Calif. Legislature Seeks to Fleece the People in 2015: Higher Gas Tax, Car Registration Fees, Speed Cameras, 24/7 School Zones
By Martin Hill
May 29, 2015



The editor of the excellent website issued an important legislative alert this week. It states:

For California Motorists Concerned about Red Light Camera Tickets, Speed Camera Tickets, and New Motoring Taxes:

This is my first Legislative Alert since June 2014. I try not to send out emails all the time, so that when I do send one out, people will read it. I hope you will read this email - including Plan B, near the end.

As always at this time of year, new legislation has been introduced in Sacramento and is working its way through the Legislature. There's two good bills. One will ban the camera enforcement of stop signs, which is going on in the hills around LA. The other bill will provide a partial amnesty for motorists with old tickets they'd like to pay off.

There's four bad bills, and one more really bad one that's likely to show up soon. The worst of the four known bills lowers the plurality required for voters to increase taxes. Right now it is 67%, but ACA 4 will lower it to 55%, opening the door for LOTS of new road and public transit taxes every year, from now on, at state level as well as at county and city level. Another of the known bills will increase your gas tax and car registration fees. There is a bill to add even more government employees to the list of of those eligible for protected plates (in California, 1.5 million private vehicles enjoy near immunity from camera and toll tickets). And there is a bill to increase fines in school zones and, strangely, enforce them 24 x 7.

But the bill that hasn't yet shown up will be the worst of all. It will allow speed cameras (photo radar) to be installed in California. It will be supported by the Vision Zero folks in San Francisco and I predict it will show up very late in the legislative session, in the middle of Summer, when the public is preoccupied with vacation activities. By then there will be very few days for the public to react, to stop it, so that is why I am bringing it to your attention at this time.

Details about these bills is on the Action/Legis page at my site, The URL is After you have read more about these bills, please phone your State Senator and your Assemblyperson and tell them how you would like them to vote. You can get their phone numbers here: It's easy to call a state legislator's office - it's one of the few places anymore where a live person answers the phone after just a few rings.

Since our legislators often do the opposite of what we ask them to do, here is Plan B.

Plan B

Just as important as lobbying our legislators is taking direct action to cut off the photo enforcement Industry's money.

I have noticed that as soon as a city's camera program stops making a fat net profit for the city, the city will figure out a way to take the cameras out. We need to cut their money now, so that more cities take their cameras out.

How can we cut their money? One way is to educate our friends and families about Snitch Tickets, so they know how to recognize them. (Snitch Tickets are what I call the fake tickets that have not been filed with the court. So they can be ignored.) In some cities, Snitch Tickets are more than half of everything they mail out. And so far, they are very effective. For example, Hayward's police chief told the city council that in a typical month she would send out 500 real tickets and 730 Snitch Tickets, and get a response back on 480 of the Snitch Tickets - an amazing 66% response rate to a "ticket" that can be ignored! (For more info about Snitch Tickets, go to my Your Ticket page.)

And we need to let our friends know that REAL tickets issued by cities in LA County can be ignored, because the LA County court does not report ignored tickets to the DMV. has been keeping track of the fine money flowing from the LA County court to the various cities, and it has been growing steadily, probably because memory has faded and there's been nothing in the major media to remind people that in LA County the tickets are voluntary. (Set # 2 on my LA County Docs page has more info about this.)

What's in it for you? If you take the time to educate your friends about Snitch Tickets and LA County tickets, you may find that suddenly you are eating better. A lot of people will be buying you lunch after they realize that you have just saved them from paying a $500 ticket.

Editor of the Site

P.S. If you do not want to receive any more of these Legislative Alerts, just respond to this email with "REMOVE" at the beginning of the subject line, and I will take you off the list right away.

Preventive measures:

1. Warn your friends about Snitch Tickets. They're FAKE tickets issued by the police, and are sneakily different from a REAL red light camera ticket! Read about them at the top of the Your Ticket page, at highwayrobbery(dot)net/redlightcamsticket(dot)htm#Fakes Also let your friends know that REAL tickets issued by cities in LA County can be ignored, because the LA County court does not report ignored tickets to the DMV. (More info is in Set # 2 on the LA County Docs page.) Educating your friends about these two big classes of tickets that can be ignored will reduce the money flowing to the greedy cities and camera companies and hasten the demise of red light cameras in California.

2. Do you drive in Culver City and/or Beverly Hills? In late 2014 both cities will be expanding their camera systems, so watch out!

3. There is a very practical reason not to shop any more in red light towns! In the questionnaire on my website, I ask defendants how often they have driven thru the intersection where they got their ticket. While the majority of defendants were caught at intersections they had not visited previously, many were flashed at an intersection they were very familiar with. Conclusion: You are not safe from getting a ticket - or getting in an accident - simply because you know there's a camera there. It is necessary to change your routine, to eliminate repeated visits to the intersection. (It's like playing with snakes - no matter how careful you try to be, eventually they will catch you off guard, and you will get bit.) The small amount of money you have saved at the big box discount store in that town will be more than offset by the cost of tickets, rearending someone, or being rearended.

4. Watch out for lowered speed limits - which will in turn allow cities to shorten yellows. In 2011 Gov. Brown signed AB 529, which allows cities to reduce posted speeds by 5 mph, even on a street with an excellent safety record. I suggest that the yellows shortened as a result of AB 529 be named "Gatto Yellows" in honor of the author of the bill. See the Action/Legis page for more info.

Traffic Information from

[You may contact me here.]

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