Lessons To Be Learned From The Tragic Shooting Death Of Oregon Protester LaVoy Finicum
By Martin Hill
January 29, 2016



The story involving the protesters at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon is certainly not representative of the average American citizen's interactions with law enforcement. The people there in Oregon were very committed, informed and aware of the many problems facing America. They took a stand to oppose the tyranny they saw.

However, whether we're talking about the average American or libertarian/ Constitutional hard-liners who are completely fed up and drawn their line in the sand, there are certain things you have to do to protect yourself when dealing with police, if you want to live.

The full video of the shooting of rancher Lavoy Finicum in Oregon roadside has been released by the FBI. Although it is reportedly the Oregon State Police who shot him, not the feds. Smart move on the feds part.

There are two versions of the video below. An edited 8:04-minute version, and a longer 26:28 minute version. To cut to the chase, in the first 8-minute version below, you can skip forward to minute 6 to get to the bottom line.

At 5:51 Finicum pulls his truck onto the snowbank to avoid the roadblock, and it appears that some dumb cop actually jumps in front of his vehicle. I've watched it several times and it looks like the one cop nearly gets hit, or gets hit, I am not certain if the vehicle actually hit him.

At 5:56 Finicum gets out of his vehicle he puts his arms up, at his sides, 90 degree angle as if his arms are airplane wings.

He then puts his arms down several times, and looks like he is reaching into his jacket.

At 6:10 he is shot dead.

However, before he is shot, Finicum appears to be reaching several times with his right arm/hand into the inside of his jacket.

If that were an intruder into our homes, we'd be justified in taking him out. Especially if he ran into a cop with his car. Unfortunately these were very crazy and foolish actions for this guy to take.

Yes, perhaps the cops could have handled it non lethally, however, sorry to say that Finicum brought his death on by himself. I'm far from a cop lover, but based on what I've seen here, if the cop were tried for murder I would probably actually acquit him.

Some people have noted that they did not see Finicum reaching for a weapon and many folks have decried this as a completely unprovoked assassination.

At any rate, whether he had a weapon on him or not, I believe by all accounts that LaVoy Finicum was a very good and decent, God-fearing man with the best of intentions. He was passionate in his beliefs. He even posted a beautiful video of his family singing 'Amazing Grace' a mere hours before his death.

However, whether you have a donut, a pocket full of daisies or an AK47 under your jacket, if you reach in to your jacket during a confrontation with amped up Israeli-trained cops guess what? You'll SURELY be dead as dirt within seconds. Do you want that? I don't think so.

Only a suicidal maniac or an irrational looney tunes would act like that in such a situation, sorry.

In retrospect all the other Oregon occupiers who were in the vehicle with Lavoy Finicum are actually very fortunate that the state police didn't open fire on the vehicle as it approached speeding towards the roadblock.

They all could have been killed. I'm not saying that such an action would have been justified, but it could have VERY easily occurred.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it, and guess what? I've had MANY, many contentious interactions with evil pig cops, and I'm still alive. And it is going to stay that way. Before anyone accuses me of being a police-state apologist or cop bootlicker, let me set it straight for you. I've filed many official local, state and federal complaints against law enforcement officers for misconduct. I've been in internal affairs police investigation interviews, and even posted one of them on youtube almost a decade ago, where the investigator admits that I am right. I've had a state police agency who employed two rogue cops admit wrongdoing in writing for what they did to me, and they officially punished the cops who I complained about, and forced the cops to undergo official retraining for what they did to me. I know what I am talking about. I forced two rogue Texas Troopers and the Texas Department of Public Safety to officially admit in a federal lawsuit that The Passenger of a Vehicle Is Under No Obligation To Comply With Request For ID". I've had federal law enforcement agents literally run away from me at checkpoints. [Also on LewRockwell.com.] Here is yet another one where I put these bad, thug cops in their place. [Also featured on PrisonPlanet.com.]

I have always been a big advocate of filming all interactions with police and fighting traffic (revenue) tickets, and fighting red light camera tickets. My filming cop page has been featured by members of U.S. Congress. I have beaten MANY traffic revenue tickets, including one in the California Superior Court of Appeals, without a lawyer. [Also featured at at LewRockwell.com.] I've had police departments in Southern California quickly change their official policy after I exposed their legal misdeeds. [See Police remove phony legal threat from their red-light camera website after being exposed by LibertyFight.]

People must understand that you have to be VERY, VERY CAREFUL in these type situations. Risk of death is imminent EVERY TIME you have any interaction with a cop, IN ANY SITUATION. Got it? Anyone who isn't fully aware of this is naive and is putting themselves in grave jeopardy.

As libertarian Robert Wenzel points out in his article Lessons From the Oregon Standoff Arrests and Killing; Snipers in the Trees, "1. The government will always escalate. 2. Direct confrontations with the government are almost always a bad idea."

I get tired of these anti-cop types always bashing the cops even when they clearly don't deserve it. Their judgment and completely irrational bias is screwed in the head and inherently disordered. They do not have a properly informed conscience.

Here is one ridiculous typical example from 2015.:

Nancy Genovese of New York, who was illegally arrested and abused by police after taking photos on a public street outside of a military base, lived to tell the tale and later filed a civil rights lawsuit against them. She later won $1.2 million dollars. At the time of her arrest, Nancy actually credited a youtube video with teaching her how to properly and safely interact with police in these type situations.

On June 23, 2009, Nancy posted about an incident titled "Officer screams in my face, "There is no more Constitution!!"

She wrote, in part, "To all active military and law enforcement (warning). I wish all of you would add this video to your profile and/or blog. I just did. Re post this video. Thanks for reading... I have to admit, if it were not for this video, posted on youtube.com, 2 years ago, I would have done anything this police officer demanded. He threatened me with jail, and more. But I viewed this video a few weeks ago; someone sent it out in a bulletin. I recommend all of you to take the 45 minutes to view it. I have shown it to my three teens and some of their friends. It's not boring and the kids' sat through the entire thing. As I was being threatened by the police officer, I remembered this video and what my rights were and I used them."

See the following for a recap of Nancy Genovese success story:

Here is the video that Nancy was referring to. Everyone should watch it:

Here is the 8:04 version:

Here is the 26:28 version


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