Neocon Confronts Ron Paul On Paul Craig Roberts Article: 'Do You Believe Hebdo Was A False Flag?'
By Martin Hill
January 19, 2015


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In an interview on Newsmax TV yesterday, Congressman Ron Paul was questioned on Paul Craig Roberts article 'Charlie Hebdo Shootings: False Flag?' The neocon host begins by asking Paul

"I'm sure you're aware of this, on the Ron Paul Institute website, an article posted on Wednesday that talked about the French attacks being a 'black flag' operation - this was written by someone else, not you, wanna make that very clear. It was written by Paul Roberts - but it argues that it has all the characteristics of a false flag operation. People are looking at you, Dr. Paul, and saying it's on your website, so maybe you believe that way. Do you?"

Ron Paul responds "Well no obviously not, and I don't even think Paul Craig Roberts believes that . I think he suggested it, he wanted a discussion . And he has some really good things in there, it's a shame that the media doesn't pick up and say, 'you know, what about this chief investigator of this event, committed suicide right in the middle of it.' I have no idea what's going on there, but that to me is big stuff. So no, I think what's going on here is Paul Craig Roberts is determined to try to get truth out, and try to get people to listen and pay attention. It's sort of like, the people in this country have lost a lot of confidence in governments, per se, including our own. I mean we've been trying to get to all the answers of Bengazi and of course Fast and Furious was a scandal. Nobody believes those answers. 80% of the American people don't even believe the Kennedy commission on who killed Kennedy. So people are very skeptical and I think this is the whole point. And I think of course we have Rham Emmanuel, he says 'don't ever let an emergency go to waste.' And I think this is part of what's going on. And this is a design to restructure and re-orient people on foreign policy. I think that is what's going on."

Further into the conversation, the host says Roberts is "throwing our wild accusations with nothing behind it, what is he, on medication?"

Paul replies "I think he pointed out some shortcomings, and wanted some answers... I don't even believe he believes it. I think that the people who picked up on the interest are not really seeking the truth, they're seeking to stir things up. Because to me, the big isssue is why do we have terrorism and why are we overseas?

Matt Welch at wrote Ron Paul Institute Publishes a Charlie Hebdo 'False Flag' Piece, in which he opined "I have tremendous respect for Ron Paul" but added "I have the opposite of respect for some of the people who have written and published some seriously bizarre commentary over the years in organizations that carry his name." Of course to anyone paying attention, it's not surprising that this so-called libertarian rag 'Reason' would once again act offended that dissidents such as Paul Craig Roberts would 'dare' not to believe the official party line. Reason is the disgusting magazine that last year called Jenny McCarthy an 'ENEMY OF FREEDOM' for daring to question toxic vaccines. [Also featured on]

Ron Paul's ran a couple articles on the matter, including 'Iranian Press Wrongly Attributes Charlie Hebdo False Flag Comments to Ron Paul' and 'Ron Paul Clears the Air on Charlie Hebdo False Flag Article.'

Watch the interview here, and be sure to visit this classic article, which is a detailed chronological collection (entirely without commentary) of Dr. Ron Paul's comments on whether 9/11 was an inside job. Watch him waffle from day to day depending on who he's talking to! If I was nearly 80 years old, I wouldn't give a shit who was offended, & certainly I wouldn't pussyfoot around and lie to appease the what amounts to the statists & Satanists in power. But maybe that would hurt his son, chance for the presidency (of which there is none anyway.)

Related: Ron Paul on 9/11 conspiracies (in chronological order) (Truly a classic.)


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