CA Congressman Ed Royce Obsessed With 9/11 "Conspiracy Theories," Anti-Semitism & Dangerous Internet Bloggers
"Now I've heard a lot of conspiracy theories," says Zionist Congressman Ed Royce
By Martin Hill
April 16, 2015


It turns out that one of congress' top recipients of political contributions from banks is obsessed with conspiracy theories and often demonizes the internet as a haven for extremism.

Earlier today Paul Joseph Watson of reported "Bloggers, conspiracy theorists and people who challenge establishment narratives on the Internet were all likened to ISIS terrorists during a chilling Congressional hearing which took place yesterday... Committee Chairman Ed Royce then proceeded to accuse people on YouTube of using "raw violence" to advance conspiracy theories." [BLOGGERS COMPARED TO ISIS DURING CONGRESSIONAL HEARING.]

Digging a little deeper, a search of California Congressman Ed Royce's congressional website and speeches reveals the 63 year-old's ongoing obsession with 9/11 "conspiracy theories," combatting anti-semitism, and the holocaust. He even repeatedly alleges that his father, a WWII vet, "documented on film the ovens with bodies stacked like cord wood" at Dachau.

Royce loves AIPAC and regularly speaks at their conferences. In December 2006, Royce "condemned Iran's commitment to hold an international holocaust denial conference" via H. Res 1092. In June of 2014, Royce signed a letter stating"we welcome President Obama's recent call for confronting a rising tide of antisemitism around the world."

At the unveiling of a holocaust memorial in Fullerton, CA, Royce claimed "As we know, in 1933, the Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million, most of who resided in countries that Nazi Germany would occupy. By 1945, Nazi Germany and its collaborators had killed two out of every three European Jews, in what certainly was one of history's darkest chapters. The horrors inflicted on the Jewish people are in some ways beyond imagination ... unless each new generation is educated."

Wikipedia notes "many of his biggest campaign contributors have been banks: his five top contributors in 2006 were Credit Union National Assn, Irvine Co., Wells Fargo, Orange County Teachers Fed Credit Union, and GUS plc. He is among the representatives receiving the largest percentage of their campaign contributions from the banking industry."

Last week while discussing ISIS recruitment on CNN, Royce claimed that Christians were being crucified by Muslim extremists and once again brought out the holocaust card. But when pressed by Wolf Blitzer to specify precisely who was being crucified and where, Royce waffled. "It's amazing how many psychopaths they can recruit. But, of course, the S.S. recruited a lot of psychopaths out of Germany during the war. I guess we shouldn't be that surprised that, with the Internet, they can find human beings that respond to these incentives. But it's truly appalling," he said.

In the past Royce denigrated Ron Paul and compared him to Britian's Liberal Democrat party, stating "In our increasingly dangerous world where strong allies are gold, we can only hope that Thursday's biggest loser isn't us."

Here are 3 pages Royce's speeches on holocaust and his biography.

Below is a mere sampling of Royce's vast snippets on 9/11 conspiracies, extremism, anti-semitism, and the holocaust.

[Something Old, Something New Sep 27, 2011]
"It's an annual spectacle. Of the Iranian President's latest UN diatribe, our UN Ambassador said, "Every year Ahmadinejad comes and says hateful, anti-Semitic, destructive things." Last Thursday, the tyrant delivered. Ahmadinejad suggested 9/11 was a conspiracy to justify attacking Iraq and Afghanistan. Showing his scholarly breadth, he blamed the US for WWI and WWII. Both, of course, were raging before we started fighting. He attacked Israel, per usual, building on his Holocaust denial legacy. He spoke of freedom, while his government brutally suppresses it at home. Scenes like this --a bit clownish, a bit nightmarish-- are becoming routine at an increasingly dysfunctional UN. Corruption has been rampant for years. We've seen inaction in the face of genocides. Anti-Semitism is endemic.

Unfortunately, the UN is seen in many parts of the world as a place of prestige. Ahmadinejad himself spoke of the UN as a "great and historical achievement." So the Iranian basks in the UN glow. Diplomats from 35 or so countries did walk out on him. Good. But that means 80 percent stayed for the speech... Yes, we've come to expect these rants each September. What's different each time though is that Iran is ever closer to a nuclear arsenal."

[ Pakistan's Jolt Jan 6, 2011]
"2% of Pakistanis believe al Qaeda perpetrated the 9/11 attacks, whereas 27% believe it was the U.S. government. 12,000 madrasas are indoctrinating youth in jihad. The population is growing and is increasingly younger and uneducated. 33% and growing prefer sharia to democracy. This isn't going in the right direction, U.S. efforts notwithstanding. Writing on the assassination, an editorial in Pakistan's Dawn, says the "forces of extremism are on the march like never before." Talk about an understatement!"

[ Mossad's Secret Weapon? Washington, Dec 9, 2010]
"In the wacky movie Austin Powers, Dr. Evil just wanted "a shark with laser beams" to fulfill his evil desires. Has Israel's intelligence service taken Dr. Evil's cue? The Egyptians seem to think so. In the past few days, the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, on the Red Sea, has seen a rash of shark attacks. A shark tore off the arm of an elderly German tourist, killing her just days after four other European tourists were mauled in the waters. "The water was churning like I was in a washing machine," said one British tourist near a fatal attack.
What could explain the bloody waters? Changing meteorological or biological patterns? Nope, Egyptian officials suggest another explanation: Israel. According to the governor of South Sinai: "What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark in the sea to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question. But it needs time to confirm." Now I've heard a lot of conspiracy theories, but this is right up there. Wittingly or dimwittingly, this local government official stoked this absurdity on the streets. The Arab tradition of blaming Israel for all of your problems sadly appears to know no bounds."

["Combating Putin's Misinformation Machine" ]
"Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin's propaganda machine is in overdrive, an effort reportedly costing Moscow over $100 million. Television and radio broadcasts, funded and supported by Russia, have circulated conspiracy theories suggesting Ukrainian President Yanukovych's removal was part of a grand plan by Western powers to suppress Russian minorities. Following Russia's invasion of Crimea, Putin's government seized more than a dozen television and radio stations and began to broadcast around-the-clock news and information that was misleading at best. Elsewhere in the region, Russian media has been promoting secession for a portion of Moldova. In Lithuania, Russian television was suspended for "inciting ethnic hatred and war propaganda." I recently travelled to eastern Ukraine, where Russian-speaking Ukrainians told me about the depth and breadth of Moscow's information war against the government in Kiev, and democratic values in general. Putin, the former KGB colonel, is playing for keeps."

[Egyptian Blinders Washington, Aug 14, 2012]
"Abdel-Rahman is revered among radicals for providing the religious authorization to assassinate Egyptian president Anwar Sadat. He was spewing radicalism before "fatwas" were in. He made his way to Afghanistan in the late '80s you know the story. While in Sudan in 1990, the U.S. consulate granted him a visa, even though his name was on a watch list. Operating in the New York City area, Abdel-Rahman helped inspire the first World Trade Center attack in 1993. He was eventually convicted for plotting to bomb the Lincoln Tunnel, the Holland Tunnel, the George Washington Bridge, the United Nations and the FBI's NY office. One al-Qaeda expert has called Omar Abdel-Rahman the "ideological architect or the spiritual guide of 9/11." This guy earned his life sentence behind bars. An Obama Administration official says - on background - that there is "zero chance" of his transfer happening. Secretary Clinton says the Blind Sheik didn't come up when she recently met with Morsi, who himself has expressed doubts about the 9/11 attacks. Indeed, most dismiss his free the Blind Sheik call as empty rhetoric to win points on the Egyptian street. But if the Muslim Brotherhood rejects violence and is a moderate force, why is the Blind Sheik a martyr? For the United States, why not let this new leader know that 9/11 conspiracy talk and calls to free committed terrorists just doesn't cut it? Those seeing such talk as political posturing may be the blind ones in the end."

[ The beautiful game Washington, Jun 26, 2009]
"Soccer as dissent is present in today's Iran. When Iran beat Australia to qualify for the 1998 World Cup, thousands poured into the streets, with women - banned from attending soccer matches - joining in the celebration. Four years later, Iran was on the verge of qualifying for the 2002 World Cup, having only to beat inferior Bahrain. In previous matches, chants of 'Death to the Mullahs' had broken out in the stands. So when Iran lost to Bahrain, rumors spread that that the mullahs had pressured the team to lose. The logic behind this possible conspiracy is simple enough: the mullah's would rather have their country lose than risk the chance that exhilarated people would take to the barricades. Most recently, some Iranian players sported green wristbands visible to TV viewers in a match in South Korea in solidarity with opposition protests. The wristbands disappeared after half-time (some pep talk, for sure). There have been reports that four of the players have now been "retired" in retaliation."

[ Rep. Royce, Schindler's List Holocaust Survivor, Swiss Consul General Commemorate Holocaust Memorial]
"Thank you for having me here today. It is a great honor, especially to appear alongside Leon Leyson, the youngest survivor from Schindler's List. We gather to dedicate the Fullerton Holocaust Memorial, and by doing so, we ensure our remembrance of the Holocaust and its countless victims. As we know, in 1933, the Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million, most of who resided in countries that Nazi Germany would occupy. By 1945, Nazi Germany and its collaborators had killed two out of every three European Jews, in what certainly was one of history's darkest chapters. The horrors inflicted on the Jewish people are in some ways beyond imagination ... unless each new generation is educated.

"I remember first learning of the Holocaust as a young boy, looking through my Dad's old trunk. During World War II, my father was part of the Allied Forces who liberated Dachau. When they took the camp, he took photos to document the tragedy, to document the horror of what he witnessed because he knew the world would have a hard time understanding the magnitude of this crime. My father, as a very young man, stared evil in the face and had the presence of mind to record the terrible scenes. Thank goodness he did. He has used his pictures ever since, even to this day, in lecturing high school classes. Unfortunately he has also had confrontations, with Holocaust deniers who challenge him when he speaks about what he saw. As you know, many can't believe - or chose not to believe - that the Holocaust happened. Or the "soft deniers" say it couldn't have been that bad."

So we need to continue to give faces and voices to the survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust. The truth is critical to seeing that this barbaric chapter doesn't repeat itself.

In Congress, we can resolve to do more in the cause of freedom, to do more to commit the United States to make certain that nothing like the Holocaust ever occurs again. In this regard, today's world events are very troubling. The Jewish people faced intolerance and hate long before the Holocaust. And they face it to this day. I am deeply concerned about the security of Israel. The Middle East is tumultuous. And in Iran, our friends face a determined and able enemy. I am working in Congress with allies to see that Iran never obtains the means to act on its leader's sick dreams of attacking Israel. We have a meaningful and appropriate Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. Its many visitors can't leave it without being moved and educated about the evil of the Holocaust. And now we have a meaningful and appropriate monument here in Fullerton, California. Both are very important. One speaks to our nation's recognition and remembrance --a slap in the face to the deniers-- while this one speaks to the vibrancy and commitment of our local community. Yours is a very personal commitment that will touch many in Orange County who never make it to Washington."

[House Committee on Foreign Affairs Moves Armenian Genocide Resolution Representative Royce calls it a "victory for human rights." Oct 10, 2007]
"Today, those words could just have easily been used by the culpable leaders of the Khartoum government who continue their genocide in Darfur. The lesson of genocide is an argument I first heard from my father who served with General Patton's 3rd Army and later the 7th when they cut through Germany and finally liberated the concentration camps at Dachau. He had his brother's camera and documented on film the ovens with bodies stacked like cord wood, the rail cars and trenches filled with the dead in the holocaust. Still, he finds the need to use those photographs when he confronts those who deny that genocide. History is a continuum that affects today and tomorrow. It's much harder to get tomorrow right if we get yesterday wrong. The world's strength to oppose killing today is made greater by accountability, for actions present, but also past. It's weakened by denial of accountability of past acts. Not recognizing the Armenian Genocide, as such, does just that."

[CNN Transcript]
REP. ED ROYCE (R), CALIFORNIA: Well, from my standpoint, I think the 9/11 Commission was right. That was a bipartisan commission. I think what we want do is go with their recommendation, Islamist terrorism. But regardless of what we call it, what's really missing here is a strategy that is going to defeat ISIS on the ground. Right? And so, as long as that is not happening, as long as there isn't visible evidence of ISIS being rolled back and defeated, I think we have got a problem in terms of recruitment. That's what's really recruiting terrorists right now. And that's where our failing is right now... What we do know is, under the Koran, this is -- you are not supposed to burn bodies. But this particular terrorist organization has really taken to a new enthusiasm for crucifixions. I was with representatives today of the Egyptian community and of the Christian community in the Middle East. And they were sharing with me the various horrendous ways in which Christians have been slaughtered by ISIS. So, I would not put anything past them.

BLITZER: When you say crucifixions, do you mean literally they have been crucified on crosses? Is that what you're saying?

ROYCE: Literally, they have crucified some victims. They have decapitated many. And burning is one of the things they do. But, in addition, of course, this idea that they can take captive and make concubines from the wives and daughters of those they defeat, especially of Christians, is something that they cite. And they are using that as a recruiting methodology, amazingly. They are telling young men, part of the reward is being able to take concubines on the battlefield. It's amazing how many psychopaths they can recruit. But, of course, the S.S. recruited a lot of psychopaths out of Germany during the war. I guess we shouldn't be that surprised that, with the Internet, they can find human beings that respond to these incentives. But it's truly appalling.

[ Fox anchors praised The Path to 9/11, disregarded reasons for all the "controversy" ]
CHETRY: You had a chance to see some, or all, of that documentary. What did you think?

ROYCE: "Well, I thought that they especially got the broad point right, which was -- if we did not do anything about Al Qaeda's operations in those terrorist training camps, in Afghanistan, we were going to face trouble. I said, in 1996, in testifying before the Senate, if we do not close down those terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, we could face another World Trade Center-type bombing. We didn't close that down, and as a consequence, we faced the results. Now, since 9-11, we've been reacting to that, but I think the lesson is to be proactive in the future. When you see threats like this coming out of an area where there is no state, and you have terrorists getting control of an arm of the government, you've got to act."

[Ed Royce, Eliot Engel Seek Iran Deal Influence at AIPAC March 2, 2015]
"The two top members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday urged American Israel Public Affairs Committee delegates to lobby lawmakers for congressional oversight of a nuclear deal with Iran. Committee Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., and Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., the committee's ranking member, also told delegates at the AIPAC Policy Conference that their support was critical in getting representatives to sign onto a letter they are sending to President Barack Obama."

[ Military Overthrow Challenges U.S. Engagement With Egypt Jul 4, 2013]
"At the same time, U.S. officials declined to condemn what many in Egypt were describing as mounting steps by the military to launch a coup d'etat against Egypt's first democratically elected leader. "There's no way we're not going to be implicated" in his overthrow, said Steven Cook, an Egypt expert at the Council of Foreign Relations in Washington. "The Muslim Brotherhood will whip up its supporters. In time, even some secular leaders will likely buy into a conspiracy." In Washington, some officials believe more violent clashes or even civil war remain possible as tensions grow between supporters of Mr. Morsi and the opposition. While not wanting to support a coup, U.S. officials didn't want to be seen as backing Mr. Morsi either, because of his accumulation of power."

Rep. Ed Royce and AIPAC National Board Member Mort Fridman.

Rep. Royce, Terrorism Chairman, Statement on the Future of Al Qaeda
"One analyst notes that al-Qaeda operatives weren't driven by loyalty to bin Laden’s personality, but to his twisted ideals. As a 2009 USAID report on violent extremism noted, "we need to acknowledge at the outset the power of ideas…We need to recognize that many violent extremists are moved primarily by an unshakable belief in the superiority of certain values; by a perceived obligation to carry out God’s command; or by an abiding commitment to destroy a system they view as evil and/or oppressive." Bad ideas matter.

"Unfortunately a growing number of affiliates and individuals are looking to fulfill bin Laden’s vision. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – linked to Ft. Hood, the failed "underwear" bomber and cargo plane plots - appears the most energetic part of al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is threatening, with deep roots in North Africa and Europe. An increasing number of European and U.S. citizens have traveled to Somalia to link-up with al-Shabaab."

[Battle for Britain]
"On Thursday, Great Britain will elect a new government. The Labour Party - in power for the past 13 years, and run by current Prime Minister Gordon Brown - is in deep trouble. The Conservatives - headed by the polished David Cameron- has seen its lead massively shrink. And the Liberal Democrats – a perennial nonfactor headed by Nick Clegg - has seen its stock soar, thanks to solid performances in television debates, new to month-long British campaigns. Over the past year, I've had more than one British Conservative come through my office speaking of when they return to power. Once holding a lead off over 20 points, they must be humbled now.

One observer describes the Liberal Democrats as "a curious amalgam of a party with no precise analogy in the American context…a mix of Blue Dog Democrats, 1990s Perotistas, a twist of Ralph Nader, a dash of Ron Paul, hints of Denis Kucinich-" The British Economist said the Lib Dems were "unsure whether they are to the left or right of Labour." Confused? Another hint: Clegg once interned at The Nation. He has talked of Britain giving up its nuclear deterrent. In our increasingly dangerous world where strong allies are gold, we can only hope that Thursday's biggest loser isn't us."

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