Calif. Police investigate KKK fliers, business cards left at houses on MLK Day
By Martin Hill
January 19, 2015


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Santa Ana, Calif. Police issued the following advisory yesterday, on Martin Luther King day:

Santa Ana Police Department
Monday January 19th, 2015 12:36 p.m. PST


Police investigate KKK propaganda left in neighborhood

Santa Ana police officers respond to a resident who reported he found a small zip-loc baggy containing a rock, a candy, a flyer, and a KKK business card on his driveway this morning in the 2600 block of N Linwood St in Santa Ana. The flyer contains anti-MLK propaganda. Approximately 40 similar bags were distributed sometime during the evening to various residences within a four block radius. No specific threat was noted on the business card and no crime can be established at this point. Officers have collected numerous bags and there will be an investigation.

Their original press release can be found here:

Santa Ana is a notoriously corrupt city which fleeces the people through fraudulent means. As the classic article Red Light Camera Tickets Defeated In Californiam (2/28/09) notes,

"The second way people beat these tickets is holding the city accountable to the state law regarding waiting periods and notifications before tickets are issued. The website covers everything you'd ever need to know about red light camera tickets. They explain this issue in detail and post all the briefs and appellate rulings. In 2008, defendant Thomas Fischetti beat his second red light camera ticket, based on the requirement that a city must issue warning tickets for a period of 30 days for each camera it installs. The Appeals Court initially ruled that the decision be published, which would have allowed the 12/18/08 ruling to be used as precedent in Orange County cases. However, the city of Santa Ana filed a motion to prevent this from happening. They pled,

"The underlying issue in this case is not only of great concern to the CITY OF SANTA ANA, but also potentially affects the other cities operating such systems... THE CITY OF SANTA ANA was fundamentally denied notice and the opportunity to be heard on an issue that has severe consequences for the CITY OF SANTA ANA, as well as other cities throughout the state". The high court rejected Santa Ana's request, certifying the decision for publication, [See the court's ruling HERE]. Santa Ana appealed the decision and the CA Supreme Court eventually ruled for the city, preventing Fischetti's victory from becoming published case law.

Another defendant, Anna V., beat a Santa Ana red light camera ticket on appeal and had her conviction thrown out based on their lack of complying with the 30-day notice rule. which is covered in CA Vehicle Code Section 21455.5.

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