Rand Paul Meets With Zionist Baptist Reverend, Member of AIPAC's National Council, Promises To "Oppose The Iran Nuclear Agreement"
Rand Assures AIPAC He Will "Defend Our Friend and Ally" Israel.
AIPAC describes Ayers as a "Non-Jewish Leader of the Pro-Israel Movement."
By Martin Hill
September 12, 2015


[Rand's joke of a presidential campaign is admittedly in the toilet, but is there any way we can defeat him altogether and just kick him out of the Senate?]

My site RandPaulZionist.com features a story I broke two years ago, when Rand Paul admitted in an obscure Senate speech that he meets with Israeli groups daily. So I guess the following is simply par for the course and shouldn't surprise me, but I still find it shocking and disgusting. Rand continues to let his bizarre religious beliefs cloud his judgment and shape his foreign policy decisions and votes. [Rand never gives any details about these daily meetings he has with Israeli groups, so this is a real rarity.]

In his latest weekly e-mail campaign news wrap-up, Senator Rand Paul revealed who he met with this week and what he's been up to. As usual, he includes a priceless benign looking gem which we have caught.

Rand starts

"Dear Friend, Please allow me to update you on this week's happenings in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Rand Paul Votes Against Iran Nuclear Agreement
On Thursday, I voted against President Obama's proposed nuclear agreement with Iran. The current agreement is a dangerous deal for our country and for our ally Israel. I am committed to defending our friends and ensuring that Iran does not possess nuclear capabilities. I also oppose any sanctions relief prior to proven compliance and any lifting of the ban against selling advanced weapons to Iran. I will continue to oppose this deal as it currently stands.

But that's nothing compared to this! Rand met with some preacher, and the way he described it was so weird that I looked up this 'Reverend' and found out he's a major AIPAC stooge!! Rand is meeting and consulting with Zionist Baptist Reverends, whom he describes as part of "our delegation about the President's Iran nuclear agreement," and assuring them he will fulfill their desires! Here you go:

Dr. Rand Paul Meets with Reverend Steve Ayers from Kentucky

On Wednesday, I met with Rev. Steve Ayers of Hillvue Heights Church in Bowling Green. Rev. Ayers was in Washington to meet with our delegation about the President's Iran nuclear agreement. I assured Rev. Ayers of my continued opposition to the proposed agreement with Iran.

(Dr. Rand Paul and Rev. Steve Ayers - September 9, 2015)

Here is more about Steve Ayers. In this first article from 2009, Ayers prays and "raises money to help fund the building and delivery of above ground rocket shelters to communities in Israel."

  • Israeli mayor seeking BG help
    Operation Lifeshield, Ilan Shohat speaking tonight at Hillvue Heights to discuss bomb shelters May 20, 2009
    An Israeli mayor is visiting Bowling Green to persuade people to help provide transportable bomb shelters to Israel beginning with the southern Israeli town of Sderot located on the Gaza border. Ilan Shohat of Zefat, Israel, and Shep Alster - co-founder of Operation Lifeshield, a nonprofit organization building and installing above-ground bomb shelters in Israel - will speak at 6:30 p.m. tonight at Hillvue Heights Church. Others who will speak include Israel Always founder Earl Cox and Americans for Israel president and CEO Ben Kinchlow.
    "(Hillvue Heights pastor) Steve (Ayers) and I visited (Israel) in February, local Operation Lifeshield coordinator Bart Britt said. "We want to let people in Israel know that we are Christians and that Christians in the United States love Israel."

  • In this next article, Ayers is a featured speaker at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) 2014 Phoenix Annual Conference.

    AIPAC dinner to be held Jan. 30
    The evening will also include special remarks by Pastor Steve Ayers of Hillvue Heights Church in Bowling Green, Ken. Ayers participated in an educational seminar in Israel in 2010 with the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), the charitable organization affiliated with AIPAC. He has attended and spoken in sessions at multiple AIPAC Policy Conferences. He hosts AIPAC events in Kentucky and serves as a member of AIPAC's National Council. Cost is $150. Dietary laws observed.

    In this next one, Ayers is at a 2015 AIPAC National Policy Conference in Miami Florida.:

    AIPAC 2015: Closing Plenary
    The closing plenary of the 2015 AIPAC National Policy Conference featuring Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY); Bob Sugarman (Presidents Conference), U.S. Marine Capt. Derek Herrera, and Dr. Stephen L. Ayers (Hillvue Heights Church, KY), Thursday Evening 7pm & 1am.

    In this cached version of yet another AIPAC Conference Program, Ayers is described as a "Faithful Friend: Non-Jewish Leaders of the Pro-Israel Movement."

    Village Stage - Faithful Friends: Non-Jewish Leaders of the Pro-Israel Movement
    Increasingly, the pro-Israel movement is attracting the participation of respected Christian clergy who lead by example when it comes to supporting the U.S.-Israel relationship. Reverend Steve Ayers is pastor at Hillvue Heights Church, the largest Baptist church in Kentucky, and a politically involved AIPAC key contact who has also visited Israel with the American Israel Education Foundation. He shares his personal experiences and insights on how to grow the pro-Israel movement.

    Here is a video from another AIPAC Policy Conference , titled 'Christian Solidarity Moment With Rev. Dr. Stephen Ayers'. Rand can be seen applauding in the corner. (kidding.)

    Steve Ayers bio page from his church website states, in part, "His adventures include loving his family and enjoying the lake, the outdoors, riding Harleys, and golf. The cross and resurrection take him on new adventures daily. Areas of emphasis: Leadership and Development of pastoral staff, Deacon ministry, Business administration ministry, New Church starts, Preaching, Player Development."

    Here is his Twitter account: https://twitter.com/SteveLAyers

    Rand Paul: "There's probably 20 different groups in our country who support the nation of Israel and support them as our ally. I speak to them all the time. I visit with them daily and weekly in our office." (2 minute video)

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