Holocaust Revisionist Ernst Zundel Was Actually Charged & Imprisoned For Disseminating "False News" In Canada Holocaust Revisionist Ernst Zundel Was Actually Charged & Imprisoned For Disseminating "False News" In Canada
By Martin Hill
Dec. 7, 2016


I recently re-listened to this outstanding interview of holocaust researcher Ernst Zundel by Jim Fetzer. This astounding 2012 interview is an absolute must-hear.

Zundel begins by telling about his childhood- born in 1939 in Germany into a family of six kids, his father was a lumberjack. He then explains life after World War two, where he and everybody suffered greatly. He said he loved school because they gave him food to eat, he could sit down instead of doing chores, and he considered school a very enjoyable break, like "R&R." (Rest and relaxation.)

He noted that after the war, his grammar-school teacher was replaced by a kindergarten teacher who had a class with 120 kids, because all the regular teachers had been imprisoned or gotten rid of. No foreign languages were allowed to be taught to the German schoolchildren after the war, under allied control.

As a young man, Zundel Was a Christian pacifist, and seeing the horrors of war up close, he researched which country in the world did not have a military draft. Canada was the only one he found, so he travelled to Canada in his early 20's to apply for citizenship there. Upon arriving in Canada he was shocked to learn that they had a queen and were subjects of the crown.

Trained as a graphic artist, he quickly found work and was very successful in his trade. He met and married his wife and they had two children.

He continued to work and travelled, going back to school to study history: for he had only gotten an 8th grade education in Germany, although he notes he was able to compete scholastically with those of the same age who had completed high school or college.

For a period of time he actually lived in Midland, Texas, home of George and Barbara Bush, and ran an art gallery there. (My wife and I actually stopped in Midland once while traveling, to go to Mass and to my shock walked right past the Bush house, which is sort of a museum that you can visit.)

When his younger brother, who also lived in Texas as an immigrant, was drafted into the Vietnam war, Ernst went back to Canada.

During this time his wife and him would travel a lot to Europe, and he interviewed a lot of World War II survivors and conducted research at many prestigious libraries.

He also became involved in Canadian politics and said he considered himself a classical liberal as were American founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. He loved to study their writings.

During his campaign he was considered a maverick populist candidate who was for liberty and the people, similar to Ron Paul. He was very anti-communist and says that the Canadian candidates he ran against were literally communists in ideology even if they did not openly admit to the communist label.

After the political race, Zundel said the Canadian government refused to renew his passport and began mercilessly restricting his movements. By this time he had acquired quite a following and was disseminating his books, articles, audio and videotapes featuring his extensive work and interviews on holocaust revisionism.

It's particularly relevant now because as Mr. Zundel reveals in the two-hour interview, he was actually charged and imprisoned for over a year in Canada for disseminating "false news". This was under an 800-year-old law (yes, you read that right) that had never been prosecuted in Canada before.

Zundel explains that the first time he was ever charged in Canada, be actually won his case and that his lawyer, a young man, died shortly thereafter. Fetzer speculates that it likely "a wasn't by natural causes."

The Canadian government then went all out in their efforts to destroy, isolate and financially bankrupt Zundel. He was forced to deplete his entire life savings fighting a series of contrived "thought crime" charges.

The charges were brought by the so-called 'Canadian Human Rights Council' and he was told that the truth or historical details was no defense to such charges.

When Zundel married his third wife Ingrid and moved to the United States, they were living happily in Tennessee when one day the U.S. immigration officers came to their door and hauled Ernst away. This despite the fact that he had gotten a social security card, had been granted permission to work, etc.

He says that the U.S. Government claimed that he had missed some immigration appointment and they deported him in handcuffs to Canada without even giving him any sort of hearing or allowing him to see a judge. They took him to Canada, despite the fact that he was a German citizen by birth. Canada promptly arrested him and put him in prison for TWO YEARS, and as he put it, he never saw the light of day again.

During that time, Ernst was not allowed to receive his Canadian mail. After finally getting out of prison they gave him a truckload full of old mail. Many envelopes contained monetary donations, checks from his supporters which were no longer good because the checks had expired, but could have been very helpful to fund his defense effort if he had received them.

After being locked in the Canadian dungeon for two years, he was transported to his native Germany via a private chartered jet with only him and the guards on the plane. He had handcuffs and leg irons on the entire time. Once in Germany, he was held in a German prison for FIVE MORE YEARS!! He was then released with a 3-year probation term.

Zundel reveals that in Germany, he was actually charged with 8 pages of charges related not to the holocaust, but specifically about his writings on the 9/11 attacks. He did not believe the official story and had written about his suspicions in September 2001.

The German police were even conducting raids on the homes of his customers who received his newsletters. His lawyers demanded discovery in the case for the 9/11 related charges, so to avoid a public fiasco, the German government decided to drop all the 9/11 related charges but retain the ones regarding holocaust revisionism.

The 2012 interview with Fetzer occurred right before Zundel's probation was completed. Zundel does not talk at all about the holocaust or revisionism in this interview, it is only about his life.

Zundel points out to Fetzer that this is the most in-depth interview he has ever given and that he was sharing details about his life that he had never revealed publicly before.

Let me tell you something. This is an astounding and extremely impactful program that you do not want to miss.

Here is my original post on it, from 2012:

Jim Fetzer interviews Ernst Zundel

In an August 2012 interview, Dr. Jim Fetzer interviews Ernst Zundel, a German born businessman who was Persecuted & imprisoned for research on WWII and the so-called holocaust.

This is an excellent interview. It's astonishing what Zundel went through after questioning the holocasust and daring to cast doubt on the alleged '6 million Jews killed in gas chambers' narrative. Prosecution of Zundel included having his home in Canada bombed and later burnt to the ground, losing 30+ years worth of scholarly research archives, prevented from getting his passport renewed, repeatedly charged with bogus crimes, eventually being imprisoned for many years, and much more. Zundel noted that some of the details given in this interview have never mentioned before publicly. Quite a story and highly recommended.

The Real Deal With Jim Fetzer Podcast

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