G. Edward Griffin Warns Against Oregon Standoff: "If continued on this course, a bloodbath is assured."
Respected Icon Explains The Important Differences Between Oregon and Nevada Standoffs
By Martin Hill
January 8, 2016



G. Edward Griffin, the author of the Creature From Jekyll Island, offers some analysis and criticism of the Oregon standoff, exaplaining that it is distinctly different from the situation in Nevada with the Bundys a few years ago.

He writes:

1. In Nevada, the feds had initiated physical action against property (they were taking Bundy's cattle) and Bundy was responding in defense mode. In Oregon, the Hammonds objected to their prison sentence but were not resisting. They even turned themselves in voluntarily. The protestors (not the Hammonds) were the ones who initiated physical force by breaking into the wildlife facility and occupying the property. Declaring that they were doing so in the name of the people is the same argument used by collectivist governments when they seize property.

2. In Nevada, there was substantial support and friendly sentiment from local residents. In Oregon, local residents appear to be hostile to the protestors, who they view as outsiders messing up their community.

3. In Nevada, the goal of the resistance (leave Bundy's cattle alone) was specific and limited. It was possible to achieve without all-out war, and it allowed the federal government to save face without escalating to bloodshed. In Oregon, the goal of the resistance is to occupy the federal facility indefinitely and use it as a base to build military-style opposition to the federal government. This leaves no possible resolution other than a test of military strength. If continued on this course, a bloodbath is assured.

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NOTE: I remember when Ron Paul was campaigning for president in 2007, I went to see him in Southern California and G. Edward Griffin was there. I got a chance o speak to him on camera and asked Griffin what he thought of the Ed & Elaine Brown situation. At that time they were holed up on their property in a standoff with federal law enforcement. Griffin replied with a resoundingly positive "I salute them."

So this shows the distinction in the libertarian non-aggression principle. There is no problem defending your own land and property. Oregon is a bit different, as Griffin explains. See our recent articles on the Browns and related issues here:


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