Carson campaign says it follows to the letter. 'We were also very cautious to make sure nobody could make the argument that Armstrong was in some way working as part of the campaign,' Giles said. 'We had a lot of conversations about that."

Here is info on Armstrong's media outlets:

FCC OK's Armstrong Williams' Purchase of 2 More Stations
"Armstrong Williams, the conservative commentator, entrepreneur and longtime business manager for Dr. Ben Carson, Republican presidential candidate, has won approval from the Federal Communications Commission to buy two more television stations. The purchase of KVMY-TV in Las Vegas and WLYH-TV in Lancaster, Pa., serving Harrisburg, the state capital, cements Williams' status as the African American owning the largest number of U.S. television stations, he told Journal-isms. Approval of KVMY, an ABC affiliate, came Oct. 13 and of CW-affiliate WLYH on Friday. Williams also owns WWMB-TV in Myrtle Beach, S.C.; WEYI-TV in Flint, Mich.; WMMP-TV in Charleston, S.C.; WJSU-TV in Anniston, Ala.; and WCFT-TV in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Williams bought his first two stations in partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting Co., and paid $550,000 for the two latest stations, he said. They are owned solely by Williams' Howard Stirk Holdings."

More on Armstrong's minority status to swing deals (affirmative action):

"Dave Seyler of Radio + Television Business Report reported in February that as with earlier deals involving Howard Stirk Holdings, "the parties are selling Armstrong's status as a member of a minority group in presenting the deals to the FCC.
"They discussed actions when taking over a station:
"1. increased the public affairs and local programming by adding local public affairs program(s) during prime time.
"2. increased the coverage of local events, people and leaders through guests on local public affairs programs.
"3. produced and aired public affairs shows hosted by Mr. Williams and covering current issues such as: Right to Work, Small Business & Economic Development and Reducing Crime.
"4. held and hosted town hall meetings televised in prime time. These town halls will cover topics of local interest (previous town hall meetings Mr. Williams has hosted include: health care, domestic violence, immigration, and gun violence).
"5. obtained programs of particular interest and enjoyment to minority communities, such as The Steve Harvey Show and Queen Latifah.
"6. sought to advance minority employment and is implementing an internship program targeted at minority students interested in the technical side of the television business."

[See Williams files to buy two more TV stations 2/3/15 "The FCC's decision to draw the line on local TV duopolies and the use of SSAs has worked to the benefit of at least one company: Armstrong William's Howard Stirk Holdings, which is picking up TVs in Las Vegas and Lancaster PA. Both deals involve some complexity, and both involve Sinclair."]

Here are some of Armstrong Williams more revealing quotes and posts via Twitter and Facebook. Note that Armstrong has a bizarre habit of using "God morning" or "God afternoon" instead of good afternoon.:

Israeli citizens wisely employed personal weapons to eliminate terrorists on the spot in efforts to avert killing of more innocent people.

— Armstrong Williams (@Arightside) October 22, 2015

God morning : Here we go again. Israel, America's truest ally in the Middle East, is under terrorist assault,...

— Armstrong Williams (@Arightside) October 19, 2015

Facebook: Armstrong Williams - October 19 at 5:03am God morning : Here we go again. Israel, America's truest ally in the Middle East, is under terrorist assault, and the Obama Administration is once again turning its back on the Jewish state. With America failing to throw full support behind Israel in its time of need, the question is why the Obama Administration seems to prefer equivocal statements to demanding an immediate and full cessation of Palestinian attacks and incitement? Over the last month, Israel has been targeted by a sickening wave of Palestinian terrorism. Innocent Israeli civilians going about their daily chores are being run over by madmen behind the wheels of cars, slashed and murdered with knives, and shot at on city buses. Raw footage of these barbaric terrorist attacks is widely available online and it shocks the conscience. In recent days, the terrorist savagery has escalated through simultaneous attacks that appear to have been coordinated in multiple Israeli cities at the same time. This disgusting series of stabbing and shooting attacks has received praise by the terrorist group Hamas, which hails the ruthless terrorists as 'heroes.' The Palestinian Authority has declined to denounce the terrorist attacks or call for Palestinians to halt their violence.

#FCC OK's Armstrong Williams' Purchase of 2 More Stations @arightside #mediaownership

— Richard Prince (@princeeditor) October 20, 2015

ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS: To curb #Chicago #violence, bring in the Nation of Islam.

— The Washington Times (@WashTimes) October 12, 2015

White flight wasn't exclusively the consequence of forced integration policies. policies that allowed redlining and restrictive covenants.

— Armstrong Williams (@Arightside) October 7, 2015

The Nation of Islam could be Chicago's savior

— Armstrong Williams (@Arightside) October 6, 2015

A Trump-Carson ticket? Or maybe a Carson-Trump ticket? Armstrong Williams: "You never know what the future holds."

— New Day (@NewDay) October 21, 2015

Armstrong Williams October 7 at 4:41am
God morning : To be fair, white flight was not exclusively the consequence of forced integration policies. Other private and public housing policies - such as redlining, restrictive covenants, discriminatory steering by real estate agents and restricted access to private capital - all attempts at social engineering - exacerbated the suburban segregation in the 1970s and 80s. It is true that the Fair Housing act and other laws have greatly reduced explicit discrimination in housing, but significant disparities in housing availability and quality persist. To address them, The Obama administration's new agency rules rely on a tortured reading of the Fair Housing Laws to empower HUD to 'affirmatively promote' fair housing even in the absence of explicit discrimination. The new rule would not only condition the grant of HUD funds to municipalities on building affordable housing as is the case today, but would require that such affordable housing be built primarily in wealthier neighborhoods with few current minority residents and that the new housing be aggressively marketed to minorities. In practice, the rule would fundamentally change the nature of some communities from primarily single-family to large apartment-based areas by encouraging municipalities to strike down housing ordinances that have no overtly (or even intended) discriminatory purpose - including race neutral zoning restrictions on lot sizes and limits on multi-unit dwellings, all in the name of promoting diversity.

What does Nation Of Islam offer that police haven't in Chicago violence? Credibility with the community. Should NOI return to the streets?

— Armstrong Williams (@Arightside) October 5, 2015

The Jewish people have cause for concern. Hard to remember a time within the past 50 years when they had so many reasons to feel alone . >>

— Armstrong Williams (@Arightside) September 15, 2015

Armstrong Williams - New Day Full interview

— Armstrong Williams (@Arightside) September 11, 2015

Carson Camp Responds to Trump's Insults

— Armstrong Williams (@Arightside) September 11, 2015

'Iran does not plan to issue permission for the [International Atomic Energy Agency] to inspect every site," . We have conceded our power.

— Armstrong Williams (@Arightside) September 4, 2015

More facebook from Williams: God morning : The current structure of the U.S. workforce is increasingly taking the semblance of a barbell - with a low concentration of highly-paid jobs at the top, and high concentration of low paying jobs at the bottom - cutting out the vaunted American middle class. This picture of America is disconcerting to many, who see the middle class as the primary driver of American national identity and the engine of economic growth.

Police officers are charged with confronting and detaining violent criminals, and are being assassinated by cowards who should be executed.

— Armstrong Williams (@Arightside) September 1, 2015

God afternoon: As Congress inches closer to voting on the Iranian nuclear deal, an historic mistake that will...

— Armstrong Williams (@Arightside) September 1, 2015

Armstrong Williams September 4 God morning. It is so devastating witnessing the Obama administration manipulate congress and much of the public in supporting their devastating Iran deal. The Iranians are publicly laughing and boasting of the US lack of enforcement that will soon become law. 'Iran does not plan to issue permission for the [International Atomic Energy Agency] to inspect every site," Iranian Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan told Al Mayadeen News Wednesday. "U.S. officials make boastful remarks and imagine that they can impose anything on the Iranian nation because they lack a proper knowledge of the Iranian nation.'

9/1/15 God afternoon: As Congress inches closer to voting on the Iranian nuclear deal, an historic mistake that will bless the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism becoming a nuclear threshold state, Americans should be terrified. Before that nightmarish scenario becomes the status quo, lawmakers should carefully consider the long-term national security implications for our country. And they should especially bear in mind what this deal could ultimately mean for the men and women in uniform who serve our country. President Obama has sold a false premise to the American public, military personnel and our elected officials in Congress. According to the President, the only alternative to this woeful deal born from badly botched negotiations is war with Iran.

Carson and Williams launched 'American Currentsee,' a propaganda journal for the Moonie paper the Washington Times. American CurrentSee Monthly Magazine is described as "a journal dedicated to transcending the tired old rhetoric about race, politics and civil rights and empowering readers to liberate themselves from a culture of government dependency and monolithic political allegiances. American CurrentSee is the brainchild of Dr. Ben Carson and is published monthly in a digital format by The Washington Times."

See this article by Williams opposing the 'dangerous' Iran deal.

Armstrong at the same time shills for the nation of Islam in the Moonie Times, opining "One of the few sources of strong leadership in many of these communities is the Nation of Islam."

Here is the twitter account of Armstrong's TV station in Charleston, WGWG4. Note the number of Carson stories.


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