Frothing, Rabid Neocon Megyn Kelly Pleads "Can Anything Be Done' About Jenny McCarthy Legally Because Of Her Vaccine Claims
By Martin Hill
February 6, 2015


An incredible illustration of the establishment's frustration with the publics' 'wising up' to toxic vaccines was disgustingly illustrated yesterday on supposedly 'conservative' Fox news, with neocon Megyn Kelly defending mandatory vaccines and attacking Jenny McCarthy. Judge Andrew Napolitano, while he pandered to Kelly to a large degree, pointed out that "there is a huge group in the conservative republican base that votes in republican primaries that does not accept the science as you've described it."

Kelly began with the first guest by discussing presidential hopeful Rand Paul, explaining that Paul said "he has been told that some vaccinations led to quote "mental disorders."

[Plays Rand Paul Clip: "I've heard of many tragic cases of walking talking normal children whove wound up with profound mental disordrs after vaccines."]

Kelly continues "And so if we get him on stage at a presidential debate, the follow up will be 'From whom? Jenny McCarthy? And that's the problem. That type of allegation needs to be backed up by science. And the SCIENTISTS, who have studied now MILLIONS of children, say that's not true."

"It's been totally debunked, totally debunked, the science is uniform...We've had all three of our kids vaccinated as prescribed by the doctor," insisted Kelly.

Monday on FOX, Kelly promoted mandatory vaccines and insisted "some things do require some involvement of Big Brother."

In the latest segment, Kelly and Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss Rand Paul and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's positions on vaccines.

Towards the end of the interview, Kelly asks Napolitano "Here's another question for you. Jenny McCarthy is at the heart of so much of this... can anything be done about her, judge, in all the claims she's made and has failed to walk back."

At 3:50, Napolitano says "but the choice must, be and I think this is what Senator Paul was saying, I think they were both arguing that the default position is parental, not governmental. And in fact half the states in the union allow parents to opt children out of vaccinations

Kelly shrilly disrupts "for philosophical reasons!"

Napolitano: Yes, yes. Not religious reasons.

Kelly: But- but - allow them, but finish the sentence, 'they allow them to opt out of giving the vaccines to their children for philosophical reasons - they allow parents to opt out of vaccines for philosophical reasons then send them to public school!!

Napolitano: "That's the problem. That's the problem."

Kelly: "That's the only government involvement we're talking about, none of these states says you must vaccinate your child, period. No one's doing that. It's only for them to go to school.

Napolitano: Only Mississippi says that.

Kelly: And West Virginia. So they're out of this equation.

Napolitano: But if you don't vaccinate the child and the child is ill and you know it and you send the child to school, you commit a crime! You could be indicted for that, you could have the child taken away from you for that.

Kelly: So these candidates are gonna get pressed if ..all these candidates are gonna be forced to take a position, and I ask you are they gonna stand on the side of science, which as I said has studied millions of children. The pediatrics, all the reputable journals have said there's no link. NO LINK between vaccines and autism. It was based on an 1998 study buy a guy in the UK who has now lost his medical license, who's been declared a fraud, and all the other authors of that are, have had to take it back and are renounce it.

Napolitano: There is a huge group in the conservative republican base that votes in republican primaries that does not accept the science as you've described it. And they vote. Two, and I'm waiting for Rand Paul to say this, this is not a federal issue. It's not in the Constitution. He's not running for governor of NJ or governor of Kentucky.

Kelly: He's got an 'out clause,' and he apparently didn't see it there because, he talked. He talked about it a lot.

Napolitano: I hope he's watching.

Napolitano then pointed out that Chris Christie enforces New Jersey vaccines laws, and that he didn't govern the way he talked about when he was running pandering to the anti vaccine contingent, that he simply wanted the votes.

Kelly then asks "Here's another question for you. Jenny McCarthy is at the heart of so much of this, she's a beautiful woman. She has a huge microphone. She got out there and JACKED UP PEOPLE'S FEARS. Now I'm not saying that she didn't legitimately fear that what had happened to her son with his autism was linked to the vaccines. But the science says it wasn't. But, but can anything be done about her, judge, in all the claims she's made and has failed to walk back."

Napolitano: No, the answer to defective speech is more speech.

Kelly: Mmm hmm.

Napolitano: Criticizing her just as you're doing. But in fairness to her, she represents the views of what a lot of people think and let's face it, most fear is irrational.

Kelly: But things evolve

Napolitano: Yes they do.

Kelly: The science, in 2015, it is clear. That they have failed to prove any link between vaccinations and autism, that is what the science proves.

Napolitano: They're gonna go out and find 2,000 opthamologists that agree with them. Ha.

In 2014, REASON magazine called Jenny McCarthy an 'ENEMY OF FREEDOM' for daring to question vaccines.

'Lawyers and Settlements' article Big Pharma's Battle Over Direct to Consumer Advertising points out

"According to contributing editor, Judy Lieberman, in the July-August 2005, Columbia Journalism Review, the CJR monitored the evening newscasts on ABC, CBS, and NBC for one week in April 2005, and found that network viewers saw an average of 16 ads for prescription drugs and on average 18 commercials for over-the-counter drugs every night. In 1999, the five networks, including Fox News and CNN, received $569 million in advertising revenue from drug companies, according to TNS Media Intelligence. But by 2004, advertising revenue nearly tripled to $1.5 billion, according to Ms Lieberman."

Rand Paul, meanwhile posted a photograph oh imself as he proudly got jabbed with his latest vaccine.

Watch the latest clip of Kelly attacking McCarthy here:

[Fox News link.]

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