Israeli company building desalination plant in CA to Help with the drought
"Desalinated water will be more expensive; what is the cost of not having water at all?" Project manager Asks
By Martin Hill
April 15, 2015


As California Governor Jerry Brown enacts new water restrictions because of a drought, some are looking to water desalination as a remedy- and an opportunity. The CEO of Israel's 'IDE Technologies' U.S. Division was quoted as saying "there's no boundaries in industry." The project manager for Poseidon Water, the company contracting with the Israelis, recently commented on the Carlsbad project, noting "Desalinated water will be more expensive; what is the cost of not having water at all?"

Poseidon, which has nearly completed a masive desalination plant in California proclaims "The Carlsbad Desalination Project will provide San Diego County with a locally-controlled, drought-proof supply of high-quality water that meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards." Their 'Construction Team' page explains 'Poseidon Water specializes in developing and financing water infrastructure projects, primarily seawater desalination and water treatment plants.'

Poseidon's lists IDE Technologies, as a 'Construction Contractor,' noting "The firm has been in operation over 45 years as an Israeli state-owned enterprise to create advanced desalination technologies."

IDE Technologies
The subcontractor, IDE Technologies has extensive experience developing engineering, producing and operating advanced desalination facilities, among other water and energy related projects. The firm has been in operation over 45 years as an Israeli state-owned enterprise to create advanced desalination technologies. The firm has researched and developed both thermal and reverse osmosis desalination technologies, with RO having been successfully deployed at scale in large and small scale operations. Currently there are about 400 IDE designed systems operating in 40 countries with a total capacity of about 528 MDG.

The firm has large-scale international projects in India and China. In 2008, it completed the world�s largest multi-effect distillation technology desalination plant in Jamnagar, India. In 2009-2010, it first completed, and then expanded to double capacity at 52.8 MDG a thermal desalination plant in Tianjin, China, now the country�s largest desalination plant. IDE has completed some of the world�s largest RO desalination plants, including a 72.3 MDG plant in Ashkelon, Israel and a 91.8 MGD plant in Hadera, Israel. In 2010, the company was awarded a contract for a 108.5 MGD plant in Soreq, Israel. Much of the firm�s experience has been in Israel given its origin.

In January 2013, Reuters reported Israel's IDE Technologies to help build largest U.S. desalination plant.

IDE's website lists the 'Carlsbad Project' as 'The Largest Desalination Plant in the Western Hemisphere and a Complete Game Changer for Desalination in the US.' The company profile states "IDE is jointly and equally owned by ICL � Israel Chemical Ltd. (TASE: ICL) and the Delek Group (TASE: DLEKG OTCQX: DGRLY). ICL is a global minerals and specialty chemicals company. The Delek Group is one of Israel�s largest holding groups."

Yahoo reports that Poseidon is also working on a project in Huntington Beach, CA: "Poseidon has a second seawater desalting project of similar size under development in Huntington Beach, south of Los Angeles, and is seeking a final permit to begin construction next year. Critics of desalination have cited environmental drawbacks, such as harm to marine life from intake pipes that suck water into the treatment plants and the concentrated brine that gets discharged back into the ocean."

NBC San Diego notes:

"In light of Gov. Jerry Brown�s new mandatory water reductions, Jessica Jones, Community Outreach Manager for Poseidon Water, said many are looking forward to the opening of the plant.
While a new water source will be welcome, it certainly will not be cheap for residents.
"Desalinated water will be more expensive than imported water when it comes online," Jones said. "But soon, imported water rates will continue to rise and imported water will be more expensive than desalinated water. And what we need to look at as consumers is what is the cost of not having water at all."
"There are a lot of eyes on the Carlsbad Desalination Project because of the drought situation we�re in," said Jones.
Because of the high cost of desalination, San Diego County customers will likely see increase in their water bills.

IDE Americas USA CEO Mark Lambert talked to a TV news station about his project here.

Last year, The Huffington Post reported "On Thursday, October 30, the Council on Foreign Relations hosted an Israel-US Business Forum at its vaunted estate in the Upper East Side, filled during a long afternoon with dozens of participants across several industries between the countries.
Mark Lambert is the CEO of the American division of IDE Technologies, an Israeli-based water firm. Lambert serves as their gruff, down-to-earth Iowa-born water man, logging long hours on flights around the world. Israel, for him, "is the most fascinating place on the planet, because you have, in this small little community, the subject of conflict elsewhere, all peacefully exists in this little city called Jerusalem," he said with a chuckle. "I don't want the diplomats involved," Lambert said. "What they'll do is they'll create some policy initiative and then it will take years to get it done, and what we do at the ground level is just get it done." After all, he said, "there's no boundaries in industry." first reported on IDE Technologies in our 2013 article Israel Is Pouring in, to Control Texan's and America's Water. This article (among other things) got the attention of Haaretz, Israel's oldest newspaper, who then published an article about, dubbing my site 'the new anti-semitism.'

To their credit, aside from their implication that I am 'anti-Semitic,' (an allegation which I heartily refute) I think HAARETZ gave a fair characterization of me and my site. They stated, in part,

"The video interview and the research project on which it was based were posted on Martin Hill's blog. Hill is a fervently religious libertarian American whose many interests include the conspiracy behind the attack on the World Trade Center, the fascism of the traffic police, the Catholic Church and the Freemasons. He has also shown a particular interest in Zionism. At the beginning of May, he reported that Israel was trying to take over the water supply of Texas."

The Coast Law Group has some interesting photos, videos and an explanation of the Carlsbad desalination project.

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