The Environmental Earth-Worship Insanity of Government: 'No Heater Allowed, Even When It's 20 Degrees!'
By Martin Hill
November 8, 2015



Today is November 8th, and this past week was the first cold weather I've experienced this year. I'm in the trucking business, my wife & I drive cross country in an 18 wheeler (big rig.)

I thought I'd explain the lunacy of the government regulations regarding idling a truck engine.

Yesterday In Wyoming, just west of Cheyene on Interstate 80, I saw the first snow of the year. Here are some photos. Note the pictures of the sign warning motorists to turn off their cruise control, because of black ice and 'slick spots,' in this 'winter' season of 'global warming' (even though it's not even winter, it just turned autumn.) There may have been snow elsewhere prior to yesterday, but that was the first snow I've personally seen this season and we go from coast to coast, - everywhere, east to west and north to south.

Commercial trucking regulations require that a truck have operable temperature controls (air conditioning and heaters) in the vehicle and in the 'sleeper berth' of a truck. (A sleeper berth is like a mini-bedroom as you'd have in a motorhome, where the driver has keep his stuff and has the bed where he sleeps.)

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) governs countless aspects of the trucking industry, including rules about heaters [Part 393 - PARTS AND ACCESSORIES NECESSARY FOR SAFE OPERATION - § 393.77: Heaters.] They also cover in great detail requirements of sleeper berths: [ Part 393 - PARTS AND ACCESSORIES NECESSARY FOR SAFE OPERATION - Section Guidance -§ 393.76: Sleeper berths.]

Almost every retailer whose name you'd recognize and every major shipper, (the companies you'd go to if you wanted to ship something cross country) - all of these big conglomerates without fail have two universal rules: NO WEAPONS whatsoever- not only no firearms, but no knives, no pepper spray, etc. they have a huge fear of guns which is quite distasteful. Huge signs with a gun inside a giant red circle with a line through it.

The second crazy rule they have is NO IDLING. This means that it's forbidden to idle your truck engine while on their property.

The same goes for every truck stop in the nation, every rest area, every parking area, etc. (which incidentally, there is a severe parking shortage in this country. (That's a related topic which has been covered by the industry press in great detail, if you're interested.) They all have NO IDLING signs. These laws are passed under the guide of 'climate change', Carbon emissions, and environmental protection.

But today let's stick to this NO IDLING rule.

Number one, truckers, especially those in business for themselves. which unfortunately is an increasingly dwindling number, do not want to waste fuel if they don't need to., Spending money on fuel effects your bottom line, your profit margin. Diesel fuel is average $2.50 per gallon right now. It ranges from state to state and city to city, but right now it's anywhere from $2.24 to $3.10 per gallon.

Big rigs average 6 Miles per gallon (MPG). So if you have a 2000 mile trip, divided by 6 MPG, you will need 333.33 gallons of diesel fuel. At $2.50 per gallon that trip will cost you $833.33 in fuel.

So back to my original point, it's getting cold out there. Truck drivers are not driving 24 hours a day non stop. They have to stop to rest, to eat, to shower, to have their breaks, (including the new ridiculous mandatory break prior to 8 hours on duty, etc.) There's nothing wrong with breaks, but micromanagement by the feds is a bit of completely unnecessary overreach.

So let's say it's 20 degrees Fahrenheit or less and you stop at a rest area or truck stop, or even if you arrive to the consignee (that's where you deliver the load to.) And let's say like right now, its freezing cold. There are ominous signs everywhere citing state code numbers warning you not to dare idle your truck. What are you supposed to do, freeze to death?

Let's say it's even 45 degrees Fahrenheit. That's still pretty cold, especially if you're from a warm weather climate like California. Aren't you gonna crank up that heater, like you would in your home??

What if you had the opposite situation, what if you're in Phoenix and it's very hot, 110 degrees, you can't use the air conditioner?

What if it's even cooler, at 85 degrees and you have to wait until the next day for your load to be ready? You're gonna be sitting parked at a truck stop or Walmart or somewhere, and sit BAKING like as if in an oven, in a 90 degree cab of a truck- afraid that some busybody revenue agent cop will come and ticket you for idling your truck?

By the way, many modern big rigs are equipped with what's called an 'OPT-IDLE' program, which maintains a chosen temperature and starts the truck engine by itself, and shuts down the engine of the truck accordingly, automatically. I have this on my truck and it saves fuel and is very convenient. So the person doesn't have to keep getting up or down out of bed to turn off or on the truck to adjust the temperature or climate controls.

All of these state and municipal 'NO IDLE' laws have been passed under the guise of environmental regulations.' 'Protect mother earth', they say. Freeze your ass off, literally risking death in some cases, or bake to death in the heat to protect what exactly?

[ has a good page outlining idling laws by state. According to their page, the states of Washington, Idaho, Illinois, Alabama and Hawaii are among the states which forbid idling altogether.]

If you think that people don't die in the vehicles from freezing to death you're wrong, it's happened many times in bad winter storms in the United States when people get stranded or break down in the snow, etc., You can look it up, it's a very sad situation. People in America even die in their homes sometimes from freezing to death. (I once read a very interesting book titled Over The Edge: DEATH IN GRAND CANYON about all the people who have died in various ways in the Grand Canyon Arizona. They have a lot of weather stories in the book, and many other fascinating historical tales. I highly recommend the book. But anyway.)

I will tell you I am never going to follow these bullshit rules of some hateful lunatic who says I have to freeze to death or roast to death because of your environmental lunacy and fraudulent 'global warming' or 'climate change' garbage. Whoever would dare to claim that is a mentally ill fruitcake, and i say screw you, to put it nicely.

The coldest place I've ever experienced since in trucking is RAWLINS, WYOMING. it's on I-80. It was 2010. I had to fuel and even to get out of the truck was torturous. I've been to Rawlins many times but this particular time was just the coldest ever in my life. It must have been 15 degrees or less, I don't know. It was truly awful.

The other coldest place I've experienced was in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. That's on I-40, which runs parallel to I-10, across the country west to east. In Santa Rosa, my partner at the time and I had our truck was having mechanical problems and he made it to a truck stop in Santa Rosa, thank God he made to to the truck stop because believe me, it was so damn cold you would not want to be stuck on the side of the road in that weather. At that point the engine died and the truck would not start up again, and we could not idle to turn the heater on.

Even with my long underwear, winter layers of clothes, beanie ski cap, gloves, jackets, under the covers and multiple warm blankets, etc, I was so freezing i could not bear it. it was just too cold, the kind of cold one could die from. And I'm not the kind of person who gets very cold and I don't wear jackets too often. it was the middle of the night, like 2:30AM, and the tow company couldn't send a tow truck until morning.

So I went inside this Carl's Jr./ Green Burrito open-all-night fast food restaurant (you might know them as 'Hardees' in the eastern states) at this Loves truck stop in Santa Rosa just to stay warm, and survive. They were very nice and even offered me hot chocolate. They had electricity, and a heater, and even TVs with the news on. I'll never forget how thankful I was for that Carls jr.

I think you get the point.

Do you think that every truck in that parking lot, hundreds of them, weren't idling? OF COURSE THEY WERE ALL IDLING, with their heaters blasting! and rightly so!

That illustrates the absolute insanity and criminality of government.

Police do give tickets regularly to trucks who are idling their trucks. I've never experienced it, thank goodness for the cop, but I don't care if I risk a ticket. I'm going to idle my truck and blast the heater when it's freezing outside, and I'm going to idle my truck and blast the Air conditioning when it's roasting outside. I am going to do this in violation of any fraudulent 'law' these kooks put on the books, and, excuse my French, a big 'F--- YOU' to anyone who doesn't like it.

These people are so evil and disgusting and fraudulent.

They have no care whatsoever for humankind. It's their cult of control, earth-worship and pseudoscience that has warped their sick minds. By the way be sire to visit's ClimateGate page, which thoroughly debunks the 'global warming' climate change myth.

The good news is that truckers nationwide blatantly ignore all these idling laws, and I encourage them to continue to do so.

Remember, truckers will not idle if they don't have to, because it is costing them money. And on top of costing them money, it's costing them money when they're not working. So do you think that truckers would simply idle the truck and waste money for fun, if there wasn't a good reason for it? Of course not. The human beings idling their trucks are either COLD OR HOT.

Human beings are created in the image and likeness of God. Human beings have inherent dignity and value, and do not have to subject themselves to fraudulent 'laws' which harm or oppress them. Such laws are entirely and morally INVALID. As you can see, I take this stuff gravely seriously.

I would dare to see any revenue agent cop try to issue me a citation for idling my truck. To be honest with you I think most police would not issue such tickets because they'd see the insanity of it, especially if it were freezing or roasting outside. But still, those constant giant signs forbidding idling everywhere and threatening sharp monetary fines are a stark reminder of the misused potential power of the state.

If a cop ever did issue me such a ticket, for daring to have my heater on in freezing temperatures, I'd record the whole thing and would make a mint off of it, LOL. I've done this many times. In this video for example, I filmed the cop giving my wife a ticket and made nearly ten times more on the video than the ticket cost. In this video of another cop harassing us in 2008, the vid has almost three million views now and I think I'm not allowed to say how much I've earned on it but let's just say it was the most financially productive 20 minutes of my life. LOL!!

You can visit my Filming Cops Archive here. My Traffic Ticket Archive Section is here, my truck driving website here, and a special treat, i did a write-up on the 35-day trip my wife and I took to Europe this summer. We visited 26 countries and had a great time. [See 26 countries, 35 days in Europe: How my wife & I toured all of Europe by Train On The Cheap/] There is a lot of good information there and I think you will like it. Coincidentally, we left Europe right before all the refugee invasion began, so I'm sure Europe is quite different at this moment. That's a really sad situation for Europe. I highly recommend listening to Red Ice Radio for updates on the European migrant situation.

I plan on doing a comprehensive write-up on the trucking business in general sometime in the coming months. It is a very lucrative business and I'm very happy with it. You can sign up for our mailing list to get weekly notice of new articles., or follow on twitter.

Stay safe and warm out there this winter, I know I will be! :-)

P.S. Here is another video of me filming cops. At this point in life I had learned to keep my mouth shut and simply defy him. It's funny how mad he gets. ;-)

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