Rand Paul's Perversion: Paul Condones His Employee's Assault On Reporter With Bodily Fluids
By Martin Hill
May 15, 2015


This story is disgusting on so many levels. Regular readers probably know I can't stand Rand Paul, for many good reasons - several of them outlined on the website RandPaulZionist.com. But this one just takes the cake. The other day a very extremely creepy video surfaced where the head of Rand Paul's New Hampshire campaign, David Chesley, didn't like an independent journalist tracking Rand's appearances so he went up and slathered saliva all over the persons camera. The videographer was recording for American Bridge for the 21st Century, a PAC which tracks and records speeches of Republican politicians. You can watch the video below.

Now I very rarely use profanity on my website, but this warrants an exception so if you're overly sensitive, leave the page now.

What the fuck??

I mean excuse my french but fuck that shit. If Anyone ever tried that shit with me they'd have a mouth full of teeth. The so-called 'mainstream' coprorate media picked this story up, but is trivializing it as if it's somehow cute or quirky, and I'm thinking 'wait just a minute.' That is assault. I know what assault is. Anyone dumb enough to disagree can learn what assault is by going up to ANY COP OR POLITICIAN AND LICKING THEM OR THEIR PROPERTY. You'd be in jail so quick it'd make your head spin. You'd most likely get seriously hurt also, by the police or politician's bodyguards, and then you'd be locked up and charged with a crime. And rightly so.

If anyone is confused about the definition of assault, the google results for arrested for licking will clear it up for you. A sampling of these criminal cases and arrests is below. Charges in these cases range from assault, multiple counts of battery, felony charge of assault on a peace officer, misdemeanor charges of assault with a bodily fluid, disorderly conduct, performing an indecent act, and felony indecency.

This issue hits close to home because I have filmed, interviewed and questioned many politicians, incuding Newt Gingrich, Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many others. I have certainly never experienced any disrespect or assault by them, their staff or security. My friend Greg Johnson of Houston is the guy who confronted George H. W. Bush in a Houston pizza place some years ago. Greg certainly wouldn't tolerate anyone assaulting him or spitting on his camera equipment.

Here is the video of Rand Paul's employee. This David Chesley creep assaulting the journalist is actually a vile outrage, not funny or trivial.

There is even a gif version here.

If anyone did what Rand Paul's employee did, and tried to spread saliva on Rand Paul himself or Rand's property at one of his staged political events, they would find out how many seconds it takes to (rightly) get arrested for assault.

I called Rand Paul's Kentucky office on Tuesday, (5/12) and they gave me the number to his D.C. office. I asked if David Chesley was still employed by Rand Paul and a polite staff member gave me the e-mail address to inquire, press@randpaul2016.com. I wrote, "I would like to know if David Chesley of Dr. Paul's NH campaign office is still employed by Rand Paul today. This is in regards to the disgusting incident where Rand's employee spread saliva on a stranger's property. Surely this is below the standards of a national candidate for office. I eagerly await your reply, thank you."

As you may have guessed, they did not reply. Numerous corporate media outlets inquired to Rand Paul's office about this incident also, including the NY Times, but he has not replied. Olivia Nuzzi, political reporter for The Daily Beast, asked about the incident and got a reply from Rand's campaign spokesman, who sarcastically said "it was a great day of events."

Rand kept this pervert on board and is thereby defending and condoning this degenerate, sick, vile behavior.

So does this mean it's okay to spit on Rand Paul then? Or his property? Or his wife Kelley, or her property? It's normal, Rand, and acceptable for a candidate for President of the United States of America and his staff to act like this? Wow.

This just affirms, once again this Rand Paul character is really, way, way too much. The fact that Rand Paul takes this lightly and condones this outrageous and disgraceful behavior speaks volumes about him and his lack of character. Man this country is sick beyond words. It's also shocking that someone who was raised by such a dignified, class act as Ron Paul would tolerate and condone behavior like this. So much for the 'non-agression principle,' eh? Oh that's right. Rand has already plainly admitted that he's not a libertarian.

By the way, David Chesly was hawking "We Miss W " (Bush) t-shirts on twitter as recently as last September! Doesn't that reveal all you need to know??

Get an official �I Miss W.� t-shirt from @GOP today: http://t.co/BA88w8ctqJ

— David Chesley (@davidchesley) September 16, 2014

Similarly, Rand Paul's communication director introduced Karl Rove at an event and said that Karl Rove is his hero!

American Bridge 21st Century is described on their website as "a progressive research and communications organization committed to holding Republicans accountable for their words and actions and helping you ascertain when Republican candidates are pretending to be something they're not." Their page on The Real rand Paul states "His views range from wacky to downright egregious." On 5/12 they posted Round Up: The Best of Lickgate The NY Times reported Aide to Rand Paul Shatters the Yuck Barrier.

The youtube video of Chesley published by American Bridge 21st Century has 276,650 views. Some youtube comments include "What a childish psycho. Nice choice for Political Director, Rand Paul" and "I got it. I GOT IT. Since they are not allowed to touch you, the new tactic will be to 'accidentally' vomit all over your camera and person... It was an accident. You got in the way when they were sick. They can't be held accountable for that action. It was involuntary."

So please, indulge me on this one and tell me, what would YOU do if some degenerate pervert came up to you on the street and tried to lick you or your property?? Feel free to leave your comments below, you don't have to log in to do so.

P.S. Robert Wenzel of EconomicPolicyJournal.com broke this story and his site TargetLiberty.com is the best Rand-Paul watch site there is, hands down. Amazing stuff published every day there. Regarding this Chesley incident, Wenzel asked "Can you imagine what would go on if Rand's team actually followed Rand into power? Liberty is a battle of ideas, not an attempt to block those who want to record what is being said about a presidential candidate."
Just a few days ago, Wenzel published What It Is Like for Me Trying to Ask Rand Paul a Question in response to a question I asked him.

Here are a number of news stories about more perverts who licked strangers or their items and were jailed:

Ariz. man arrested for licking woman's knee; police try to explain
Authorities say a woman fell and scraped her leg while walking to her car in a parking lot in Chandler, Ariz. last week. Then a "nice" man came along, helped her back to her car, and...licked her knee. KTVK-TV reports that Martin Canales Soto was arrested last week and charged with assault following the bizarre incident in an Intel plant parking lot.

Woman Arrested for licking Cop's Sandwiches
A woman in Albuquerque NM named Yolanda Arguello was arrested for licking cheese and sucking ice cubes of food she was preoparing for police officers. She was charged with multiple counts of battery on an officer. [See also KOAT.com.]

Montana Man Gets Arrested For Licking Cop's Eyeball
Christopher Nicholas Hiatt, 34, is in jail on a felony charge of assault on a peace officer and misdemeanor charges of assault with a bodily fluid, criminal contempt and probation violation. The assault with a bodily fluid charge stems from the saliva. Hiatt is behind bars on $26,000 bond.

Officer arrested for licking woman�s hair

"Foot licker" waives extradition to Massachusetts
A man known as "the foot licker" has been arrested in Rhode Island and is set to face charges North Attleboro, Massachusetts... He was dubbed the foot licker after he was arrested for licking several women's feet inside a Woonsocket store in 2002. In 2012 Dublin was arrested for disorderly conduct after making inappropriate remarks to a woman at the McCauley house. He also performed an indecent act during a group meeting and left an explicit note on the woman's car.

Man Arrested For Licking, Exposing Himself To 4-Year-Old
An El Paso, Texas man is in police custody after authorities say he followed a 4-year-old girl into a restroom and "licked her" before pulling down his pants and exposing himself. 54-year-old Marcellous Asher was arrested after employees at a Wells Fargo building alerted authorities of the incident. He has since been charged with felony indecency with a child.

NYPD Daily Police Blotter

Here are some photos of Rand Paul's wife that he tweeted, of her at a book signing. Hopefully at her events, Kelley Paul will not have to encounter the type of perverts that Rand endorses and employs.

Kelley had a wonderful event in NH this am! Thanks to @NHFRW for hosting! pic.twitter.com/gDOyRNPmVK

— Dr. Rand Paul (@RandPaul) April 15, 2015

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