Ben Carson: "There's No Occupation In Palestine - No One's Being Expelled"
By Martin Hill
October 28, 2015



Underscored in my latest report 'Glassy-Eyed Dimwit Ben Carson Dons The Beanie' was Carson's 12 minute recorded conversation with the woman who served as his Israeli tour guide. [Note: many people aren't aware that PNAC Founder Bill Kristol, who was the mastermind behind the 'Rebuilding America's Defenses' document which called for a New Pearl Harbor' in America, says Ben Carson is 'Next Best' choice for president since Dick Cheney won't run.]

Carson begins the conversation with an old false canard often parroted by neocons and 'patriotic' Republicans., which is "The soldiers, they're the ones responsible for our freedom."

When asked his thoughts about his first trip to Israeli, which occurred last December, Carson tells his tour guide that "no one's being expelled, there is no occupation" in Palestine.

"When you look at the historical relationship between Israel and the U.S., there are many people in the United States unhappy with the way the relationship has been allowed to deteriorate," he drones.

Carson recalls the "memories and impressions I will never forget" (in Israel), claiming "there were explosions going on!!"

the Israeli soldiers "impressed me mightily," Carson woos, noting "they had incredible knowledgeable about whats going on."

He then "went to the holocaust museum," which he found "very emotional and touching."

"I was sad as i exited, the same kinds of things are going on today... the extreme intolerance of radical Islamists towards Jews and Christians."

The hostess chimes in "you know you've got to stop the bad guys in their tracks, we've been down this road before."

"Absolutely," Ben says.

Carson, who has insisted that no American should be able to own a 'semi-automatic' assault weapon, tells his interviewer that was very impressed with how "Israelis priotect the religious freedom of others... we need to admire and emulate" that, he says.

"Keep the faith , keep saying your prayers, I think there are better days ahead both for Israel and the United States," Carson concludes.

Listen to the interview here:

Dr. Ben Carson: US Bond With Israel Must Be 'Strengthened'

Published on Dec 24, 2014 - Neurosurgeon and possible 2016 US presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson speaks with "Tour Guide Eve" about their day together in Gush Etzion; his (spoiler alert!) positive impressions of Israel; and what he sees is Israel's "unique" relationship with the US.

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'Glassy-Eyed Dimwit Ben Carson Dons The Beanie'
In case you missed it, Dr. Ben "No American should be Allowed to Have A Semi-Automatic Weapon" Carson paid his obligatory visit to the 'Wailing Wall' wearing his yarmulke. Carson, the dim-witted glassy-eyed Irsaeli shill, has also said that the millions of illegal aliens "uh, they could stay." He's also said "Al Sharpton and I Have the Same Goals." I am not kidding he actually has said all of those things. He just changed his party affiliation to Republican six months prior to running for president.

Hilarious: Ben Carson's Gaffe-Filled Trip to Israel


EXCERPT FROM: Ben Carson's Closest Confidant, Business Partner, & 'Brother-Like' Adviser is Armstrong Williams, Rabid Zionist & Disgraced Paid Propagandist for Bush Administration
Armstrong Williams, the black man posing as a 'conservative commentator,' is notorious for being exposed as a phony who took nearly a quarter of a million dollars from the Bush Administration (at taxpayer expense) to promote the globalist 'No Child Left Behind' garbage. Williams is presidential hopeful Ben Carson's 'right hand man'- and much more than that.

The two are intimately close, Williams has a room in Carson's home, their families vacation together, Armstrong employs Ben Carson's sons, and is Carson's financial adviser and 'business partner.' The rabidly anti-Palestinian Williams recently accompanied Ben Carson to Israel.

Despite pretending to be conservative while shilling for 'No child left behind,' Armstrong also admittedly used his blackness and minority status, as opposed to his merit, to convince the FCC to let him buy up more tv stations. This is admitted in official FCC filings and papers. . So these frauds 'publicly' oppose affirmative action, while privately wholeheartedly supporting it and taking full advantage of it.

Armstrong recently tweeted "Here we go again. Israel, America’s truest ally in the Middle East, is under terrorist assault" & "Israeli citizens wisely employed personal weapons to eliminate terrorists on the spot." PNAC Founder Bill Kristol also says that Ben Carson is the best choice for president. BEWARE of this dim-witted humble-posing sleeper cell known as Ben Carson. As I said before: Ben Carson is an Israeli-shill pro-vaccine half-wit who recently said that the 20 million illegal aliens 'can stay'.

On Facebook, Armstrong wrote "Over the last month, Israel has been targeted by a sickening wave of Palestinian terrorism. Innocent Israeli civilians going about their daily chores are being run over by madmen behind the wheels of cars, slashed and murdered with knives, and shot at on city buses." Also: "As Congress inches closer to voting on the Iranian nuclear deal, an historic mistake that will bless the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism becoming a nuclear threshold state, Americans should be terrified."

A recent article even revealed that Ben Carson himself was an Obama adviser! "At one time Carson was an adviser to Obama on health issues." [Armstrong Williams: Ben Carson 'Refuses to Be Anybody's Slave']


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