Rand Paul's Laughable 'Blogger Action Network': Zionist, Pro-Israel, Pro-Netanyahu, scared of Iran & Muslim Extremism
By Martin Hill
May 5, 2015


Rand Paul's presidential campaign website has a 'Join bloggers for Rand Paul' page, where he lists the most current approved members.

Here is Rand's video pitch for his blogger network:

Rand invites applicants to "Tell Us More About Your (sic) Bog,' 'I want to put a supportive widget on my website,' & 'I want to be invited to blogger conference calls.'

He also urges users to 'Show your support! Add these banners to your site:'

As of this morning, the two 'Latest bloggers' listed on Rand's site were 'Pat Carden of graybeardblogger.com' and 'Rocco Lucente of LibertyConservatives.com.' You've got to get a load of this! Check out what these blogs say.

This shouldn't be a surprise, as we reported last month that Rand Paul's top 'social media' guru worked for Netanyahu, loves Israel & the Likud Party.

Graybeardblogger.com's 'What About Islam?' page warns "Radical Islam is a threat to our way of life. We need to understand the world from its perspective to combat it and keep our way of life safe."

Their 'What About Israel?' page states, in part,

"The more I learn the more I realize I didn't know much about the subject to begin with. That was certainly the case studying Israel. I now have a much better understanding of the evolution of modern Israel. With that improved understanding comes a different personal opinion about a Palestinian state. Jews have been living in what's now Israel (or Palestine) for well over 2,000 years; long before Muhammad's time. In modern times, Jews began emigrating to what is now called Israel in the late nineteenth century. The Zionist movement formed in Europe during this time as a result of growing anti-Semitism...."

"...Starting with Jimmy Carter, many U. S. Presidents have tried to facilitate a solution to the Palestinian problem. Each time, it seems a solution is reached but it is never implemented; usually because the Palestinians renege on their agreement. Israel has repeatedly agreed to give up part of its currently occupied territory to establish a Palestinian state but an agreement has never been fully implemented. Meanwhile, contention and violence dominate the politics of the area. Since the PLO became the representative of the Palestinians, violence has escalated and negotiations have become more contentious. As Hamas has grown and become a greater influence, these problems have compounded.
"...After sixty years, is it not time to accept the two state solution is not working? Why not explore a different solution? Does each group have to have its own state? How about a single state whereby Jews and Palestinians alike share the country? Given the enmity between the groups, how could such a solution work? It would require a commitment by both parties to make it work, but Israel could unilaterally legislate the groundwork for such a plan."

Graybeard's What About Netanyahu? page states, in part,

"Obviously, there's a political element, here and in Israel. Boehner's objective? Don't know except to embarrass Obama. That would be shameful. The Democratic response? Wow, can you say ostrich; and rude? Even Jewish democrats boycotted. Was that necessary? Partisanship like this seems more suited for kindergarten than the nation's capital. Washington, will you please cut out this juvenile behavior?

...Netanyahu makes a good point when he points out that Iran says Israel must be destroyed. The entire world should demand an agreement from Iran (and the rest of the Middle East) to Israel�s right to exist. Seems to me this has to be a precursor to any negotiations; how can a nation with such a policy be party to any kind of agreement?
"...So what about agreement itself. For me, it's better than nothing. Are the Iranians going to cheat? Well, probably. At the very least we should proceed with monitoring expecting them to disregard elements of the agreement.
"...It was really cool to see Elie Wiesel."

Rand's other Latest blogger at LibertyConservatives.com, ironically features a front page story that read's I�m a Ron Paul guy, and I'm supporting Ted Cruz, noting "I'm a libertarian, and I'm supporting Ted Cruz for president, and here's why..."

Another of their articles titled Common Sense: Obama Doesn't Love America dated 2/26/15 states

"Foreign Policy as it Pertains to Israel- It doesn't take a political genius to see what an important ally Israel is to the USA. They are the only solid government in the Middle East that still believes that Muslim Extremism is one of the major evils the world faces today. Netanyahu is a solid proponent of keeping Iran nuclear weapon free and Obama and the incompetent John Kerry undermine what he is doing on a weekly basis. One of the best moves Boehner has made as Speaker was asking Netanyahu to speak before Congress without notifying the White House. It is vitally important to the future of the USA that we continue our partnership with Israel."

This article states "Every Arab government in the Middle East knows their day is over should they ever attempt to militarily wipe the state of Israel from the map. So too could GOP establishment kingmakers be reminded throughout the 2016 election season that the party has no future without millennial Rand Paul backers or a President Paul in the White House."

Rand's choice of approved bloggers only illustrates that Rand's so-called supporters are a far cry from the libertarians and grass roots freedom-lovers that Ron Paul generated. Ron's supporters saw through the agendas and rejected such ideological foreign entanglements.

Just last week, Rand visited with the Zionist Organization of America and told them about his (two year old) Israel Trip.

Be sure to visit RandPaulZionist.com for much more.

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Here is the video Rand posted on his website's 'about' page:

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