Thanksgiving Day Coldest Day of The Year So Far: Stuck In An Ice Storm In Middle-Of-Nowhere Oklahoma
By Martin Hill
November 27, 2015



Imagine youre rolling down the road in a big rig, but youre not the driver- youre in the back, comfortable sleeping in your bed while your wife is driving. Then imagine she shouts your name, waking you up as the 80,000 lb. rig starts to drift uncontrollably on the black ice.

That's what happened to me last night on Highway 287 North, just outside of Texas.

We're now in a place called Boise City, Ohlahoma (Yeah thats Boise OK, not Idaho- i never even knew there was a Boise, OK.)

Black ice on the road. The national weather service has issued an ice storm alert for the entire northern part of Texas- also warnings across the southwest, in New Mexico, Arizona, and several other states.

What you do in those situations seems quite counter-intuitive, but it works. My wife is an excellent driver and has countered this exact situation many times, so I was completely confident in her abilities. What you do is "let go"- let go of the wheel, take your foot off the brakes, off the acccelerator, off the clutch,. the impulse to "grab to wheel" to gain control of your vehicle can easily spell disaster, a jacknife, or worse in these situations.

So the truck began to slow down by itself as it giuded itself, weaving helplessly on the ice down the road. It feels like your're 'floating.'

Finally, control was re-gained, although still precariously. There was no safe place to stop.

We weren't too far from 'Kit Carson, Colorado,' (they have a quaint museum there if you're ever passing through) but it seemed like a bad idea to try and continue. After all, we came upon a big rig in front of us who was going slow- very slow, less than 10 miles per hour.

The ice on the road got worse and it quickly turned into nothing but a big sheet of ice, not even black ice, but white- very few if any traction between our tires and the road.

There did just happen to be a truck stop over yonder off this little highway, thank goodness. But there was no phone dignal, no GPS signal, and no wireless internet signal coming from our hotspot. Back to the 1800s! (Well, they didn't have heaters.)

We followed the truck in front of us, who was obviously headed there too, to the truck stop. Turning left on the little street fro this highwy was very precarious because we had slowed down to the point that traction and leverage on the road got even worse. Sometimes on ice, even though going forward can be scary, stopping is even worse, the worse thing you can do.

As the truck in front of us turned left, his truck was weaving and losing control on the black ice- even though he was going probably less than 5MPH at this point.

He made it OK, and we did the same, going through a series of little streets following the landmark of the truck stop sign which was visible from very far away.

Thank God we made it safely to the Loves truck stop, and even found a spot- which is generally very unlikely in a snow or ice storm, especially the later in the day it gets.

Yeah, the load has to get to the west coast, but guess what? Priorities. our life is worth more than the load on time, so we're sitting it out until morning or until the ice clears good enough to drive again.

Thank goodness I had already stopped at a Walmart in Childress, TX Thursday afternoon to stock up on water and snacks. I don't even have to get out of the truck in the freezing weather!

Lots of truck drivers there, it's one of the rare Walmarts that actually offer truck parking. Very hospitable of them. Truckers would be carrying their wite oplastic walmart bags of garbage food back to their rigs. On thanksgiving no less! People should appreciate the job truckers across America do, to get all the stuff to the stores. It's not an easy job or an easy life for everyone. That is why there is a driver shortage, and the turnover rate in this industry is over 100%.

(For those 94 million Americans who are allegedly "out of work and can't find a job," this is an easy opt-in!)

This is the coldest day of the year I've experienced in 2015.

The coldest day I've ever experienced was in a place called rqwlins, Wyoming off I-80. It must've been 2010, and i had to fuel. i stopped at TA truck stop in Rawlins and it was so cold- so deathly cold.- I couldnt believe it. if i hadnt had a truck to jump back into, I feel I would've died of the cold, thats how cold it was, It was truly awful. While fueling you cant have the engine running, so no heater either. No usually you dont go insde the truck while fueling, but this time it was too cold to even stand outside. I'm from southern California so I dont go for that weather. I don't like it.

The second coldest place I've ever been was Santa Rosa New Mexico. This is off I-40 about an hour west of the iconic 'Tucumcari.' My co-driver at the time had engine trouble with the truck and had to stop. Thankfully we just happen to have a truck stop at that moment. It was a Loves, and we stoped right before the big rig died. it would not start back up. It was the middle of the night, and the tow truck couldnt arrive until the next morning.

Even though I had layers of clothes, long underwear, jacket, ski cap, etc, it was so freezing cold I couldnt bear it. This is the kind of weather people die in, and if you don't think that people die in the vehicles from cold winter weather, think again and do your research. It happens quite often.

So I went inside this Loves truck stop, they had a Carl's Jr./Green burrito restaurant inside. I sat there at a booth prior to even ordering anything, my teeth chattering and trying to get a grip , thank God for the heater which was blasting in the Carl's Jr. Man that experience was really something else.

So today, November 27, 2015, is the third coldest day I've ever expeirenced. Writing this from my colfy bed in the rig, stranded in a Texas Ice storm, under the covers, heater blasting.

Happy "global warming!"

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