Rand Paul Insists Again: "You've Got To Raise The Age" On Social Security
By Martin Hill
October 20, 2015



Rand Paul is once again insisting that the American people should wait longer, years longer in fact, to qualify for social security payments. Under the pretext of saving the budget, Paul wants to force the people to wait longer to get a pittance of the money they were forced to pay to the government throughout their lives.

Paul himself is having a lot of trouble raising and handling his own money, and sent out a desperate e-mail yesterday begging for "an emergency influx of funds." [See: Rand Paul Absolutely Desperate: "My campaign needs an emergency influx of funds. I need your immediate support!".]

If the American people don't pay their taxes, they will end up in prison or dead like 87-year-old Irwin Schiff and Ed and Elaine Brown, who are both in their 70s serving long prison terms. People should be able to retire at 65 years old if they want to. But Paul wants them to keep working, instead of taking other measures to save money, such as cutting aide to 'our closest ally' Israel. This disgusting Zionist Rand Paul wants the serfs to keep slaving away at the barrel of a gun and get absolutely nothing for it. The U.S. Department of Treasury is actually auctioning off Ed and Elaine Brown's home this week, , as they rot in federal prison for thirty plus years!

"Everybody knows what the fix is. We're living longer. You've got to raise the age... The public is not ready to just wipe out Social Security," Paul said yesterday in an interview with CNBC."

HARWOOD: The libertarian party platform, reaffirmed last year, calls for phasing out Social Security. I know you don't call for that. But if a movement is identified with that goal, that's on the wrong side of the public, isn't it?

PAUL: Not every libertarian is the same. And in fact, I mean, if you look online, the libertarians squabble like no other group. And that's why one reason that inhibits their growth is there's so much squabbling. No one seems to be the perfect libertarian. I know that because I've been accused of not being the perfect libertarian. But I think when you look at libertarianism as a general philosophy, I think that people are actually in favor of it. Less war, more privacy, more "Leave me alone."

On Social Security, ideally there would be a private system. But we now have a government system and have had it for 60 or 70 years. We should try to fix the program. And I think there are really ways of fixing the program. But what you'll find in Washington, Democrats are absolutely opposed to any fix. Most Republicans are afraid of the fix. Rand Paul: "You've Got To Raise The Age" On Social Security

Everybody knows what the fix is. We're living longer. You've got to raise the age. I'm all for adding a private component to it. There's a great example: In Galveston, Texas, they opted out in 1983. They have made buckets of money. And if you compare a private pension in 1983, even with the ups and downs of the stock market, they've made, you know, great multiples of what Social Security has made.

The public is not ready to just wipe out Social Security. But I think the public would be ready to say, "Could we have an additional thing, a private account, where you could save some privately?" The other thought I've had is, instead of privatizing, what about individualizing? What if, you know, people are used to 401(k)s. You have your number and your account. You can sign on. And that's your money.


Rand, who actually admitted in an obscure 2013 Senate speech that he "meets with Israeli groups daily," sold out to the establishment long ago, (starting with endorsing Romney) in the hopes to run a more 'respectable' and 'mainstream' successful GOP campaign. But in reality it backfired on him, and deservedly so. Despite kissing up to the establishment toadies such as Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Sheldon Adelson and AIPAC, Randy raised only one quarter of what his father Ron did in the same quarter of Ron's last presidential campaign!

I started RandPaulZionist.com a few years ago to chronicle Rand Paul's absolute looniness. Check it out if you have the stomach for it. ;-)

Paul recently dissed the "idiots in the Republican Party running for president" during his live stream event. In a response to a person who asked if he was still running for president, Rand sneered "I wouldn't be doing this dumb-ass live streaming if I weren't, so yes, I'm running for president, get over it."

While riding in a car during his live stream, Paul said "I think we should talk about politics for a minute. Shouldn't we at least talk about what idiots we have in the Republican Party running for president who want to have a red line and a no-fly zone in Syria. What a recipe for disaster. But you know what the interesting thing is, Hillary Clinton agrees with all of them. All of them beating their chest to see who is the most likely to get us involved in a war that really, these people have been at war for a thousand years. You think somehow we're going to solve their problems?"

Here is the video of Paul berating his own '"dumbass live stream." (at the 1:40 mark)

In addition to that, one of Paul's top campaign aides said that 'CNBC CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES'



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