Congressional Budget Office Unleashes Plot To Fleece America, Charge Drivers By The Mile While Giving Untold Billions To Israel)
By Martin Hill
February 24, 2016


The U.S. Congressional Budget Office released a lengthy report two weeks ago strongly suggesting that the 18.4 cents per gallon gasoline tax, which is supposedly spent on maintaining the roads and infrastructure, is not nearly enough anymore.

One "approach that the Congress could consider," according to the report, was to "Have the federal government- or allow states or private businesses to - charge drivers directly for their use of roads more often, including charging them more for using roads when traffic is more congested."

The report tries to explain why spending on infrastricture and roads would be good. No one is arguing otherwise, but they act as if convincing the public that spending is needed and accepting a charge-by-the-mile system is one and the same issue, which it is not. "Spending on highway infrastructure can also provide benefits to households... it may also shorten commuting times and improve the reliability of commutes, allowing households to devote more time to other activities, thereby inproving the quality of life," the report says.

I have been writing about the push for an increased fuel tax for years. In 2014, the CEO of Fedex, a pervert Skull & Bones Member, personally urged Obama in a business meeting to pass a 15-Cent-Per-Gallon Fuel Tax Hike. [That article was also featured on at the time.] In 2010, I explained how Republican Congressman Tom Petri advocates charging drivers by the mile to replace the 'obsolete' fuel tax . He is one rat to keep an eye on for sure. Last week we reported on Obama's proposed $10 a barrel oil tax, which oil companies say would increase the cost of each gallon of fuel by at least .25 cents.

On page 17 of the latest CBO report, the report actually states that new lanes lead to more driving, which is not good.

The report begins:

"Federal spending on highways (or, synonymously, roads) totaled $46 billion in 2014, roughly a quarter of total public spending on highways. About 95 percent of that amount was spent for the construction of highways or for their improvement, expansion, and major repair, and the remainder was spent for operation and maintenance. Recently, two factors have combined to highlight the importance of making each dollar spent on federal highway programs more productive economically. First, the federal government�s main source of funds for highways�gasoline tax revenues dedicated to the Highway Trust Fund�has been insufficient to pay for federal spending on highways. Since 2008, lawmakers have transferred about $143 billion from other sources to maintain a positive balance in the trust fund. Second, adjusted for changes in construction costs, total federal spending on highways buys less now than at any time since the early 1990s."

The report continues to explain why charging drivers by the mile is the best option:

Drivers Could Be Charged for Their Highway Use

Charging drivers specifically for using roads would increase economic output by allowing highly valued transportation to move more quickly and more reliably. Such pricing could take the form of per-mile charges (also known as vehicle-miles traveled, or VMT, charges), congestion charges, or tolls on Interstate highways. When faster travel and avoiding delays were a priority, drivers could opt to pay for the use of a less congested road, and when travel speed was less important, they could use a road with a lower fee or avoid paying a fee by using a road without one. Charges that varied by time of day or that differed by road would also affect economic activity by limiting congestion.

Besides affecting travel, such pricing would raise revenues, which could be used to make repairs, expand capacity, or substantially renovate the Interstate System or could be put to other purposes. It would also provide important information for spending decisions by showing how much drivers value the use of a road, helping to set priorities for future improvements. Over time, with more use of pricing, spending could shift from less productive to more productive uses of highways. Such shifts could boost economic growth�or they could allow spending to be reduced without affecting overall growth. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), widespread use of congestion pricing, for example, could reduce the amount of capital investment needed to meet a given set of goals for performance of the highway system by roughly 30 percent.

However, that approach would raise several concerns: Charging drivers to use roads could raise concerns about privacy, depending on the methods used. The approach could also place a proportionately greater burden on low-income households. Moreover, highway users could resent paying tolls if they believed that they had already paid for the roads through gasoline taxes over the years. And technological hurdles may exist: Although the costs of charging drivers are declining with improvements in technology, the costs remain higher than those for collecting revenues through the gasoline tax."

Why doesn't Congress stop giving billions of our tax dollars to our enemy Israel instead of plotting to charge us by the mile to drive on our own roads? Disgusting and treacherous.

You can continue reading this swill here, if you've got the stomach for it:

Approaches to Making Federal Highway Spending More Productive

The direct link to the 40-page PDF report is here:

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