NFL Denver Broncos Superbowl Star Is Nephew of Slain Idaho Rancher Jack Yantis
By Martin Hill
February 15, 2016


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Having covered the Jack Yantis case extesively, I found it very interesting to have only recently learned that an NFL superstar and recent Superbowl champ is Jack Yantis nephew. (you can find the Jack Yantis Case Archives here.)

Matt Paradis, who plays for the Denver Broncos, (number 61) is the son of Mike and Janet Paradis, from Council Idaho. He is pictured here next to quarterback Peyton Manning at Superbowl 50.

There is a striking resemblance between the brawny, red-haired bearded Matt Pradis and his aunt Donna Paradis, Jack Yantis' widow who was present when Jack was murdered on the roadside November 1, 2015. Also present that night was Rowdy Paradis, who witnessed Sheriffs Brian Wood and Cody Roland kill his 62-year-old uncle Jack as he attempted to euthanize a bull who had been hit by a car. It's important to remember that the Sheriff dispatcher herself called out Jack to request he take care of the bull. Jack had been peacefully eating dinner that Sunday night with his wife Donna and nephew Rowdy Paradis.

UPDATE: FOX News Channel in New York has read this article, the ISP log screen shot of their visit is below.

Peyton Manning as a freshman for the Vols in '94. His starting center today wasn't ever 5 y/o at that point in time.

— Jay Tust (@KTVBSportsGuy) January 24, 2016

Matt's father Mike Paradis, a Republican, is one of three Adams County Commissioners.

On social media, Rowdy Paradis wrote that his uncle was "Murdered in cold blood by trigger happy rookies.. I hope they get the death penalty". Just yesterday, Rowdy Paradis posted's article on Facebook exposing allegedly 'pro-gun' Sheriff Ryan Zollman's involvement with gun seizures.

In a heartbreaking video statement after his death, Jack Yantis daughter Sarah said "My Dad Was Brutally Gunned Down & Murdered By The Deputies, Left For Dead Like Common Roadkilll".

Donna Yantis, who had a heart attack immediately upon seeing Wood and Roland kill her husband, said in an exclusive TV interview that "It Was MURDER! They're not here to protect us. They're not here to serve us. It's wrong." broke the story naming Jack Yantis' killers November 30th, a month after the Sheriff and corporate media refused to do so. The story quickly went super-viral, forcing Adams County, Idaho Sheriff Ryan Zollman to have a press conference at 6pm, 14 hours after our story broke, officially acknowledging that Wood and Roland were indeed the killers. This was dubbed "a victory for the independent media!" by Mike Rivero of, which was the first major outlet to run's story.

There have been plenty of news stories and sports features about Matt Paradis, not one of which has ever mentioned the Jack Yantis case.

There has been only one mention of the case by the NFL center on social media, and that was a re-tweet he posted several months back, which vaguely referred to "the tragedy in council."

@mparadis48 @two_dice prayers to you and yours for the tragedy in council. @kkj584n

— Super Bowl Champs (@BoiseLeState) November 9, 2015

The Idaho Statesman reported: Matt Paradis: From Council to Boise State to Super Bowl:

"Denver center Matt Paradis (61) has been on the field for every one of the Broncos' 1,190 offensive snaps this season. Now he's headed to his first Super Bowl. 'It's been a long travel. Eight-man football in Idaho to walk on D-tackle ... and now I'm here. I'm very blessed,' he said. His star quarterback, Peyton Manning, compared Paradis favorably to two-time All-Pro Jeff Saturday, Manning's longtime center in Indianapolis. 'Matt is off to a great start in his career,' Manning told the Denver Post. 'Matt is a tough guy. He is a guy you like having in front of you. You know he is going to fight for you.'

Another feature from Mile High Report: Hard work, playing tough comes naturally to Matt Paradis

"Growing up on a ranch means you are contributing to the family's work at a young age and working hard to do it. So blocking 300-pound defensive linemen for 65 snaps a game isn't really anything new for Matt Paradis. A practice squad player last year, Paradis won the starting job over veteran center (but Bronco newcomer) Gino Gradkowski in Training Camp.

This did not surprise the elder Paradis who has been watching his son find success from hard work since he was a kid working on the ranch. In the Paradis household, as soon as you're big enough to pick up hay, you're big enough to contribute. "He always gave 110 percent," Mike says of their youngest of four. "He always got it done to the best of his ability."

Both Paradis and his father credit Matt's football success to the work ethic his parents instilled in all the kids at a young age. "It's just a way of life here. Everybody is expected to help out," Mike said, explaining the three boys had to stack hay by age 12. Matt even drove the tractor at age four ("just a few miles per hour."). They got paid for the work and had to save 90 percent for college. The remaining 10 percent was theirs to spend. "And they had to a good job or they had to do it again. I think it instilled a good work ethic in them."

...The entire Paradis clan - wife Janice, kids John, Ben and Liz plus a host of other relatives - will descend on Levi's Stadium this afternoon all donning their No. 61 jerseys proudly."

Ironically, the Adams County Sheriffs Office Facebook page posted a message to Matt Paradis on February 8th, writing "Congratulations Matt Paradis for showing everyone what can be achieved when you work hard. You are a true sportsman and you inspire all around you." [LINK.]

Matt Paradis twitter account is here:
His instagram is here:

Here are some recent posts:

Matt Paradis at the Super Bowl parade going on right now in Denver.

— Jay Tust (@KTVBSportsGuy) February 9, 2016

WORLD CHAMPS!!! @ Levi's Stadium

— Matt Paradis (@two_dice) February 8, 2016

Proud to support my brother and all current and former military personnel.

— Matt Paradis (@two_dice) November 13, 2015

Mike Paradis twitter is here

NFL agent Brian McLaughlin notes that Matt Paradis' brother is in the military:

.@two_dice's brother is in the military

— Brian McLaughlin (@brian_symmetry) November 12, 2015

Here is the ISP log of FOX News Channel's visit to this article today.

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