MSN Money: Gold Could hit $9,000- $12,000 an Ounce in a currency reset
By Martin Hill
May 5, 2015


In an under-noticed article on corporate media website MSN Money, the outlet ran an editorial last week claiming that the price of gold could reach $12,000 an ounce in the case of an IMF currency reset.

The column, which links to, notes "Certainly the global central banks seem to be able to do little to help, though it might be a whole lot worse without them."


How much longer are we going to stay in a depressed world economy with much lower rates of growth, low interest rates and deflation rather than inflation? Absent some new technology or a major war it is hard to see the end in sight. Certainly the global central banks seem to be able to do little to help, though it might be a whole lot worse without them.

Silver lining

Gold is likely to make a comeback as a currency and not just as a commodity in such an environment. And because gold reserves are very limited and its price already elevated then silver will rise and rise an alternative precious metal as it did in the past.

Indeed, we are heading for a currency reset as the huge debt mountains of the world become due, cannot be paid and debtors default. The International Monetary Fund could well have no alternative but to include gold in a basket of global currencies in a reset, creating new Special Drawing Rights to restore economic confidence and restart the credit cycle.

But at what value would gold be valued if that happened? Hedge fund manager and author Jim Rickards has calculated a range of between $9,000 and $12,000 an ounce. Gold at around $1,200 today is a steal!

Link: Negative real interest rates are heaven for gold prices with $9,000 to $12,000 an ounce in an IMF currency reset

Gold $2,000 An Ounce By Next Year, Mining CEO Says; Looming Crises, Geopolitical Fireworks On Horizon For 2015

Joe Bannister's Lawyer Warns Non-Filers 'You Risk Going To Jail- Be Prepared To Lose Everything You Have'

ABC7 TV Eyewitness News reporter asked about the 'Dancing Israelis'

Visit to the Mount Carmel Branch Davidian Massacre Site: Waco 22 Years Later‏

My Trip To Ground Zero NYC 9/11 Site 14 Years Later: (Video) "Fascism Could Be Broken Apart Right Here" 4/6/15

Here is the video of my visit to NYC in 2008: [Featured on 'Police Sate Measures at the Statue of Liberty'.]

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'POLICE STATE' Articles From


Motorist puts police in their place at suspicionless internal checkpoint: No probable cause, no answers required at suspicionless internal checkpoints [Must-see video: Featured on]

This article and video shows how two aggressive cops try (unsuccessfully) to intimidate a female motorist into giving up her rights: Lunatic CHP cops go berzerk as female motorist successfully demands her rights under CA Vehicle code (3/22/13):

Cop at Suspicionless Checkpoint Starts Barking Orders, But Then Flees from Camera Creepy DHS Supervisor tries to open vehicle door when motorist asks officer's name 4-17-13 [Featured on, Economic Policy Journal &]

DHS Calls Motorists' Employer to Tattle That They Won't Answer Questions At Warrantless Checkpoint (Article & 2 videos) 8/1/14

Checkpoint Cop Offended When I Yell At Him About 4th Amendment (Article & Video) 7/8/14
"Have You Ever Heard of the 4th Amendment? I'm not answering your Questions, Goodbye!"

  • In October, California launched its' own Pilot Program To Charge Drivers By The Mile. The author admits that the law will "burden families." Carpool lanes in Southern California, which were paid for years ago by taxpayers, are now being turned into toll roads to fleece the people. Orange County, CA alone was issuing 15,000 photo citations PER DAY after motorists were confused about the new system.

  • Zio-Randy:


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    Political Chameleon Rand Paul Calls Ronald Reagan "A Leader Who Made Us All Proud" After Bashing Reagan For Years

    Rand Paul Takes Reported Along As He Proudly Gets Jabbed With His Vaccine 2/6/15

    Five Years Ago This Week, The 'Irvine 11' Dared to Heckle An Israeli Ambassador on an American Campus- & Learned How 'Special' Israel Really Was 2/6/15

    Frothing, Rabid Neocon Megyn Kelly Pleads "Can Anything Be Done' About Jenny McCarthy Legally Because Of Her Vaccine Claims 2/6/15

    Dr. Katherine Albrecht requests prayers after brain surgery 2/5/15

    With Cuba Ban Lifted, 36 Congressmen Sponsor Bill To Protect Cigar Manufacturers 2/5/15

    Bipartisan Group of Congressmen Propose Law Requiring Mandatory Labeling Of "Genetically Engineered Fish" 2/5/15

    Lawmaker Introduces Bill Barring Federal Pensions for Former Members of Congress Turned Millionaire Lobbyists 2/4/15

    New House Resolution Condemns "Denying Or Minimizing The Holocaust" 2/3/15

    Congress Passes Measure Which Pronounces "The Increase In Anti-Semitic Attacks Remains Of Great Concern" 2/3/15

    Craziest Black Ice Close-Call Crash You'll Ever See 2/2/15

    Denver Police Refuse To Answer Media Query Why They Killed 16-Year-Old Jessica Hernandez And Then Forbid Witnesses To Film In Public 2/2/15

    Zionists In Houston On The Defensive, Counter 'Stop Billions To Israel' Billboards With One Of Their Own 2/1/15

    Bishop Richard Williamson on 'Hebdocure': (Holocaustianity, Freemasonry, New World Order, & 'Satan's lies')

    Six Women Profiled on FBI's 'Active Shooter' Report For the Years 2000-2013 1/30/15

    High School Students In Gaza Cry Out to Vatican Rep: "We are not animals! We are humans! All the world has to see what's happening to Gaza" 1/29/15

    Vatican Rep. Recounts Horrors Of Gaza: "The Level Of Destruction Was Unprecedented; Palestinians Forced To Sleep In Rubble, Children Dying of Hypothermia" 1/28/15

    DHS Chief: "we need to go further" to "protect the private sector with limits on civil and criminal liability when they do" share data with DHS 1/30/15

    DHS Warns: "We Are Concerned About The "Lone Wolf" Who May Become Inspired By This Extremist Propaganda On The Internet 1/30/15

    DHS Encourages Illegal Aliens "To Come Out Of The Shadows, Pay Taxes, And Get On The Books, So We Know Who They Are." 1/30/15

    Head of DHS Regretfully Admits: "I Cannot Print Money. We Need A Continued Partnership With Congress." 1/30/15 -

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Claims That The Federal Reserve Is A "Government Agency".

    Rand Paul Introduces S. 264 Audit The Fed Bill In U.S. Senate, 30 Cosponsors 1/28/15

    WOW! LAPD Cop Lauded by Michelle Obama & Invited To D.C. Was Among People Listed As Grievances in Christopher Dorner's Manifesto! 1/27/15

    Ground Beef Soars To $6 Per Pound In Southern California 1/27/15

    It's 'for the children!' Unlicensed Austin AISD School Bus Driver Flips Over In Rain 1/27/15

    Pope Francis Explains How His Climate Change Encyclical Is Being Written 1/26/15

    Bishop Richard Williamson: "Hebdomania - Today things never are what they appear." 1/25/15

    Pope Francis on Blowback: "If My Good Friend Insults My Mother, He'll Get Punched For It! This Is Normal!" 1/23/15

    Pope Francis "not bothered" by "American and Israeli secret services" warnings of "Islamic terrorists"

    Police-Worship Insanity: Hordes of Emotional Wrecks Flock To Mourn Canine 'Officer' At Candlelight Vigil; Donations Pour In For 'Formal Funeral' & 'Monument' 1/26/15

    Police Department Publishes Photos, Birth Dates & Home Addresses of All Arrestees, but Conveniently Omits Those Of Their Own Officer Arrested & Charged with 'Indecent Assault & Battery' on a 10-Year-Old Girl 1/24/15

    Cop Faces Life In Prison For Repeated 'Indecent Assault and Battery' On 10 Year Old Girl, Judge Lets Him Out On $2500 Bail 1/24/15

    30 Congressmen Sponsor Bill To 'Establish A Biometric Exit Data System,' Federal Databases to "Combat Terrorism"

    DHS Chief: 'Secure Our Border First Act of 2015' is "unworkable extreme, impossible to achieve" 1/23/15

    Rand Paul Solicits Cash, Adds "There's more to life than politics, Happy Hug Day!"

    Read The Letter That The LAPD Arrested Two Concerned Black Mothers For "DARING" To Deliver
    Meet Sha Dixon, who was arrested at LAPD Headquarters last week, and our exclusive copy of the letter she was trying to deliver to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

    "Rand Paul: The eleven million (illegal aliens) are never going home, don't need to be sent home. I would incorporate them into our society by making them taxpayers."

    'Libertarian' Zionist Thought Police 1/20/15

    Calif. Police investigate KKK fliers, business cards left at houses on MLK Day 1/19/15

    Neocon Confronts Ron Paul On Paul Craig Roberts Article: 'Do You Believe Hebdo Was A False Flag?' 1/19/15

    More Police-Worship Propaganda Slated For #SOTU Address As Michelle Obama Invites Interracial LAPD Cop Couple 1/20/15

    LAPD Announces: "The Museum of Tolerance Will Provide Training For Patrol Officers Throughout 2015."

    Caught On Video: Crazy LAPD Cop Reaches For His Gun In Reaction To Crying 10 Year Old Black Boy

    Woman Arrested For Filming Police In L.A. Remains Jailed, Says Her Civil Rights Are Being Violated 1/18/15

    Rand Paul: "The people in Gitmo are bad people. I would try them and convict them."

    Now that the video of my wife & I filming that mean, fat cop who accosted us has over two million views... 1/17/15

    Photos of Catholic Trip to Gaza: Bishops Condemn "Appalling Scenes of Destruction, Shocking Scandal, A Man-Made Disaster"

    Catholic Bishops From Around The World Visit Gaza: "Terrible Destruction, Shocking Scandal": Israeli Settlements "Illegal Under International Law.. Simply Unjust" 1/16/15
    "Political leaders must defend the human dignity of the people in Gaza," Bishops Say

    Persecuted French Revisionist Dr. Robert Faurisson Comments on Charlie Hebdo 1/15/15

    Calif. DMV Issues 10,100 Driver Licenses To Illegal Aliens In One Week 1/15/15

    50 Year Old White Man Sentenced to Three Years For Threatening To Kill Obama 1/15/15

    Catholic Bishops call for Dialogue with Muslims and to "promote the good things found in other religions"
    Corporate Pundits meanwhile call for BLASPHEMY worldwide in Wake of Hebdo 1/13/15

    Jacob Weisberg, Jewish Zionist CFR Member says to ESCALATE BLASPEMY for "Best Response" to Hebdo Murders
    Yale graduate and Secret Society Member 'runs the Slate Group' and thinks religious blasphemy should be increased in response to the Paris murders. 1/13/15

    "The Ron Paul Bumper Sticker Is Still On My Car..." 'Beautiful Loser' Tribute Video (tearjerker) 1/12/15

    Guest Column: Zionist Puppets for President Texe Marrs asks, 'Is there any candidate who is not a toady for Israel? 1/12/15

    Video: Zionist Senator Chris Coons Insists his 13-year old daughter "doesn't think the vice president is creepy" 1/12/15

    Dr. Kevin Barrett interviews Greg Johnson: "Why I cussed out Bush to his face - and don't like Ron or Rand much either" 1/12/15

    Insane Video of 193 Vehicle Chain-Reaction Crash on Interstate 94 in Michigan 1/10/15

    One Month Before Charlie Hebdo, Netanyahu's Angry Rant To France on Islamic Terror: "Does anyone in Paris talk about this!?" 1/11/15 Bibi was red-hot pissed that France wasn't concerned about Murderous Islamists, Then they had a Terror event. Now, France & all of the world is very concerned. Coincidence? You decide.

    Mesmerized Ted Cruz Re-Tweeting Bibi Netanyahu Like a lost Puppy; Did Cruz Visit Jonathan Pollard's Wife With Bibi Too? 1/11/15

    Michigan Residents Desperately Seek 'Global Warming' As State Police & Homeland Security Issue Warning for "These Extremely Cold And Potentially Life-Threatening Temperatures." 1/11/15

    U.S. DOT Opens U.S. Border To Mexican Trucks "Marking A Significant Milestone In Implementation Of NAFTA"- Inspector General Warns That Safety of Mexican Carriers Has Not Been Shown 1/9/15

    Paul's Dire Predictions for 2015: "The violence in our cities is only in its early stages... Police brutality and militarization may well induce a violent event far beyond what we have seen in Ferguson."
    Libertarian Icon Predicts Further Escalation of Friction, Confrontations With 'Out Of Control Police' 1/9/15

    David Icke Hammers Home The Truth: "Zionism Is Organized Terror, I Don't Give a Sh!# If They Call Me 'Anti-Semitic!'" 1/9/15

    LAPD To Hold Two Public Meetings on Use Of Officer On-Body Cameras 1/9/15
    With hostility, suspicion and distrust between police and the public becoming more pervasive in recent years, applauds this move towards transparency on behalf of LAPD and the Los Angeles City government. I encourage everyone in the Los Angeles area to attend these meetings.

    Texas Rep. Claims Further Retaliation In House For Opposing Boehner 1/8/15

    Rep. Thomas Massie re-introduces Ron Paul's "Audit the Fed" bill into Congress 1/8/15

    Rand Paul & Wife Kelley Ready to Revisit Monica Lewinsky if Hillary runs- (But MUM on Vince Foster, MENA, OKC, & Hillary's Drug-Smuggler Pal Jorge Cabrera) 1/8/15

    Glenn Greenwald: "Rand Paul is a panderer and a fraud" 1/8/15

    Rand Paul Meets With Sheldon Adelson & Other 'Well-heeled Jewish GOP donors' As He Introduces Anti-Palestine Bill 1/8/15

    46,200 Illegal Aliens Apply For Driver Licenses In First 3 Days Of New Calif. Law; Only 2% Succeed

    Nation's First Black Republican Congresswoman Swears In, Promises to "End Foreign Military Financing"

    50-Year-Old White Man Carjacked, Bashed In Head With Hammer 13 Times By 2 Blacks = No Hate Crime, No Media, No Protests

    An open letter to Archbishop Timothy Dolan of NY on the "shrill but tiny minority" whom "might try to malign" police 1/4/15

    Black Civil Rights Pioneer Was "Intimate Friends" with David Duke, Opposed the "Elite Ruling Class" 1/2/15

    Houston 'Stop Billions To Israel' Billboard Campaign Gets A Little Bolder As 10 Week Display Run Its' Course 1/2/15

    Six Years After Her Son Was Executed By Police in Oakland BART station, Oscar Grant's Mom "Condemns Police Brutality, We Also Condemn And Protest Black On Black Violence

    Sovereign Citizen" Turns In Stray Dog To Animal Shelter, Killed By Police For Not Showing ID

    L.A. Sheriffs Kill Woman Aiming Gun At Her Baby-Daddy, No Word On Race (yet)

    LAPD Chief Charlie Beck: "People Can Expect Some Humanity" from LAPD officers, "That's What I Mean By Justice"

    ADL's Abe Foxman's homosexual son 'marries' his lover in NY: Tweets "These two Jews are Honeymooning!"

    Rand Paul, "Ready To Lead," Rakes In $125,734 to "take back the White House in 2016"

    Fr. Coughlin's New Years Day Message, 1933: Not Despair, But Hope Of 'Understanding The Flagrant Financial Abuse Of The Rothschild System'

    PSYCHO AMERICA: DHS 'Use of Force Report' Admits Agent's "shots at suspect vehicles are taken out of frustration" involving "non-violent suspects who posed no threat" 12/30/14

    DHS 2014 Report: $3.8 million pounds of dope, $237 million in "unreported currency seized through targeted enforcement operations." 12/30/14

    Ho Ho HO! Man Dies After DHS Agents Taze Him On Christmas Eve; San Diego Police Investigating 12/30/14

    DHS Agents Find $1.3 Million Dollars Worth of Pot Stuffed Inside Abandoned Water Buffalo 12/30/14

    'Dont Track Me Act' Forbids Road Usage Charge, RFID: "Vehicle owners must not be required to surrender their Fourth Amendment rights and be tracked everywhere" 12/29/14

    LAPD On Ezell Ford death: "This investigation is far from over. We need to find out the truth." 12/29/14

    The First Flash Mob? Black Army Soldiers Mutiny & Attack Houston TX, 1917; 35 People Killed, 13 Soldiers Court-Martialed, Hanged & Burned As Punishment 12/29/14

    Documented History: WWI Letters Reveal "Old Jew" Sells Maggot & Vermin Infested Pies To WWI Soldiers: Put In Stockade With Only Water & His Pies To Eat 12/29/14

    Letters of a Freemason WWI Soldier To His Zionist Mother concerning "a certain prophecy about the Jews" & "the new order that will be ushered in by and thru the Jews in their home- land - Palestine." 12/29/14

    LAPD Chief Disappointed at Lack of Media Fawning Over 'Unrecognized Kind Act,' As Officers Alleged Buy Clothes For Homeless Guy 12/28/14

    Police Nationwide Spooked As Cops Shot & Killed in Texas, Missouri, Arizona, Florida, Puerto Rico, Ohio & New York in the Past Month 12/28/14 [Featured on]

    Gold $2,000 An Ounce By Next Year, Mining CEO Says; Looming Crises, Geopolitical Fireworks On Horizon For 2015 12/28/14 [Featured on]

    Man Who Confronted 'Zionist' George H. W. Bush in A Houston Pizza Place Has A Message For Rand Paul 12/27/14

    Rand Paul: Yet Another Soulless Zionist Groveling for the Jewish Vote By Guest Columnist Greg Johnson 12/27/14

    Rand Paul: "Brave" Soldiers "Protect And Maintain Our Freedom" 12/27/14 [Featured on]

    'Most Influential' Media Jewess Sneers: There Is No Cabal Of Bankers Conspiring To Pick The President 12/27/14
    Alleged 'right-wing conservative' and hardcore-Zionist Jennifer Rubin: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

    Rand Paul Airs Grievances on twitter, Snipes at Harry Reid & Calls Christmas Truce with Rubio 12/23/14

    Some Important Questions For Rand Paul: Why Do You Meet With Israeli Groups DAILY? And Which Israeli Groups Have You Met With This Month? 12/23/14

    Introducing Because We Really Need To Do Better In 2016 12/23/14
    This site will be a clearing house for Rand Paul Zionist information- keeping a close watch on Randy as he ramps up to his attempted 2016 presidential bid. As someone who heartily supported Ron Paul for president, it's offensive to me that Rand would use his father's support & money base to get elected to the U.S. Senate and then betray his constituents to the degree that he has. Starting with endorsing Romney, slathering at the 'wailing wall,' etc. etc. You may not know that Rand has actually admitted in official Senate speeches that he "meets with Israeli groups daily," a story I broke last year. There are many similar stories in our archives.
    I realize that Rand Paul's rhetoric on domestic issues and supposed 'limited government' are better than all the other legislators in Congress. But I believe there is a very serious reason that we as Americans need to reject people like Rand outright, and we should admonish and shame them publicly. The bottom line is that you can promise to 'cut government' all you want, but if you support the maniacal neocon-Zionist foreign policy of giving trillions to Israel and defending Israel at all costs, you're not a friend to Americans or an advocate of peace. Not to mention my good friend Greg from Houston, who made international news in 2010 when he confronted George H.W. Bush in a pizza place and called him a piece of ^%$# Zionist murderer, is helping me with the site. Stay tuned! ;-)

    [Off site but still a must-read:] Obama: "I'm Jewish in my soul"


    How a Youtube Video Helped a NY Woman Learn To Properly Deal With Rogue Police and Win $1.12 Million 12/22/14 [Featured on]

    Dr. Henry Makow, Creator of 'Scruples' Board Game: "Re: NYPD murders- I blame the Grand Jury for failing to indict the cop who choked Eric Garner." 12/22/14

    Hours Before Cop Killings, NYPD Commish Bratton Boasted of being the "safest large city in the country." 12/22/14

    Enough of the Sappy "Cop Bought Shoplifter Eggs" story out of Tarrant, Alabama- Here is the REAL SCOOP, And It Ain't Pretty. 12/20/14

    Rick Perry's Objective: "chief executive of a large enterprise with good benefits and a really large personal jet."

    Rick Perry: "large doses of vaccines" may ne needed "to respond to a bio-terror attack on our nation" [Featured on,,, , &]

    Rick Perry Refuses Texas A&M's Bid To Re-Name Academc Building In His Honor

    Rand Paul tweets on Hitler reference: "This sounds like a lot of Senate debates" 12/19/14

    As Jeb Bush Announced 2016 Run, Rand Paul Hang Out With Dennis Kucinich 12/19/14

    GOP Candidate Rand Paul: "The vast majority our police force do care about those living in poverty-- here's a heartwarming example" 12/19/14

    Rick Perry One-Ups Both Rand & Jeb, Does Crazy-Dance With Rabbis In the Street For Hanukkah 12/18/14

    Jeb Bush lights the Menorah, wishes donors "Happy Hanukkah!" as he rakes in Jewish cash 12/18/14

    Unique Christmas Message In Houston: "Bethlehem Like A Prison, Under Israeli Occupation 12/18/14

    Oy Vey, Officer! Happy Hanukkah from LAPD: Menorah lighting ceremony at LAPD Headquarters [Featured on]

    LAPD Asking the Public To Take A Quick Survey About Their New 'Cop-Cam' Program 12/17/14

    Believe It Or Not, Something Good In Cromnibus Bill- It took One Woman Senator To Get Something Done In A Chamber Full Of Pansies 12/16/14

    L.A. Mayor Announces Bodycams Will Be Deployed Across LAPD 12/16/14

    Meet Rep. Mike Honda, The Piece Of Work Who Wants To Put You In Prison For Ten Years For Having Body Armor 12/15/14 [Featured on]

    British Royal Marines Join U.S. Troops, LAPD for final week of 'Realist Urban Training,' Machine-Gunning Civilian Practice Targets in Calif. 12/15/14 [Featured on]

    CHP: "Military Personnel Easily Fit Into The CHP's Workforce And Adapt Well To Our Paramilitary Work Environment" 12/14/14 [Featured on and]

    Black CHP Chief Says Cops Did Nothing Wrong Pointing Gun At Protesters, Insists "We wanted to prove we deserved your trust" 12/13/14 [Featured on , ,,]

  • LAPD Releases Warrantless DUI/License Checkpoint Locations for December 2014 12/13/14
  • LAPD Hires 9/11 Truther Esai Morales to do PSA
  • Sheriff Caught on Video Kicking, Beating Man For Asking Him To Move His Patrol Car
  • While They Train With Marines, LAPD Disarms Witless Public With Yet Another 'Anonymous Gun Buyback' At Masonic Lodge
  • 1954 Govt 'Report on Hate Groups' Villified Eustace Mullins, Ben Freedman, Opponents of Water Flouridation, 'Invisible Government' & 'Zionist Wars'
  • Kerry warns students: "We have kleptocrats stealing from the people they're supposed to represent; Don't get bought out by the vast sums of money in American politics." 12/11/14
  • Gitmo Military Officer: "Whatever we do gets blown out of proportion; anything that happens over there, the whole world finds out about it" 12/11/14
  • U.S. MARINES RAID DODGER STADIUM IN LOS ANGELES 12/10/14 [Featured on Robert Wenzel's]
  • Marine Role Players Demonstrate 'Detainee Handling Techniques' in L.A. 'Realistic Urban Training' Drill (Photos) 12/8/14 [Featured on,, &]
  • Marine Unit in Los Angeles 'Realistic Urban' Military Drill Were Trained By Israeli IDF Forces Earlier This Year 12/8/14 [Featured on]
  • LAPD Tweets Photos of Urban Military Drill 12/8/14 [Featured on]
  • U.S. & France Agree To 'Compensation Fund for Victims Of Holocaust Related Deportation From France' ($100,000+ each!) 12/8/14
  • Ron Paul: "Iraq war based on lies pushed by the rabidly pro-Israel neocons" to "help that country dominate the region" 7/7/14
  • Fedex CEO, Skull & Bones Member, Urges Obama to Pass a 15-Cent-Per-Gallon Fuel Tax Hike 12/5/14 [Featured on]
  • D.C. Perverts Flank Cardboard Cutout of Ronald Reagan, Seeking to Increase Fuel Tax By Fifteen Cents Per Gallon 12/5/14
  • Obama: "It's not a sexy argument to make to the public, but we are younger than our competitors. And that is entirely because of immigration." 12/5/14
  • Obama: "I haven't said this publicly, so I've got to be careful here. You get a little looser in your last two years of office." 12/5/14
  • L.A. Fitness "is working in conjunction with the police department" 12/3/14
  • Houstonians to Boycott RE/MAX for being "a real estate giant that markets and rents properties in illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land." 12/3/14
  • NYPD Releases New York City Crime Stats For 2013 Based On Race 12/3/14
  • Tea Party Rep Tom McClintock: Most serious threat is jihadists on American soil, we must assure "that Israel has all the equipment, supplies, and assistance it may need" 12/3/14
  • Rand Paul to Ferguson: "Come on guys, you got to wait to have your kids." (Government Meddling in Procreation: Is Rand Paul a Crypto-Eugencist?) 12/1/14
    "Birth control is not our business. I cannot imagine anything more emphatically a subject that is not a proper political or governmental activity ... or responsibility," President Eisenhower said in December 1959. Oh how things have changed, with even supposed 'limited government' politicians promoting 'family planning.'
  • Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Desperate for Money in Ferguson Crisis, Meanwhile Opens an office in Israel 12/2/14
  • Ferguson protesters disrupt church services in Los Angeles 12/1/14
  • Video: Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell & Judge Andrew Napolitano Speak at Mises Conference
  • Catholic Archbishop: "Leviathan doesn't care if you see Jesus in your grilled cheese sandwich - unless you suggest that other people should see him too.": Separation of marriage from the state gathers surprising steam in mainstream Catholic discourse. 11/25/14 [Featured on and here: Government Censorship of LRC.]
  • Obama's Awkward, Unscripted Encounter When a Bookstore Customer Asks Him To Close Guantanamo
  • "Stop Billions To Israel" Billboards Showcased in Houston 11/29/14
  • Rand Paul: Having Children Too Soon the Number One Cause of Poverty; Register To Vote To Deal With Ferguson Anger 11/29/14
  • Black Female Rapper Azealia Banks Responds To 'Kill Crackers In Their Sleep' Controversy 11/28/14
  • DHS announces "six loaned executives from the private sector" "fill special, discrete needs"
  • Pope Saint John Paul II on "The Propaganda Machine, Widespread Use Of Another Deadly Instrument Of War"
  • Rand Paul blames Palestinian leaders for "incitement" of Israeli synagogue murders
  • Fed Judge rules that CA 10-day waiting period laws violate the Second Amendment, Rejects State's Stall Tactics
  • 'Global Terrorism Index 2014' Offers Six Constructive Alternatives To Current "Ineffective & Counterproductive" Efforts To Fight Terrorism
  • FAA: "Pilots should be able to fly within a few months" of beginning treatment with anti-depressant psych meds
  • Free And Independent Media & Free Flow Of Information Key In Preventing Terrorism, Terrorism Experts Proclaim In Annual Report 11/18/14
  • "Illegitimate and corrupt governments," State-Sponsored Violence & "Perceptions Of Criminality" Top Influences In Rise Of Terrorism
    11/18/14 "Lack Of Political Legitimacy" & "Powerful external actors upholding corrupt regimes" cited as causes of terrorism in presitious annual report
  • Catholic Bishops condemn "Israeli occupation" & mistreatment of Palestinians; tell Jews that "use of scripture to wrongly justify injustices is not acceptable."
  • 1939: "Anti-Semite" Fr. Coughlin Warns that Warmongers will Use Japan to Ensnare U.S. Into 2nd European World War November 14, 2014
  • Catholic Priest Fr. Charles E. Coughlin Exposes War Agenda in 1939: "The propagandists are at work in government, in journalism, and in the cinemas. Forewarned is forearmed!" 11/13/14
  • U.S. House Resolution With 172 Cosponsors Condemns "Anti-Semitism, Comparison of Israel to Nazis;" Decries Holocaust Skepticism & Seeks More Law Enforcement Training 11/12/14
  • PC Police Turn On Their Own: Why Thought Police Are Bad No Matter Who Is The Target 11/12/14
  • Remember the guy who called George H. W. Bush a "murderous, Zionist, piece of shit" at a Houston Pizza place in 2010? This story is about him and what he's been up to lately:
    Jane's Addiction/Lollapalooza frontman Perry Farrell confronted on Bin Laden, 9/11 by pro-Palestinian 9/11 truther Grotesque mock baby-murder ritual plays out on stage while Zionist Farrell sings [Featured on Veterans Today.]

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