David Icke Explains "The Cruellest Hoax, Israel's Fake History" David Icke Explains "The Cruellest Hoax, Israel's Fake History"
Dec. 4, 2016


In this very interesting 47-minute video, David Icke explains the history of Israel and all of the deceptions presented to the people.

A few Notes. I don't agree with everything Icke says on here, although I certainly agree with most of his points and certainly his basic premise that the current state of 'Israel' is an abominable hoax, fraud, and has nothing to do with the Israelites in the Bible. As a Catholic I believe that The Holy Bible, both Old and New Testaments, are indeed the inspired word of God. (That doesn't, by the way, mean that Catholics are required to take everything in the Bible literally.) But Jews are no longer God's chosen people,' [The church has said as much.] That prophesy was replaced with the birth, death and ressurection of our Savior Jesus Christ, whom the Jews rejected and still reject today.

See the following related articles; and if you want to hear some solid Catholic teaching from a Latin Mass right order of Catholic priests, visit AudioSancto.com , which is my favorite website.

You may be familiar with my work over the years. These short homilies and the religious doctrines and morals taught in them are what I listen to, learn from, and adhere to.

I'm the guy that told President Trump that JEWS wete cheering in New Jersey and that ISRAEL did 9/11, not Muslims. He stopped his speech to listen to me and then told his Secret Service that I am OK, and he responded to me by saying that I am "very committed" Trump guy who's on our side and has a lot of energy. That's what a politician says when a guy interrupts his speech and screams Israel did 9/11? That he's a very committed Trump guy??! LOL. I shit you not, he said that, it was on TV, the TV video is embedded below.

You see, I had spoken to Trump ten days prior, 1,000 miles away, about the undue influence of Israel on our government and asked him if he could put a stop to it. Trump knew exactly who I was and so did his Secret Service. That's why he said I was committed. Trump actually called his supporters maniacs at that very rally where I did that, 12/21/15 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There were 10,000 of them surrounding me. It was actually potentially dangerous what I did. But I was ready for a brawl if need be. I was actually praying before I did this. I take this stuff seriously. This is not a joke for me. The 9/11 hoax is a diabolical lie. Muslums didn't do it and they didn't cheer like Donald had been saying for two months straight. JEWS did it. I mean, I'm no Muslim but stop bearing false witness about them on this case. That was my point.

So anyway. The site AudioSancto.com will say they are closed but it has been diverged into three new sites with archives and new homilies posted regularly. Just click on any of those three links for a good dose of NON-modernist, traditional TRUTH.

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Front-Row Protester Disrupts Trump's Michigan Speech with "ISRAEL DID 9/11! FIVE JEWS ARRESTED ON 9/11 IN NEW JERSEY, NOT MUSLIMS." Donald Trump Responds To "ISRAEL DID 9/11" Protester With "He's A Trump Guy, He's very committed, Got a lot of energy, He's on our side" (!!!)

Trump's Response To "Israel Did 9/11" Front-Row Heckler Is Almost More Interesting Than The Heckle Itself TV News Footage Of Martin Hill Being Escorted Out By Secret Service While Trump Stops His Speech To Watch & Repeatedly Tells Them "Don't Hurt Him, Be Very Nice..."

HERE IS THE CLOSE-UP VERSION. GO TO MINUTE 20. Trump says that the "Israel Did 9/11' Protester is "A Trump Guy, He's On Our Side, He's Very Committed, he's Got a lot of energy."

Here is the wide-shot footage from the back of the room. If you watch starting at around minute 20, That's when I interrupt him, and he responds to me. Then a few minutes later, he stops his speech again to watch the Secret Service take me out, and he is referring to me when he says: [21:18] Oh! Don't hurt him. Don't hurt him. Be very nice. Be very nice. Yep. Be nice to him. Don't hurt him. See how nice I'm being? I'm only doing it for them, you know that (points to the media) Don't hurt him! (21:34) Tell me, ... I love you too, maam.. Look. Is there more fun than a Trump rally? (21:48) Is there more fun?


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