Now that the video of my wife & I filming that mean, fat cop who accosted us has over two million views...
By Martin Hill
January 17, 2015


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This is quite an interesting story, and I just noticed that my video It's NOT Illegal to Film Cops. RESIST ILLEGAL ORDERS- EXERT YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS has has topped the two million view mark, 2,009,082 views to be exact. I will be the first to admit that I do not like this video. At all. I don't like watching it and I don't really like several aspects of the way I handled the situation. This all started one day when my wife and I were on our way somewhere and we stopped to use the internet at Starbucks. At the time, Starbucks required a membership to use their wireless internet, which we had. It was a membership system which required certain occasional purchases over a certain amount, and we were happy to patronize the business. Then, all of a sudden, we're surrounded by cops screaming at me to freeze. Besides the Ron Paul sticker on my rear car window, I had two other bumper stickers on my car that day: '9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB,' and 'Same Shit Different Piles,' with photos of Bush and Obama. We never found out why the cops really came to Starbucks to accost us, or if there was even a real call. I had already filed an in internal affairs complaint against a high-ranking detective in that department only a few months prior, after he had tried to get me to stop filming when I had seen police violently push a little kid on to the ground.

The police investigators in the internal affairs interview had confidently assured me, on camera no less, that people were free to film police in public anytime. Afterwards, the police chief of the city even sent me a letter thanking me for bringing up my concerns to them about the matter. So less than four months later, when this obese, maniac cop at Starbucks said "it's illegal to film police in America" and that he was going to arrest me and seize my camera for filming him when he accosted me for no reason, of course I was upset. He claimed that he had gotten a call about "a woman in the back seat of my car who was possibly being held against her will." Yet in the video, notice that not one of the three cops ever once asked her if she was okay or if she was being held against her will! It's been over six years now and I have learned a lot since then. The Youtube experience can be very rewarding because it puts these issues into the public sphere and can help people learn how to properly exert their rights and protect themselves. Imagine two million people there with you, watching as you get unfairly hassled by the cops!

To be precise, there's five specific things that I did wrong. First of all, I was way too hyper and upset; 2. I talked too much; 3. I showed them my ID when it wasn't required; 4. I got out of the car when I didn't have to, and 5. I allowed them to do a pat down. Today, I understand the mistakes I made, (from a liberty perspective.) I have also had many more interactions with cops and have recorded them and posted the videos, which illustrate my evolution in these regards. I know much better how to (calmly, usually) exert my rights. [Such as these two: Obnoxious CHP cop tries to make people stop filming him (3/24/13) & Checkpoint Cop Offended When I Yell At Him About 4th Amendment.] Now that is not to say that I didn't properly exert my rights in this 2008 video, because I believe that I did.

On the positive side, which is the main point of what this video was about, neither I or my wife ever turned off the video camera. We never stopped filming the pig, even though he threatened to arrest us if we did not stop filming. It is not ilegal to film cops, never has been. Also, another plus is that I did not allow him to search our car. I made it clear to him repeatedly that I DO NOT consent to a search of my vehicle, so he never searched our car. He never arrested me or gave me a ticket, but he detained us illegally for over a half hour, with no probable cause.

By the way, if you resent me calling this pig a pig, too bad. That's what he was. I have law enforcement on both sides my family and I don't refer to all cops as "pigs," but some deserve the label. Since I am not afraid of words or descriptive adjectives, the monicker "pig" shall stand.

My video It's NOT Illegal to Film Cops. RESIST ILLEGAL ORDERS- EXERT YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS as of this morning had 2,009,082 views, 8,171 likes, 2,473 dislikes, and 15,373 comments. It was uploaded on Feb 5, 2009. You can watch it below, but first I think it's important to give the background on all this.

I did not join Google adsense until around 2011. It's my understanding that Google, Inc. does not allow users to disclose revenue amounts they earn from their products. So I will just say this. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO FILM COPS, join the google adsense program, and post the videos to youtube, LMAO! I crack up every time a cop tells me "turn the camera off!" because that is the benchmark of a viral video, and I literally hear a CHA-CHING! in my head and start laughing when they say that. It is an awesome residual income stream, for doing literally nothing.

I haven't read all the comments on my videos. It's impossible to do so even if I wanted to, and am not that interested in it. I like that viewers can debate these things openly on youtube. I do not screen or pre-approve comments as is an option. Since I am not a control freak, I've always had open comments on my vids and don't edit them. Many comments and discussions on youtube become very caustic, hateful and juvenile. Not a majority, but a certain percentage do. That's unfortunate, but to each their own.

To be clear, my endeavor of filming cops didn't start out as any kind of money-making venture or even a mission of civil rights. it started one day when I was minding my own business driving into a retail parking lot to go to a Catholic bookstore and by compete chance, right at that moment saw a group of about seven cops surrounding three hispanic boys and one of the cops, a very tall uniformed officer with a shaved head, violently push a little kid on his ass to the ground.

This occurred where they were standing between two buildings and sort of hidden from public view. It was like something you'd see caught and aired on the TV news. I thought "WOW!" and immediately stopped my car and got out my wife's Olympus digital camera, which happened to be in the center consule. This was 2008, so although the camera had video capability, unfortunately it didn't have audio. Here is that video, which started it all.:

Cops Don't Like Being Filmed
Uploaded on Sep 26, 2008

Background: Driving into a local shoping center one day, I turned the corner just in time to see a uniformed cop push down what looked like a young teenaged kid to the ground; so I got out my digital camera and started filming. Several detectives were milling around the scene and eventually saw me filming; one of them then came over to my car and suggested I get out and come closer. Sensing some sort of setup, (it's certainly not normal procedure for cops to invite strangers into interigation of suspects) I refused, and he remarked how my "car windows are so filthy I don't think you can see out". Sensing an unstable KOOK, I asked the kook cop his name and he refused to tell me, which is illegal. He then asked me my name, and I replied "none of your business". He then walked around to the front of my car, marked down my license plate and went back to his cop friends. I filed an official complaint which spawned an internal affairs investigation of both the kook cop and the other uniformed officer who pushed the person down. both of them coincidentally(?) had shaved heads. Click the link to the right to see the video of my interview with internal affairs regarding this incident and complaint. -- See text of full official complaint here: Formal Complaint Filed Against W. Covina Cop for Civil Rights Violations (Cop pushes kid). The complaint is very detailed, and interesting to read. Here are some photos of the initial event:

Bald-headed officer in the black uniform, arms folded, standing next to Mark Tedesco, is the one who pushed the child down.

Tedesco sees me, goes to his SUV, then approaches my car without identifying himself

Kids and officers look over at me filming. Kids look relieved. There were eventually at least 4 marked police cars at the scene.

After I filed the formal complaint against that officer, who was named Detective Mark Tedesco, the police as part of their investigation asked me to speak with their internal affairs officers. I walked into the department with camera rolling and filmed that too. The investigating officers were extremely polite, concilatory, and they insisted on stressing that people are 100% free to film police in public! Since I realize that people aren't likely to watch an hour long police internal affairs interview, I have composed a brief summary of the main points and video excerpts: Police Investigator: "I can answer for everybody in California & everybody in the United States. You are free to film anyplace you're allowed to be legally".

Here is that interview, parts 1-5. When I went into the police department for the internal affairs investigative interview, I asked if it were being recorded and they said yes, audio and video. Since this was a mutually agreed upon interview, I videotaped it myself also. (The principle being, why would anyone ever assume that one party, the state, can film but another can't?) Here is that vid, which took place at West Covina, CA P.D. on September 15 2008.

Police Internal Affairs Interview Part 1 / 5
Uploaded by freedommv1 on Sep. 26, 2008 - 9,310 views

Here are parts 2-5 of that interview:
Police Internal Affairs Interview Part 2 / 5

Police Internal Affairs Interview Part 3 / 5

Police Internal Affairs Interview -Part 4/5

Police Internal Affairs Interview -Part 5/5

Now keep in mind, this is the main reason why I was so shocked and pissed off when less than four months later, an officer from that very same department claimed that it's illegal to film police in America and told me that he would arrest me and seize my camera for it! The internal affairs interview occurred on 9/15/08, and on 1/27/09 I had the following encounter in West Covina, CA with police officer Cloud.

So without further adieu, here is the two million+ views video: [Note: I love the fact that my dog Maxine was with us in the police video too. She was a Samoyed mix, the best dog I ever had, my best buddy, and she died in January 2013 after spending eighteen years with me. I made a beautiful tribute video to Maxine, along with a poignant article about our life together, here: We Love You Maxine! A Tribute To A Great American Dog's Life. [September 1995 - January 2, 2013.]

And here is the cop video:

I know, it is painful to watch. ;-) Be sure to check out the videos below to see how I quickly evolved on this matter and learned how to react more appropriately. Not only to police officers, but to Homeland Security cops and even a loony private security guard who barely spoke English and tried to tell me I couldn't film outside a consulate on a public street. Also be sure to see many more of these at the FILMING COPS ARCHIVE PAGE, for many more of my filming cops videos. I also include the collection of case law on this matter which explains "For those of you who may be confused about our right to film on-duty police officers, that should clear it up."

A postscript to this story- The West Covina P.D. visited my website regularly for many years after I posted this video, (Yes, I have all the screenshots and IP log records) so I posted a challenge to publicly debate officer Cloud at any impartial location, on the issue of filming cops, with live streaming. But of course, the cowards never responded or took me up on my offer. A few years after all this, Detective Tedesco died and Officer Cloud retired from the West Covina P.D.

Just today 1/17/15, a U.S. Marine and former police officer posted this comment on the vid:

Joseph W5 hours ago: "I know that LEO's have a difficult job, however any other profession that requires decision making on the level that LEO's are expected to perform and the amount of authority that LEO's posses almost always requires a graduate level degree. They are poorly trained and are not psychologically vetted. I considered pursuing a career in law enforcement after my discharge from the Marines. I was appalled at the level of training received, and the character of many (not all) of my peers also pursuing a career in law enforcement. What was strikingly apparent was the subtle brainwashing to treat all people as suspects, believe no one because the whole of the population are liars, and to do whatever it takes to generate revenue for local govts. Even more striking was the recommended practice of enforcing traffic laws in poverty stricken areas due to the possibility of being able to impose additional charges, because "those people are not smart enough to know their rights and the law" and will usually succumb to whatever the LEO says, truthful or not. I am not writing this as an indictment of all LEO's, yet they are poorly trained and most have no real desire to protect the interest of the public. They just want the power that comes from possessing that badge. I implore any LEO's that read this to reevaluate why they chose their field of employment, what is it they want to accomplish. Anything short of SERVING the interest of citizens should not be your reason, and remember that you work for the public. You do not work for the private entities that run the prison systems, nor the politicians whose pockets you grease by generating revenue, in the form of ticketing."

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Now that the video of my wife & I filming that mean, fat cop who accosted us has over two million views...

— Martin (@LibertyFight) January 17, 2015

Now, here are some of my favorite videos that illustrate the drastic change in my behavior from that initial 'scary' and upsetting encounter with Pig Cloud in 2008. My 2013 article Obnoxious CHP cop tries to make people stop filming him was Headlined on and made it to the most viewed list within moments. Compare this video and my reaction to the one from 2008. When the cop ordered me to "turn the camera off", I didn't react at all. I remained completely silent and simply kept pointing the camera at him and filming. I put the ball was in his court, which clearly made him very uncomfortable and awkward. Also, since he was trying to give my wife a traffic ticket, since I did not speak to hm at all he could not try to falsely charge me with "interfering with an officer," as these criminal cops will often to do observers or bystanders who are recording them. California Highway Patrol officer L. Harris (ID No. 14858) snarled "you can turn the camera off too," and instructed my wife to "tell your friend to get that camera out of my face," when the camera was actually nowhere near his face.
Obnoxious CHP cop tries to make people stop filming him (3/24/13)

Motorist puts police in their place at suspicionless internal checkpoint: No probable cause, no answers required at suspicionless internal checkpoints [Must-see video: Featured on]

Cop at Suspicionless Checkpoint Starts Barking Orders, But Then Flees from Camera Creepy DHS Supervisor tries to open vehicle door when motorist asks officer's name 4-17-13 [Featured on, Economic Policy Journal &]

Checkpoint Cop Offended When I Yell At Him About 4th Amendment (Article & Video) 7/8/14
"Have You Ever Heard of the 4th Amendment? I'm not answering your Questions, Goodbye!"

How to React when a cop tells you it's illegal to take photos or videos (DHS Agent Tries to tell me "it's against federal law" to take photos or videos.)
717,515 views [as of 1/17/15] - Uploaded by freedommv1 on Dec 16, 2010

Reporter covering body scans told to leave sidewalk outside MX Consulate - Part 1/2 [Part 2/2] - uploaded 11/24/10

Motorist Tells Checkpoint Cop: "You're A Degenerate, Disgrace to America" [Featured on Robert Wenzel's] 10/09/14
This 5 minute video shows DHS agents at a warrantless checkpoint in Laredo, TX flagrantly violate the 4th Amendment detaining a driver without cause simply because he refuses to wake up his sleeping passenger. The U.S. Border Patrol has also admitted in writing that motorists aren't obligated to answer questions, & refusal to do so does in no way equate to probable cause to detain. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled "We have held that checkpoint searches are constitutional only if justified by consent or probable cause to search - And our holding today is limited to the type of stops described in this opinion. -Any further detention- must be based on consent or probable cause." U.S. v Martinez-Fuerte.

DHS Calls Motorists' Employer to Tattle That They Won't Answer Questions At Warrantless Checkpoint (Article & 2 videos) 8/1/14

This article and video shows how two aggressive cops try (unsuccessfully) to intimidate a female motorist into giving up her rights: Lunatic CHP cops go berzerk as female motorist successfully demands her rights under CA Vehicle code (3/22/13) [Featured on]

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Here are some more highlights from my Filming Cops Archive Page:

In July 2010, I wrote an article 'Still not illegal to film police: New York Rep. Towns brings the issue to Congress' (7/25/10) outlining Congressional action on the issue of filming police. My article was featured on the website of U.S. Congressman Ed Towns.

In November 2010, a Texas State Trooper and another officer tried to issue illegal orders to me and I recorded their illegal demands on my cell phone. Their department, the so-called "Texas Department of Public Safety", was forced to admit wrongdoing. The two jackboots who barked those illegal orders at me in the middle of my sleep break had "corrective action' taken against them and had "retraining provided'. In a federal civil rights lawsuit, the TX DPS was forced to admit .

You've gotta see this: Fed up with cops like no other: "Officer Scaredy Pants" (7/31/12.) Wow.

DHS Arrests, Imprisons Motorist For Invoking 5th Amendment, Deletes All His Videos (But Files Were Backed-Up!) 9/19/14
Witless Homeland Security Agents Unaware That Videos Of Their Crimes Were Backed-Up on Dropbox

Unfortunately, Youtube has deleted this person's account: Astounding video of innocent man's showdown with police: "THE LORD REBUKE BOTH OF YOU!" he says. All I have to say is WOW! This is the most powerful video I've ever seen. 11/5/14

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