Drivers Fighting Back Against Traffic Ticket Revenue Schemes
Two More Readers Credit With Helping Them Beat Their Traffic Tickets! ($500 bucks saved!)

By Martin Hill
September 7, 2015


LATEST: regularly receives e-mails from readers who are pissed off about traffic tickets and want to fight them. I received emails this week from two separate women who had written to me last year wanting to fight their traffic tickets. After our conversation they decided to fight them, and this week they both let me know they won. One was a stop sign ticket and the other was a toll road ticket, both given by CHP officers. Here are the happy emails beginning with their news of victory - and below that, our correspondence in chronological order. Remember that these stories apply to tickets given in California. As I told these two readers, I am not a lawyer and don't give legal advice, but rather simply share experiences with beating revenue tickets. A little effort goes a long way in this regard. Using the state's own 'laws' and procedures against them, such as getting the maximum number of extensions and opting for a trial by declaration, can greatly increase the chances of beating that revenue ticket.

It always makes me so happy when I receive e-mails like this! :-)

From: Sophie
Sent: Monday, August 31, 2015 7:33 PM
To: Martin Hil
Subject: Re: Traffic ticket

Hi Martin

Just want to say thank you so much for all of your advice. The officer replied to the tbd and I was found guilty.. I asked for a trial de novo and today was the court date. he didn't appear! $238 back in my pocket thanks to you and your website. Thanks again!
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[Here is the correspondence with Sophie beginning over a year prior, on 8/29/2014.]

Fri 8/29/2014 11:36 PM
From: Sophie
To: Martin Hill
Sent: Fri 8/29/2014 11:36 PM

Hello, First of all, your website is amazing. I couldn't stop reading your advice for beating traffic tickets! Thank you so much for the great advice I feel like I just picked the brain of a lawyer and I wasn't charged a dime. So grateful.

I got a ticket that is due Sept 4. I was going to pay it but maybe now I think I should send in a trial by declaration.. and see if I could get my bail back.

The CHP officer was hiding at the next block as I made a left turn at a stop sign at 7:30am on a Monday on a residential street. I stopped fully but there was a visible sign near the stop sign that read "no left turn 7am-11am weekdays". Can you please give me some advice on how I can argue this ticket?

Its $240 not including traffic school. It's an absurd ticket in my opinion as I didn't harm anyone and he was so sneaky hiding on the next street!! I haven't gotten a ticket in 2 years and this ticket is really offensive! Please help, with much respect,


From: Martin
To: Sophie
Sent: Sat 8/30/2014 6:28 AM

Hi Sophie, as you know I'm not a lawyer. It concerns me that you said you'd like to "get your bail back," have you already paid bail??? Because if you just paid the ticket without pleading not guilty at your arraignment, the court will record a GUILTY plea, a conviction.

If your "due date" is sept 4th and you haven't paid anything yet, be sure to get as many extensions as you can, you can do this in person, in phone or by internet at most LA county traffic courts. This will greatly increase the chances of the prosecution witness (the cop) not showing up.

Your defense that the law is unreasonable won't work. Don't admit anything, don't testify. Your only hope is to fight it on procedural grounds and drag it out. In other words fight their revenue scheme with their own laws..

Get your first extension and a week before that due date, try to get another one. I know 2 people who were given an extension of a year! If you're in a hurry to go to court you will lose. Period.

Don't ever lose track of your extension date or miss your court date. When your date finally comes, do a trial by declaration and you can request a bail waiver, that's up to the judge if he will give you a bal waiver.

Keep me posted and tell your friends and family about ! ;-)


From: Sophie
To: Martin
Sent: Sat 8/30/2014 9:52 AM

Thanks for getting back to me. I haven't paid the ticket yet so I will do as you say and extend as long as I can and then ask for a trial by declaration. What should I say in the letter? Any advice other than not admitting guilt and everything else you've mentioned on your website or am I just hoping the officer doesn't send in his letter?

By the way, I had no idea drivers could ask for the county seat when getting a ticket. that's genius! I've already shared your website with two of my friends :))


From: Martin
To: Sophie
Sent: Sat 8/30/2014 3:25 PM

Sophie, I have always simply wrote the words "NOT GUILTY" on my trial by declaration form. Why give your defense away to them in case you have a trial de novo later. That'd be like showing your hand. A tbd to me is simply dragging it out even further. By the end of it the cop won't even know who you are lol!

But don't worry about the tbd yet. Get your first extension on Tuesday sept 2 over the phone and verify on sept 3 that they gave it to you. La county has a phone system , the number should be on your ticket.

Then let me know when your new due date is. A week prior to that, try to get another extension. I think the first extension in l.a. county is 30 or 60 days.


From: Sophie
To: Martin
Sent: Mon 9/1/2014 1:42 AM
Thank you Martin! I'll keep you updated :)). Hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend


From: Sophie
To: Martin
Sent: Tue 9/2/2014 10:13 PM

Hi Martin,

I extended my court appearance to November 3rd today. I'll try to get another one a week before then :))


From: Sophie
To: Martin
Sent: Thu 10/30/2014 7:18 PM

Hey Martin!

Hope you've been well. I just extended my court arraignment to April 2015! Amazing.


From: Martin
To: Sophie
Thu 11/6/2014 4:37 AM

Hi Sophie! Just saw your email now, I had somehow overlooked it.

That's awesome that you got an extension to April 2015! Did you get that extension in person at the court? Or via phone? In April a week before the date you may opt to try once again for a 3rd extension, but they don't have to give it. DO NOT EVER MISS A COURT DATE. They'll charge you with a serious offense called "failure to appear."

While this happy extension is great, it's no guarantee, but in my opinion will greatly sawy the chances that the cop won't show. Remember to do a TBD, write BAIL FOR TRIAL BY DECLARATION Case # 12345 on your check because I know 2 people where the court told them "you paid the fine that means you pled guilty"! Yes, they are criminals.

Don't ever mention you turned left, or didn't see the sign, or any of that. They'll look at you like a pathetic moron and say ha ha,." GUILTY.. NEXT!".

We are doing a procedural dance drowning them in their own b.s. Let me know before you have your arraignment. And remember your REQUEST FOR A WRITTEN TRIAL BY DECLARATION I think you get 30 days to actually send the tbd in. Check my article on tbd for details.. meanwhile have a great Thanksgiving, Christmas, new years, valentines, and Easter while waiting for your court date! Lmao! ;-)


From: Sophie
To: Martin Hill
Sent: Monday, August 31, 2015 7:33 PM

Subject: Re: Traffic ticket

Hi Martin

Just want to say thank you so much for all of your advice. The officer replied to the tbd and I was found guilty.. I asked for a trial de novo and today was the court date. he didn't appear! $238 back in my pocket thanks to you and your website. Thanks again!


From: Martin
To: Sophie
Sent: Tue 9/1/2015 5:38 AM
That is awesome!! ;-)
Thanks for letting me know. I see that our original correspondence was about one year ago. Doing these simple steps (using their laws) really does work. Be sure to share this info with your family & friends and tell them about my site!

Take care & God bless you. Also you might be interested in my latest article about my wife & I took a trip to europe last month, its titled 26 countries in 35 days in Europe. Great time. :-)



I wanted to get your opinion if you think I can fight a recent citation from the CHP (rec'd. 4/13/15).

  • I have a Fastrack account; however, left it at home (recently had tinting on car and forgot to put it back up).
  • My car does not yet have plates (waiting for DMV registration)

    Do you think there is any way I can fight this ticket if I appear in court or trial by declaration?

    I looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

    Thank you,

    Laura H.

    From: Martin

    Hi Laura, as you know I'm not a lawyer and don't give legal advice. I did one article on fighting tolls, [How To Fight A Toll Road Ticket In California], but that didn't relate to a toll ticket given by CHP. Have you asked the court how much the ticket costs?

    This page states
    23302(d) Pay by plate, electronic (only) vehicular crossing or toll highway, failure to have valid license plates and/or transponder or other electronic device payment in full.

    This page has a FAQ with a lot of info and states, in part,

    I'm a Metro ExpressLanes FasTrak Customer and received a violation. What should I do?

    If your FasTrak account is with the Metro ExpressLanes and you received a violation notice, it is because either the license plate shown on the violation was not listed on your account at the time of the violation, or your account did not have sufficient funds to pay the toll. Make sure your account is up-to-date.
  • To add a license plate to your account, login to your account online and add the plate to your account with an effective date prior to the date the violation occurred. The toll amount for the violation will be deducted from your FasTrak account within 48 hours and the penalty will be waived.

    If your account balance is not sufficient please make a payment online. Note that your account must have a pre-paid toll balance sufficient to cover the toll portion of the outstanding violations. You can also resolve it by mailing the completed Account Holder section on the violation notice prior to the due date and submitting it to the address indicated on the notice.

  • It also has info on how to contest a violation. It appears that there are no 'points' added to your violation if convicted. there is a thread on it here

    However, as to your question if you can fight it, of course you can fight any ticket. question is, would it be worth it. I would contact the fast track agency since youre a member, and see what they say.

    if you do decide to fight it in court, it appears that you could take all the steps as if for any ticket- like I usually win on procedural grounds (thank goodness I have not gotten any tickets since 2010!) that would involve getting as many extensions as possible before your arraignment date, then do a trial by declaration, if you lose that do a trial de novo, (in person), . while waiting for your in person trial you can opt to demand a DISCOVERY REQUEST (see for all this stuff, that's where I learned how to fight tickets.)

    if the fee is only $25, it would probably be easier to pay it, but if it is $150+, as the guy posted on the bmw forum, you can decide what course to take. Since it appears that there is no point put on your license for a toll violation, you risk nothing by at least pleading not guilty and doing a TRIAL BY DECLARATION. (thru the mail). I did an article on it here: It's Your Right: How to Fight a Traffic Ticket in California Through The Mail ('Trial By Declaration')


    Laura, I should add, your best chances if the cop doesn't show up which is why it is imperative to drag it out as long as possible. just be sure NEVER TO MISS ANY COURT DATES!!

    IF THE COP does still show up, you will probably lose but you may explain to the judge about your tinting and that your car did have legal registration in the window as new cars always do. that there was no violation of the law there. you are still technically guilty, however, as the cvc outlines. but maybe he could lower the fine.

    In my experience when you drag it out so long with the several extensions and the TBD and then the TDN, the cop rarely will go through all that!

    There is nothing sadder than going to court and watch all these people babble their personal stories yadda yada yadda, and the judge convicts hundreds in a row- no matter what they say. That's his job, to fleece the people. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ That is why, babbling to a judge is not how one wins a traffic ticket. you must play by their minutia CVC rules, that's how you win.

    good luck and let me know what happens.

    Mon 8/3/2015 3:41 PM
    I got a couple of extensions pushed out through 8/12/15 so I'll keep you posted as to what ends up happening.

    Laura H.

    From: Laura H.
    Sent: Wed 9/2/2015 9:21 AM
    To: Martin

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for your advise. I went to night court yesterday and my ticket was dismissed. Just wanted to let you know what happened so you could share with others. There were about a half dozen of us with the same situation (no plates, no transponder). Judge asked if we have a toll road account (all of us answereed yes). He asked to see evidence of this which I had my statement showing my active account prior to ticket and continueing up to present. Because I had this evidence and had paid the toll I only had to pay the dissmissal fee of $25. Much better than the $238. Anyways, just wanted you to know. Thanks again for your advise.

    Kind regards,


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