LAPD Announces: "The Museum of Tolerance Will Provide Training For Patrol Officers Throughout 2015."
By Martin Hill
January 19, 2015


The LAPD has released their '2014 Year-End Crime Snapshot,' and while it contains some interesting statistical data, the thing that jumped off the page was this!

Museum of Tolerance, Beyond Diversity Training

The Museum of Tolerance will provide training for patrol officers throughout 2015.

Chief Beck has directed that all members of the LAPD, sworn and civilian, will need to understand that every aspect of our work must contribute directly or indirectly to building community trust.

This little gem was sandwiched betweeen mental 'health intervention' and 'use of force' training in this obscure document .

Just last month we reported on the Menorah lighting ceremony for Hanukkah at LAPD Headquarters.

The latest LAPD report states "LAPD is transforming the way we train our officers to deal with conflict in real world situations." Chief Charlie Beck is quoted as saying "In policing, while results matter, how you get there matters even more."

It continues "The LAPD has expanded its capacity to build bridges with the community through youth programs... This year, we plan to expand programs that have been described as "relationship policing." These programs have proven successful in bridging the gap between the police and the people we serve and protect. We are investing in long term relationship building to break down generational divides between communities and their police officers."

However, just two weeks ago LAPD arrested two peaceful black women who were concerned about police violence and had come to the department headquarters to deliver a letter to the Chief Beck. The LAPD responded by putting up barricades, barring their entrance, and having dozens of armed cops with bullet-proof vests block the doors. They then arrested the both women. One officer even reached for his gun when the woman's young black 10-year old son got upset!

On Friday January 16th, LAPD arrested a woman who was filming the police in West Hollywood. She remains jailed today and is reporting that they are violating her civil rights.

The LAPD document continues "All Command Staff completed a "Fair and Impartial Policing" Course presented by professionals from the University of South Florida. This focus on fair and impartial policing at all levels of the police department will be expanded." It does not specify if the program is 'kosher-certified.'

As we reported in 2011, police who nearly killed an Iraq vet at an OCCUPY protest were trained by the Israeli military.

The Oakland Police Department, who shot and critically injured an unarmed 24 year old U.S. Marine with a tear gas canister, boasted that it had placed 2nd only to Israel in "terrorism" training exercises two years in a row. Scott Olsen, 24, suffered a fractured skull and brain swelling and remained in critical condition for some time as a result of the shooting.

Participating in operation Urban Shield for several years, Oakland PD had come in second place for 2 years and won first place in 2009. In a press release issued a week prior to Olsen's shooting, Oakland PD boasted: "OPD Excels in SWAT Competition- "The Oakland Police Department placed 2nd among SWAT teams in the recently completed Urban Shield 2011 Training Exercise. In its 5th year, Urban Shield is the nation's premiere tactical training exercise competition that tests the capabilities of first responders. The event is hosted by the Alameda County Sheriff's Office and has obtained international recognition with representatives coming as far away as Israel and Jordan."

As reported in 2009, for nearly a decade, hundreds of thousands students enrolled in Los Angeles County public schools have been indoctrinated about "hate crimes" and taken on field trips to the 'Museum of Tolerance.'. The impressionable kids are forced to take a 20 week course called L.E.A.D. (Legal Enrichment and Decision Making), a program taught by the L.A. District Attorney's office. The program targets 5th graders, because as the D. A.'s office puts it, "Educators believe that the fifth-grade level represents a turning point for elementary school students. Children at this age begin to think more about the society around them, their place within that society, and the laws, customs and traditions that shape how society functions. Programs for fifth-graders that promote nonviolent attitudes, positive attitudes , and interpersonal skills are crucial for preventing juvenile delinquency."

District attorney Michael Carter views the program as a preventive measure, and is quoted on the L.E.A.D. website: "We're reaching them before there is an adversarial relationship". Ken Bell, a "Senior Investigator", states "The best thing about Project LEAD is that you can make some positive image changes in the way kids see law enforcement; you have a chance to dispel some rumors as to what law enforcement is about in a very positive environment."

In the L.E.A.D. program, prosecutors, investigators and 'other professionals' who work for the state discuss various issues with captive students: "The lessons consist of instruction on law and an analytical approach to solving hypotheticals involving drug use, gang involvement, theft, hate crimes, driving under the influence, truancy, graffiti, and other issues. The curriculum also focuses on self-esteem, conflict resolution, and peer pressure. The program is strengthened by presentations from law enforcement officers and judges-even drug sniffing dogs- as well as field trips to Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, the Museum of Tolerance, and a local courthouse."

The former LAPD Chief, William Bratton, is an admitted Freemason. Thus, the LAPD has told residents "Get a dog, buy door locks & take a YMCA class, but ditch your guns." They have also told residents to "TURN IN YOUR GUNS at the Masonic Temple in Los Angeles for years now. Just last month, when the LAPD was doing Urban Military Training Drills training drills with U.S. Marines, they once again told residents to go get disarmed at the gun buyback, once again held at the Masonic Lodge.

As far as LAPD's 2014 crime stats: homicide, rape, aggrivated assaults, and total violent crime have all gone up in Los Angeles in the past year. Homicide increased 3.6%; Rape increased 20.9%; Aggrivated Assaults increased 28.3%; and Total Violent Crime increased 14.3%.

To be fair, it should be noted that total violent crimes have gone down 40.5% from 2005 numbers. There were 31,767 total violent crimes in 2005, 16,524 in 2013, and 18,887 in 2014. They explain,

"Despite the fact that overall crime in Los Angeles has fallen each year for over a decade and is now down to levels we have not seen since the 1960's, this past year we did see increases in certain crimes, most notably in violent crime. In order to ensure public safety and to build public trust and confidence in the police,in 2015, the Los Angeles Police Department will
  • Focus on Violence Prevention
  • Leverage Technology to Build Trust
  • Strengthen Police Training and Education
  • Expand Community Partnerships and Youth Programs
  • The department said that in 2015 they will be "FOCUSING ON VIOLENCE PREVENTION" and explained "Due to an increase in aggravated assaults, we analyzed the available data and determined that nearly one third of the increase was due to domestic violence. Therefore, we have developed a Citywide Domestic Violence Prevention and Outreach Initiative."

    They added:

    "Smart Policing Street-Level Violence Prevention Initiative
    Our analysis also indicates that a portion of our increase in serious assaults is due to street-level crime. In 2015, the LAPD will leverage newly awarded federal grant funding to expand our Smart Policing Initiative with the Bureau of Justice Assistance. By using the latest forecasting technology and analysis tools, we will be better able to focus police resources to prevent crimes before they happen, by being in the right place at the right time.

    In an effort to increase transparency and foster accountability the LAPD will outfit our officers with new Digital In-Car and Body-Worn Camera technology. These cameras will provide audio and video recordings of police encounters with the public, that will guard against officer misconduct and clear officers who are falsely accused of wrongdoing. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck sees the use of this type of technology as "a valuable tool for officers and the community we serve."

    Digital In-Car and Body-Worn Video Cameras
    Digital In-Car Video Cameras will be implemented Citywide in all geographic Areas and will provide recorded video and audio from patrol vehicles during public contacts. The LAPD will be the largest agency to outfit all patrol personnel with Body-Worn Video Cameras. The Body-Worn Video Cameras will provide an accurate picture of how our officers conduct themselves during the hundreds of thousands of public encounters they have each year."

    The LAPD document '2014 Year-End Crime Snapshot' can be found here:

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