Sheriff's Dept. Who Killed Jack Yantis Responds To Theft of 'Justice For Jack' Sign With Dismissal, Skepticism
By Martin Hill
May 3, 2016


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Last month, a giant 'Justice for Jack Yantis' sign was stoken from the Yantis family property, As we reported at the time, 'Justice For Jack' Sign Stolen From Yantis Family's Ranch, Sheriff Re-Election Sign Erected Nearby.

The theft was reported to the Adams County Sheriff's Department, but the deputy reportedly replied with disbelief.

Adams County Idaho Sheriff Ryan Zollman, who has faced harsh criticism since his two deputies murdered Yantis, faces a reelection challenge this November from retired lawman Tom Watts. In response to the new opponent's challenge, Zollman recently opened a facebook page titled Our friend Ryan for Adams County Sheriff.

A few months ago, Tom Watts launched a campaign website Last week Zollman opened an absuredly obvious carbon-copy of Watt's site, Apparently Ryan is feeling the heat.

Zollman is a Republican and Watts is running as an Independent, so they will not face off in the primary election, but only in the general election in November. However, Republica Kaleene Walker has filed as a write-in candidate running against Sheriff Zollman in the local GOP primary. So people who want Zollman ousted can vote for Walker in the GOP primary and Watts in the general. Walker reportedly will not run against Watts.

You can read all about Sheriff Zollman in our Yantis case archive page, this clown is really a piece of work.

The administrator of the 'Justice for Jack' facebook page posted the following report about Adams County Sheriff response to the stolen Justice for Jack sign:

Michael Mclaughlin
April 24 at 7:54am

"You can lead a Mule to Water but You cannot make it Drink"

The Adams County Sheriff Dept. has responded to the Report of Theft and Trespass of the Missing Justice For Jack sign from the Yantis Ranch Property and the following are some of the thoughts left by Mr. Chris Green a Deputy from the Adams County Sheriff Dept.

Mr. Green did not agree that someone had stolen the sign and thought perhaps the wind had taken the sign from where it was anchored but could not account for the wire missing from the 3 poles that the sign was anchored with nor the missing sign not being located on the property..

Mr. Green also expressed his doubt that anyone would even want the sign and asked why the Yantis's would think that someone would steal the sign…
Mr. Green was not sympathetic or apathetic towards the fact the sign was missing nor what kind of effect the Theft of the sign would create with the Family… But Only represented the Disbelief of the Adams County Sheriff Dept. concerning the matter…

We are sure from this SAD REPRESENTATION of the Current LE Leadership in Adams County that the Missing Sign will NOT be on their priority list of importance …

In the end of the conversation with Mr. Green and with all indications of indifference and disbelief being shown in the discussion .. The only answer left was that Aliens from another place far away had probably landed near by and taken the BIG RED SIGN as proof of LIFE ON ANOTHER PLANET…
Mr. Green left the property and was seen headed towards Council with his report of Aliens being sighted by Locals stealing a BIG RED SIGN....

ALL MOST 6 MONTHS since this Act of Out of Control, Senseless, and Unnecessary Shooting of JACK YANTIS took place.... PAST TIME FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE TO BE SERVED!!


Here are some of the replies to the post:

  • The wind took it? It has hung there ALL WINTER and SPRING, and NOW the wind took it? Wired and anchored, the wind took it. But the election signs all over town merely got blown sideways, they are still THERE. Here is the sad, sad truth: People in this county are AFRAID of the Sheriff's department around here. How long will the Attorney General sit and watch this county suffer!?

  • I don't know if we are so much afraid of them as we are afraid of the LACK of Justice and professionalism we see at their hands. We have lived here 13 years and I still have yet to see them actually SOLVE a case. Anything from a simple sign being stole...See More stolen, property being broken into and now a murder at their own hands. It is scary in the fact that they have either NO CLUE what they are doing as they hire very untrained and unprofessional people led by the untrained and unprofessional and ANYTHING is possible. We NEED and should DEMAND some mature and intelligent leadership. Darn those aliens anyway. I wonder if Zollman will make a statement in the paper this week. It's about time for him to pipe in with some crap claiming he doesn't know anything and then say he knows the aliens did it. What next?

  • Did you see that link Zerry posted? I wrote a letter to the editor about it this week. Violent and non-violent crime were both falling, until Zollman got elected. New highs in both violent and non-violent crime in 2 years. They have become old fashioned "revenuers" - they can write the hell out of some tickets, they just can't be bothered with law and order.

  • Yes I did...very telling and not at all surprising. Zollman came here with little to no experience under his belt. He was a College Campus Cop. His only training was under Rich Green. My first encounter with Zollman as an Adams County Officer, I was given wrong information on Idaho law. Right now we have a bunch of guys who can write a speeding ticket, that is pretty obvious by what is actually solved in the paper each week. Sheriff's Dept are not traffic cops. They are peace keepers and crime solvers. Their last responsibility should be to traffic violations not their first and only job. It is time for a change. I pray that Tom Watts get the support he and we all need. I hope if Zollman wins the primary there is a debate. I can't wait to attend and ask some very pointed questions. it will be interesting.

  • Well to bad the aliens didn't take the sheriff and his little cronies with them. What a slap in the face "oh it must have blown away". Funny how Shane Ogden was posting cryptic Facebook posts about it being stolen, but surely it blew away. Do these people have no conscious? Crap like this is the very reason people wind up taking the law into their own hands.

  • Help elect Tom Watts. That is the way we put the power back in the hands of the people. He is a good man, he listens, he cares.

  • I got 50$ that says Mr Green took the sign...

  • I'm sorry but I am laughing out loud! grin emoticon I mean, this would actually be hilarious ... if it wasn't so stupefying You can't make this stuff up! With all due respect to Donna Yantis, Rowdy Lee Paradis, and absolutely everyone involved in this excruciating tragedy, about the only way to remain sane is to keep a sense of humor and stay together and support one another as a group of people firm in the hope and belief that somehow justice will prevail. PS I initially offered $100 towards credible information that leads to the arrest of someone(s) who stole that sign from private property, and I have that $100 bill in an envelope on my counter just waiting to be donated. I hope it get used!

  • Michael Mclaughlin - It was my attempt at Mixing Actual accounts with a subtle but obvious collusion with Stupidity... One cannot make up such ridiculous statements from Mr Green and the Attitude From the Adams County Sheriff Dept. BUT the Seriousness of the Matter is how Large the EGO and AUDACITY IS of the Ryan Zollman to send Out a Deputy with Words and Thoughts to be represented and expressed before the Deputy even saw the site or heard the story... AGAIN.. Ryan Zollman doubles Down on Stupidity and Arrogance concerning the Yantis Tragedy and refused to accept any responsibility or recognize the LOSS OF INNOCENT LIFE...

  • A friend of the Yanrtis family put up a brand new sign thereafter and posted he picture to facebook. He reported that severa people have flipped him off, when they saw him putting up the new justice for jack sign, and another time when he was fixing the fence:


  • Michael Mclaughlin- Mike Armistead said he was only flipped off once while they were putting the sign up... The Brave Soul did not come back to talk it out
    April 24 at 5:09pm

  • Mike Armistead - Actually is the second time this week I was flipped off by a passer by last time we were fixing fence
    April 24 at 5:13pm

  • Michael Mclaughlin Zollmanitis- is a common condition in those parts... I hear if you catch it that your mouth and middle finger are always in motion and half your brain quits working...

  • T.c. Williams - Fence the sign off so cows & wildlife (people) can't get near it. Till or disk around it so dirt will show footsteps or swirling from alian or helicopter. Place bear traps ALL around it as we all know there are a lot of bears in Adams County that like red things like huckleberries. Place wildlife motion sensor cameras and last case stop loss have wide awake 24 hr armed guards posted. If nothing else there may finally be proof alians do exist.
    April 25 at 7:44am

  • People flipped you off because of the sign! That's horrible! At least your getting to their conscience.

  • Hey, that's no surprise. They have harassed the families countless times.
  • On November 30, 2015, thirty days after deputies killed jack Yantis, the department and media had still refused to name the two officers. That is when a source in Council, ID notified me and published the names of the two deputies who killed Jack. Thirteen hours after our story went viral worldwide, the witless sheriff Ryan Zollman was forced to hold a press conference at 6PM that night acknowledging the killers identities.

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