Harvey Levin (WAY Before TMZ) Stuck In 1992 Los Angeles Rodney King Riots: "It Looks Like Something Out Of Desert Storm - I'm Scared!" Harvey Levin (WAY Before TMZ) Stuck In 1992 Los Angeles Rodney King Riots: "It Looks Like Something Out Of Desert Storm - I'm Scared!"
By Martin Hill
Dec. 10, 2016


In researching President-elect Trump's pick for DHS Chief, General John F. Kelly, I learned that he led a squadron of U.S. Marines in Los Angeles during the 1992 Rodney King riots.

Of course most 'aware' people don't like the idea of "troops in the streets" and military used as domestic law enforcement. They might immediately use this fact to demonize General Kelly and post sensational headlines such as Trump's DHS Chief Ran Gitmo, Led Troops On U.S. Streets!!

While both of those facts are 100% true, and I don't agree with either troops on streets or the existence of Gitmo, or even the existence of the abominable 'Dept. of Homeland Security' Agency in tbe first place, Kelly seems like a sincere and genuine man. I like him.

I never dreamed that I'd say that I like the head of DHS. But I've done some research on this guy. He actually wants to protect the country. He has said thing such as "In my experience the further you get away from Washington the better things work."

Kelly himself served three tours in Iraq and says "I was kinda tired of the war...This war stuff is hard." He adds "There's a lot of things that have happened in the 'war on terror' or whatever we're calling it today," allowing a not-so-subtle cynicism to slip through.

Kelly is the highest ranking military man to have lost a child.in combat. Kelly's youngest son Robert was killed in Afghanistan in 2010. [See DHS Chief "TIRED OF THE WAR".]

Kelly is also not politically correct. In official testimony before Congress, he refers to "illegal aliens" and says they present an 'existential threat' to the country. This guy is not a neocon.

Anyway- while searching for footage of General Kelly commanding troops on U.S. streets, I couldn't find any, but found some very interesting footage of the riots that is very captivating to watch. One of the clips is of a young Harvey Levin, who worked as a street reporter for CBS-2 at the time. With fires erupting around him and troops driving by with rifles drawn, it looks like something out of one of my favorite movies of all time, 1984's RED DAWN.

Here is that clip oh Harvey Levin. It is a compilation, his CBS News live segment starts at around 1:02 (one minute, two seconds.) If anyone finds any riot footage or interviews with Gen. John F. Kelly, please send it to me , thanks.

The story of my experince in the Rodney King riots is beliow the video.

An interesting side note: Most people do not realize that when actor Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI maby years ago in Malibu, the Jewish police officer who recorded Mel's rants against "Jew-started wars" gave the tape to Levin, also a Jew, who leaked it. This was later admitted in legal proceedings which forced Levin, who later 'came out of the closet' as an open homosexual, to become involved.

Levin interviewed Donald Trump at his mansion last week.

Here are some more clips in the series. They are all worth watching.

I actually have a very interesting story of the L.A. riots. I lived in Orange County at the time, but was in L.A. County visiting my family when the riots began. We saw the evil thugs nearly kill truck driver Reginald Denny on live TV, literally bashing his brain in. It was horrific.

So one of my sisters lived in Avalon, on Catalina Island at the time, and she had scheduled a visit for that day. She was coming over on the boat to San Pedro, and I had to pick her up. San Pedro is not a good neighborhood. It is very close to the infamous Compton. In neighboring Long Beach, (which is actually where Gen. Kelly and his troops are reported to have been deployed,) two white guys on a motorcycle were pulled off their bike and shot by rioters, simply for the crime of being white. One died and the other survived. So I had to drive through these riots to get to the boat to pick up my white, blonde-haired sister.

I tried to call her all morning to tell her not to come, but all the phone lines were actually down. I could not get through. I didn't know if she had seen the news of what was happening.

As I left my folks house to go pick up my sister, my mom, dad, my other sister and ber boyfriend all stood in the driveway wishing me a safe bon voyage into the insane jungle of Los Angeles.

Let me tell you, everyone I know was "prepared" in their vehicles that day and for months afterwards. I assured my family that I was not gonna be a Reginald Denny. (Poor guy lived but had severe injuries and permanent brain damage as a result.) Excuse my French but fuck that. I told my family I would run the $#รท=ers down if they tried that insane murderous shit with me. No way. Where I come from we don't go for that. We have a God-given right and even a responsibility to protect our life, family and property.

Did you know that nearly 100 people died that day in the riots?

The L.A. Times reports that at least 63 people, maybe more, were killed that day, April 30, 1992. Ten of those were shot aad killed by police, so they don't count in the 'riot victim' category.

Terrible situation. I was not going to be one of their victims, and neither was anyone else I knew. Everyone was on extremely high alert for some weeks afterwards.

When I got to the San Pedro boat terminal, I pulled up as close to the door as I could and ran inside to look around. My sister was nowhere. I couldn't find her. So finally, I left. It turned out that she had indeed seen the news of the riots and decided not to come, but was not able to reach us by phone until later. All was well.

Later that night, I was going to a Del Taco (still my favorite fast-food place) drive through in Orange County and directly in front of me were two cars. The first one directly in front of me had both black abd white guys in it. The car in front of them had a young white guy driver, his white girlfriend in the front passenger seat, and a white male passenger in the back. So this black guy goes up to the drivers window while he is waiting for his food and cold-cocked him in the face. It was brutal. The girlfriend screamed in horror. These guys were just looking for trouble, trying to have some fun by hurting innocent people. It made me angry.

The victims asked the cashier to call the police, which they did. So the assailants were trapped in the drive-thru lane, with their indignant bloody victim in front of them, refusing to move his car, and me parked behind them.

It was some time before the police arrived. Remember, this was Orange County, not L.A., so there was not riots or chaos in the streets like you see in the videos. The assailants took a look at me as I waited for everyone to move. I looked back at them and hoped for their sake that they didn't dare try shit with me. It would not have gone well for them as I explained earlier' I was prepared. Thankfully, they did not do or say anything to me. The cops came and I asked the bloody victim if he needed a witness, he said thank you. They arrested the thugs. I got my tacos and fries, and went home.

Were you in the L.A. riots?? If so please tell your story below, at the very bottom of this page. You don't have to log in, you can post as a guest.

Meanwhile Here are four other captivating L.A. riots videos They are all short compilations, about 5 minutes each, except for the last one, which is two hours long.

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