Anti Militia Group Started By Sons of Clinton-Appointed Federal Judge
Two Brothers Opposing Oregon Militia Have Long Family History Seeped in Far-Left Politics, Democratic Operatives
By Martin Hill
January 18, 2016



The two brothers spearheading a campaign against the Oregon militia and occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge are two extreme left-wing statists who, not surprisingly, have a long history of being tied up with and working for the government in various capacities. In addition, both of their parents have a long history of being political operatives for the Democratic party.

Zachary and Jake Klonoski, both attorneys, are brothers who are in the news this week and have started a campaign to oppose the occupiers. They launched, "Getting Occupiers of the Historic Oregon Malheur Evicted - G.O.H.O.M.E."

Their Mission Statement states

"On January 2, 2016, a few heavily-armed trespassers from outside Oregon took control of the empty headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a public treasure on the Pacific flyway protected by Teddy Roosevelt since 1908. Their standoff with county and federal authorities shows no signs of ending. Inspired by the residents of Wunsiedel, Germany, this Oregonian-made website collects and combines per day pledges that will fund the most appropriate groups to combat the ignorance and hate of the Malheur NWR occupiers. For each day the unlawful occupation continues, the pledged funding for these groups will increase. It is our hope that the nonnative occupiers will see the futility of their wrongful takeover and peacefully go home! #GOHOMEMALHEUR"

The brothers urge their readers to "Please make a per day pledge today and help transform the illegal occupation of the Malheur NWR into an Occupy-a-thon to Improve the Malheur region and Strengthen the Nation! #GOHOMEMALHEUR #OCCUPYATHON."

Their deceased father, Dr. Jim Klonoski, had a PhD in Political Science and was a professor at the University of Oregon for over four decades. He also served as the Chairman of the Lane County, Oregon Democratic Party from 1970 to 1974 and the Oregon Democratic Party from 1974 to 1980. Jim Klonoski died on January 30, 2009, in Springfield, Oregon, at the age of 83. The Oregon legislature, in an official resolution, expressed their appreciation for his "outstanding service, for his devotion to his community and for his contributions to Oregon." They also noted that he "believed in the power of an informed and active citizenry to remake society and that politics properly understood excites us because of its lasting impact on the lives of people, nations and the world."

Jim Klonoski was married to his wife Ann Aiken for thirty years, and they had eight children: Kevin, Tom, Katharine, Jake, Nick, Zach, Sam and Chris.

Their mother is U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken, a Bill Clinton appointee. Wikipedia notes "Aiken was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on January 28, 1998, receiving her commission on February 4, 1998. On February 1, 2009, she became chief judge of the court, the first woman to hold that position on the Oregon court."

Their brother Nick Klonoski killed himself in 2010 with a suicide kit, a tragic story which was featured here.

Jake Klonoski found his brother Nick's body, and Zach later testified at a legislative hearing to outlaw the sale of the suicide kits, which Nick had bought on the internet for $60 and invovled the use of a helium tank.

Zachary Klonoski, the younger brother, appears to be the whackier of the two and is defintely a far-left winger, fixated on the grave dangers of 'climate change,' "America's gun epidemic,' and shilling for open borders.

Jake Klonoski's bio at states "Jake Klonoski is from Eugene and has been a U.S. Navy submarine officer since 2002, serving in Italy, Bahrain, Japan, Kosovo, Afghanistan and plenty of time at sea. He left active duty in 2010 and was mobilized after graduating Stanford Law School in June 2013 for service in Kabul assisting in economic development and stability operations."

In an article titled twelve years after, Klonoski recounted his experiences on September 11, 2013 in Afghanistan where he was completely freaked when he heard sounds from by a celebration at a soccer match, which he imagined was a terrorist attack. While there, Jake would worry about "a motorbike speeding through traffic, a sideways glance and a hand in a pocket."

In a March 13, 2014 article titled 'A Break from War', Klonoski recounts a trip to Disneyland he took with his wife and baby daughter.

"In Anaheim, discounted park passes, a complimentary room upgrade and recurrent thanks for serving underlined the different attitude in the U.S. today, even after a decade of war. Though it is a wonderful experience... Attitudes are changing, but not resources for vets."

He continues to demand that the public should pay more taxes and be financially burndened by these needless wars of conqest in the middle east.:

"At the same time, balancing the budget largely on the backs of those who have carried the nation through a decade of war seems unjust, just as reneging on promises made during years of faithful service seems distasteful, even as that has become normal in other economic sectors. The conflict in Afghanistan is remarkable for many reasons, among them the fact that the nation has never been directly asked to pay for the conflict or its effects. Not once have taxes been raised for this war; instead, they have fallen by trillions, despite public votes in Oregon, California and elsewhere demonstrating a civic willingness to reconsider financial obligations."

Klonoski continues by admitting he loves the cheers and praise for his 'service':

"This type of behavior seems unsustainable. Arriving home for R&R it was painful to realize that many of the same passengers offering applause while I disembarked the plane have elected leaders who are so unwilling to ask for shared sacrifice that the daycare center on my wife�s base began closing to many military families on Fridays because of funding shortfalls. From Kabul, friends scrambled to find child care for children back home."

Klonoski attended Stanford Law school. You can find more of his articles by clicking this search.

The Eugene Weekly, for whom Klonoski wrote, lamented the fact that Klonoski's columns got little to no attention in a Facebook post on May 23, 2014

"We're surprised we haven't gotten more comments on Jake Klonoski's "Dispatches from Afghanistan" column we've run in recent months. Jake offers a nuanced view of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan. Now he's back and his wife, also serving in uniform, is writing about families left behind when service members are deployed."

Klonoski's wife, Katie Potter, wrote an article titled A Necessary Strength - Kindness and support are critical for military families on May 22, 2014. Potter recalls the intense fear and sadness I experienced when Jake first deployed," the "physical and mental wounds from the last thirteen years of war and conflicts past," and that "they serve because they love their country and its freedoms and they want to give back."

She does not explain how invading and occuping a Muslim nation on the other side of the world gives us our freedoms or protects anyone, much less what Afghanistan had to do with the CIA/Mossad false flag of 9/11/2001.

She is, not surprisingly, also a government worker. (Is there ANYONE in this family who doesn't work for the government? I haven't found one yet.) Her bio at EugeneWeekly states "Katie Potter is the chief of Military Justice at Los Angeles Air Force Base where she also provides legal assistance to military members, their families and retirees. She was one of the first special victim�s counsel for the Air Force's pilot program addressing sexual assault that has since been expanded throughout the Department of Defense."

In an article titled The Loya Jirga in 2013, Klonoski once again invokes 9/11 and stresses how ungrateful the American people are. This guy is really a piece of work.

"September 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) legally permits the American effort in Afghanistan. It passed with only one dissenting vote while the wreckage of the World Trade Center burned. The authorization has so far empowered two presidents over four terms to continue the fight here. Shortly after the AUMF passed, President Bush asked the American people for �your continued participation and confidence in the American economy� and to �get down to Disney World in Florida. Take your families and enjoy life, the way we want it to be enjoyed� as a response to 9/11."

He continues the melodranatic lament "In the years since, little else has been asked of Americans generally and much has been piled on the shoulders of a few, to the frustration of many" and how "we preach democratic governance to the world."

One reader even wrote to the paper with a scathing rebuke of Jake Klonoski's propaganda:

Sean Doyle of Corvallis wrote

"when has the invasion of Afghanistan become past tense? Jake Klonoski is the $4-trillion dollar man, and worth every drone strike for his efforts as a hack apologist for the militarist, multi-national corporatocracy he (Exxon) �Mobil�-ized for. Under the (dis)guise(s) of �economic development� and bringing �stability,� he writes this piece of garbage propaganda posing as virtue. I wonder if Klonoski has read Malalai Joya�s book, A Woman Among Warlords? If not, he might have a better understanding as to the enmity his presence creates, and answer why we fund all sides of the violence: the Taliban, the warlords, Karzai, opium dealers, etc. � and destruction of that country and its culture...There, Klonoski, I hope you�re satisfied. You�ve been a successful soldier, spending all our money to create chaos, death and destruction. There�s your virtue. Now get the fuck out of Afghanistan and leave those poorest people in the world alone!"

According to numerous social media postings, Jake's younger brother, Zachary Klonoski works as the 'Assistant to Portland Mayor Charlie Hales at City of Portland.' He posts consistently about the dangers of 'climate change,' calls 'for an end to America's gun epidemic,' supports automatic voter-registration at the DMV, and much more.

His facebook page notes he's the 'Special Assistant to the Mayor at Portland Mayor Charlie Hales' Office, Lives in Portland, Oregon, From Eugene, Oregon.

His Linkedin profile notes his Previous as 'Future PAC, Oregon House Majority Leader Val Hoyle, Oregon Judicial Department.' His education was at the University of Oregon School of Law.

He links to Obama's State of the union address; is desperately concerned with "climate change"; is impressed with politicians; and wants to take "climate action". He preaches for the need of ""climate justice" and re-tweeted climate change is getting worse and that unless we act "we are at the limits of suicide."

He applauds the invasion of our nation with Syrian refugees: "We applaud @MayorPDX as he warmly welcomes #SyrianRefugees to Portland, Oregon, home of our headquarters."

His twitter account speaks for itself, here are some of the gems.

Over $13,000 pledged and over 330 contributors in 10 hours! Well done #Oregon! Let's turn the occupation against itself! #gohomemalheur

— Zach Klonoski (@z_klonosk) January 18, 2016

#YallQaeda in a nutshell

— Matt Osborne (@OsborneInk) January 4, 2016

A front-page editorial in Saturday's Times calls for an end to America's gun epidemic:

— NYT Opinion (@nytopinion) December 5, 2015

We applaud @MayorPDX as he warmly welcomes #SyrianRefugees to Portland, Oregon, home of our headquarters.

— Mercy Corps (@mercycorps) November 19, 2015

Mayor Hales on #Syrian #refugees coming to #Oregon: Welcoming #NewPortlanders the #PortlandWay

— Charlie Hales (@MayorPDX) November 18, 2015

I love it when California follows our lead! Bravo! to @KateBrownOregon @Govjerrybrown @mayoredlee @ericgarcetti

— Charlie Hales (@MayorPDX) October 12, 2015

Posted by Zachary Klonoski on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Posted by Zachary Klonoski on Saturday, August 1, 2015

Zach Klonoski is scheduled to get married to his fiance Lyndy Davis in June 2016 in Mexico.

The details and bigraphical sketches of his family members is here.

The pages notes "Zach's oldest brother. Jake is married to the wonderful Katie Potter. They have two kids: Madeleine (Maddy) and Jack. Maddy will be the flower girl at the wedding. Interesting Fact: While attending Georgetown University, Jake sat in line for two days and was one of the few dozen members of the public to sit in on the Bush v. Gore US Supreme Court Case in 2000."


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