I'm The One Who Outed Jack Yantis' Killers Last Week. Here Is My Reply To Idaho Deputy Brian Wood's Shocking Facebook Post About Jack's Killing
By Martin Hill
December 9, 2015
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  • [Note: I was on Dr. Kevin Barrett's radio show this past Friday, December 4th, to discuss this case. You can listen here (2nd hour, after Robert Wenzel.) I had actually invited MacKenzie Wood and Her husband Brian to participate in the show, but they did not respond.]

    Adams County, Idaho official ISP in the City of Council has been crawling all over my site for weeks, as recently as yesterday - in addition to the State of Idaho every day, even a week after we forced the sheriff to name Jack's killers. Stay tuned to LibertyFight.com for the latest ground-breaking coverage on this controversial case.

    Surprise, surprise. Lookie who's visiting again! See, I wasn't exaggerating when I said that the State of Idaho crawls all over my site every day for a month now, since I began writing on the Yantis case. They went to this article moments after it was published. (Don't they have anything better to do with the taxpayer's money?)

    Deputy Brian Wood, (pictured at left) one of the two sheriffs from Council, Idaho who killed 62-year-old rancher Jack Yantis on Sunday, November 1st, has posted a shocking new Facebook message thanking his friends for their love and support, and once again defending the killing of Yantis. Wood posted the message on December 7th at 12:12pm.

    Police had called Jack Yantis at his home on Sunday night last month as he ate dinner with his family, asking Jack to come help take care of his injured bull, which had been hit by a car. When Jack went to the scene as dispatch had asked, he was, as his nephew and witness Rowdy Paradis put it, "Murdered in cold blood by trigger happy rookies gunned down at the end of his own driveway for trying to take care of his own livestock!!!!!!"

    My reply to Brian Wood is below.

    Rowdy Paradis responded to Wood's Facebook post with a brief message of "What bullshit" on his Facebook page. Rowdy added "We're not cop haters.........We only ask for accountability and justice to the unjust."

    You can find the LibertyFight.com Jack Yantis Archives here.


    last week your wife characterized the Jack Yantis killing as a "gunfight." She said she was "very proud" of both you and Cody, and she became Facebook friends with Cody just last week for the first time. I guess a good honest killing is enough to generate camaraderie and friendship among you three, even though MacKenzie had never 'friended' Cody Roland before.

    Here is the PR problem that you have. Do you think people in America are going to believe that a rancher who has lived in Council for generations, and even had ancestors in the Idaho legislature, is going to initiate a GUNFIGHT with police for absolutely no reason? Do you really expect people to believe that some old man who's having dinner with his family on a Sunday night, minding his own business, is going to get a call from police ASKING him to go help with his bull and then have a GUNFIGHT with you? That is absolutely bat-shit insane, foolish, and completely fraudulent. What is wrong with you, man? I mean, it's nice that you have a loyal wife, that's a good trait for a wife to have. She gives a completely new meaning to the old phrase "stand by yer man."

    But seriously Brian. are you that backwoods and dumb that you can't see how this looks? Just like you freaked out when the 79-year-old man dared to get out of his vehicle while you were trying to write him a speeding ticket. I watched the dash-cam video of that incident after I outed you and Cody on Nov. 30th, and the Idaho statesman, along with your boss Zollman, was then forced to name you also, (albeit 15 hours after i did and it had gone super-viral worldwide.). The Statesman then finally covered the story of Rodney Whalen. That 79-year-old man who you roughed up literally told you "Damn you, you young whippersnapper!!

    You young whipersnapper!! That's what he said to you! This is the kind of guy you're THREATENED BY for fuck sake? Something is wrong with you man. Are you some sort of mental case? I want to know what was involved in your DHS training. Were you trained by the Israelis too? Or the ADL? Why did you and your partner jerk Jack around when he was pointing his gun at his bull and yank him off is feet, and then blow him away? WHO TRAINED YOU with firearms? You should have learned as a kid never to do something so foolish around a man holding a loaded gun. Why did you point guns at the heads of Donna and Rowdy and handcuff them? Why didn't you allow Jack to get medical care after you shot him?

    As I said last week, I'm the tip of the spear on this case, and I would love to invite you, Mackenzie and Cody on the radio show. Please contact me here to let me know. I also friended you on Facebook.

    Martin Hill.

    I have also sent Brian an update about this page:

    Brian, here is the correct link. http://libertyfight.com/2015/my_reply_to_sheriff_Brian_Wood.html
    It's currently up on the front page of top-rated website http://WhatReallyHappened.com and is getting SWAMPED with traffic internationally (as well as the state of Idaho.)

    It would behoove you to at least reply to me, or if you're too gutless for that, at the very least, on facebook! Come on! After all, you're all for transparency, right?

    Or is it just a "poor poor me" pity party for you?

    Remember, I'm not standing in a field in front of you like Jack was on that dark roadside, so you can't blow me away like you did Jack or like you probably wanted to do to the 79 year old man who refused to "immediately obey" YOU, the 'BOSS' whom you think is his 'master.'

    I cannot believe that you were a Ron Paul supporter and a member of Oathkeepers. That story is next. A free heads up! :-)

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