Bank Of America Folds and Reverses $70 In 'Late Fees' After We Tell them to Just Cancel the Card
By Martin Hill
October 22, 2015



[UPDATE #2, 10/22/15 3:22pm: Bank of America is still lurking on this page. ISP logs here. See previous update below.]

A few months ago when my wife and I returned from our 35-day European vacation, she noticed that we had two $35 late fees on our Bank of America credit card. Apparently we had made the online payment too late in the day, and it wasn't processed until a day after the 'due date.' They then added another $35 fee for something or other, so our account incurred both these charges.

Being a notorious cheapskate, I called up BofA and asked if they could remove the $70 in penalty fees. After all, we only keep the card active to maintain a credit line and we pay the balance off every month like clockwork- the card has a $10,000 limit.

They refused to waive the fees. The phone rep said in a very arrogant and condescending tone, "NO, we are not going to reverse those charges, the two fees of thirty five dollars will remain."

I then told him in a poker face manner, "Okay, then we're just going to cancel the card then. Transfer me to that department, now."

Without another word spoken, he then said "please hold" and came back a minute later and said, "Sir, we are able to reverse those two charges, and that amount has been credited back to your account."

Ha! A sucker born every minute! All we had to do was say we were cancelling the card and they reversed the fees to keep our business!

I called his bluff and he folded like a wet suit. Remember, it's just like smarmy car salesmen. The bankers aren't doing us any favors. We are doing them a favor by even using their plastic cards in the first place. Especially when we don't even need them!

I always recommend that consumers at least request the financial institution remove these excessive, usurious late fees if you encounter a similar situation. It can't hurt to try! In my experience, it usually works.

Be sure to visit my Traffic ticket Archives here, another easy way to save money.

By the way. in my younger days I began learning a lot about consumer rights, fighting traffic revenue tickets, etc. I have been very successful at it. (I once sued scumbag Warren Buffet's billion dollar company GEICO without a lawyer, and won in Orange County, CA Superior court in two seconds. Ha!!) Basically you have to be careful in business and consumer matters because these unscrupulous corporations will try to screw you, the customer, whenever possible.

Back then I used to listen to a guy named Clark Howard, he has a pretty informative consumer radio show. He has this DROP DEAD LETTER TO COLLECTION AGENCIES. It works.

UPDATE: It's so hilarious that whenever I write an article about some mega-corporation or crooked government agency, they visit within minutes. [See my Zionism section for some examples of ISP visitor logs.]
Bank of America visited this article within moments of its' publication. Excuse my French, but FUCK YOU BofA! We all know you're crooks, leeching off our bailout money and foreclosing on homes, STEALING HOMES from innocent people that you don't even hold a note on! Criminals!
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