U.S. Dept. Of Defense Googling "Trump Protester Hit By Car" U.S. Dept. Of Defense Googling "Trump Protester Hit By Car"
Nov. 17, 2016


Occasionally I will post visitors to my site, particularly If they are a government agency, corporation, university, etc. of interest. This is going to be a very interesting four years. This is what our government and defense department is spending resources on. Drain the swamp!

This is the D.o.D visiting from Texas.

Article is here: Trump Protester Hit by car survives with only broken leg

You can see more articles below where we have publisted visits of interest.

Here is another one from today, the Dept. Of Defense Info Center in Arlington, Virginia. There are many more but you get the idea.

As I've posted many times before, I use the great site statcounter.com to monitor and gauge traffic to my website. I have shared visitors many times before,. I don't make my stats public like some sites do, but only share them when it is an item of particular interest, usually a government agency or corrupt corporation (such as the banksters who fleece the tax payers through bailouts. You can see some examples here:

If you want to see how statcounter.com works and to see your ISP log visit to my site, just follow these instructions. As I explained here:

"It's particularly amusing that whenever I write about a topic, one or another government agency seem to come snooping around, whether it be a local, city, county, state, federal, or international group. Just recently for example, I have had the official ISPs of the International Criminal Court, the Council of the European Union, and the United Nations visit. Police Departments regularly visit, as does the Dept. Of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Defense. One of these times I will compile a list of all this (it's quite extensive) but in the meanwhile I have made the stats for one page public, so that you can see for yourself and understand how statcounter.com works. If you click this page, you can click the 'View My Stats' link to see who has visited the page, including yourself. If you are an individual, you will probably only see your city, ISP number, and provider. If a corporation visits, they will most likely be listed under their corporate name. Government entities will be listed as their official agency name, city, etc. I should also add that I am extremely happy with the free StatCounter.com service, have used it for years, and highly recommend it. Statcounter.com also provides a Demo Page for readers.


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Front-Row Protester Disrupts Trump's Michigan Speech with "ISRAEL DID 9/11! FIVE JEWS ARRESTED ON 9/11 IN NEW JERSEY, NOT MUSLIMS." Donald Trump Responds To "ISRAEL DID 9/11" Protester With "He's A Trump Guy, He's very committed, Got a lot of energy, He's on our side" (!!!)

Trump's Response To "Israel Did 9/11" Front-Row Heckler Is Almost More Interesting Than The Heckle Itself TV News Footage Of Martin Hill Being Escorted Out By Secret Service While Trump Stops His Speech To Watch & Repeatedly Tells Them "Don't Hurt Him, Be Very Nice..."

HERE IS THE CLOSE-UP VERSION. GO TO MINUTE 20. Trump says that the "Israel Did 9/11' Protester is "A Trump Guy, He's On Our Side, He's Very Committed, he's Got a lot of energy."

Here is the wide-shot footage from the back of the room. If you watch starting at around minute 20, That's when I interrupt him, and he responds to me. Then a few minutes later, he stops his speech again to watch the Secret Service take me out, and he is referring to me when he says: [21:18] Oh! Don't hurt him. Don't hurt him. Be very nice. Be very nice. Yep. Be nice to him. Don't hurt him. See how nice I'm being? I'm only doing it for them, you know that (points to the media) Don't hurt him! (21:34) Tell me, ... I love you too, maam.. Look. Is there more fun than a Trump rally? (21:48) Is there more fun?


Martin Hill is a Catholic paleoconservative and civil rights advocate. His work has been featured in the Los Angeles Daily News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, The Orange County Register, KNBC4 TV Los Angeles, The Press Enterprise, LewRockwell.com, WhatReallyHappened.com, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, Economic Policy Journal, TargetLiberty.com, FreedomsPhoenix, Haaretz, TMZ, Veterans Today, Jonathan Turley blog, The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show, National Motorists Association, AmericanFreePress.net, RomanCatholicReport.com, WorldNetDaily, HenryMakow.com, OverdriveOnline.com, Educate-Yourself.org, TexeMarrs.com, Dr. Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad radio show, Strike-The-Root.com, Pasadena Weekly, ActivistPost.com, Los Angeles Catholic Lay Mission Newspaper, KFI AM 640, IamtheWitness.com, Redlands Daily Facts, SaveTheMales.ca, BlackBoxVoting, The Michael Badnarik Show, The Wayne Madsen Report, Devvy.com, Rense.com, FromTheTrenchesWorldReport.com, BeforeItsNews.com, The Contra Costa Times, Pasadena Star News, Silicon Valley Mercury News, Long Beach Press Telegram, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, L.A. Harbor Daily Breeze, CopBlock.org, DavidIcke.com, Whittier Daily News, KCLA FM Hollywood, The Fullerton Observer, Antiwar.com, From The Trenches World Report, and many others. Archives can be found at LibertyFight.com and DontWakeMeUp.Org.

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