Comparing Religious Faithful To Blind Government Worshippers Comparing Religious Faithful To Blind Government Worshippers
By Martin Hill
July 3, 2016


Hello, I thought readers of my website might be interested in this. Some people claim that those who blindly believe in their government and scoff at 'conspiracy theories' are akin to religious people, who have faith in God, doctrines and religion just like brainwashed statists have blind faith in their government. As a religious person (Catholic) who's awake to conspiracies and corruption, I would like to argue just the opposite.

This old forum which I've posted at for years (and have many real life friends from) had a discussion. There is one guy who always scoffs at conspiracies. I'm not even sure why he posts at such a place, but anyway. Here are the main points; The poster 'Hounddawg' who I will begin with is a good guy. He is replying to the shill. This gets to the point of mine, which is, people who compare religious believers with blind government believers/worshipers.

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#90. To: Cynicom, Phant2000, Turtle, randge, Lod, BTP Holdings, Christine (#79)

Impossible conspiracies don't exist

What about Boston or 9/11 would make them physical impossibilities?

("The govt has gone rogue and is in open rebellion against us? I can't believe it!". Says Turdle to his gutless mirror image. "Otherwise I'd have to admit that I've been a dupe cheerleader while swelling up with false pride for risking nothing."

"I proudly agree with the tyrants!" (whose enemies just happen to meet horrible fates) says the fucking invertebrate whose claim to superiority rests entirely on anonymous cheap shots and sophomoric anti logic.

The only correlation I see between the acts of govt horror you deny is your abject fear of the consequences (at family gatherings or, in your fave watering hole perhaps) of agreeing with the govt's enemies. They must be impossible conspiracies, or Bruiser The Dart Champ will beat the white off your ass for "siding with the hippie commie fags", right?

Your broad, sweeping dismissals of all of the psyops and MK-Ultra schemes shows your inability to distinguish between your religious beliefs and the real world possibilities that can and do exist. (possibilities that are totally consistent with human nature, unlike the "ethical, angelic, self policing govt hive mind" your silly assertions support as having control and wielding power, free of the temptation for tyranny)

Your blindness to govt's not so cleverly hidden evil requires no courage and (hopefully) no possibility of sacrifice. (Insert fervent prayer here, A guy can't be too careful, right?)

And the pisser is, your beliefs are not based on a careful study of their skilfully written dogma, but on your quivering fear of their "Hell". (Govt denies complicity so therefore the critics/whistleblowers are either stupid or lying. (1+1=3!)

Keen analyses, who needs it? After all, govt would never conspire with robber barons and industry to control every facet of our lives or the world's resources)

What do you think Lincoln meant when he said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time."? Do you believe that the rabbit hole only went as deep as rigged (and proven) military contracts to resell the same defective arms to the war effort? According to you it's "impossible" that govt does things that they are forced to lie about to avoid being hanged for treason. But, they're as determined to avoid exposure as you are to avoid "the possibility" that govt is run by powerful people in the shadows, and faux democracy and rigged elections are a playpen that create the illusion of political involvement.

I mean, just how stupid does one have to be to believe that Bob Dole was the best Republican candidate in the whole country to beat a younger, telegenic swindler who is sponsored by the Rockefellers?

You will not grasp absolute truths that exist in the abstract, such as "The Clinton body count is far too high and self serving to be a matter of good fortune or chance."

And, for 22 material witnesses to the JFK assassination to die under suspicious circs (all of whom could have testified to material evidence that didn't fit the bogus Warren Commission narrative) was so hot that no American statisticians would touch it. But a Canadian think tank crunched the numbers and found that the odds against those deaths were about 10 to the 16th power, to one. (1) Which is to say, impossible. That's like betting that if you filtered and mixed the sand on the world's beachs, random chance would assemble a zero point energy spacecraft, with no intelligent understanding of its power source.

So, to you "impossible" means "too scary to contemplate the loss of your kiss ass loyalist gold star". To me it means "odds so long that it has never happened since your no brain-stem ancestors were crapped out and left behind by the earliest microscopic forms of life."

If you couldn't hold it in your hands (and probably bludgeon your former women with it) then like a child you simply refuse to accept the abstract yet absolute truths proven by such revelations.

If there's one word that describes me, it's profection!

HOUNDDAWG posted on 2016-06-26 18:29:21 ET

#91. To: HOUNDDAWG (#90)

After all, govt would never conspire with robber barons and industry to control every facet of our lives or the world's resources

Control of the people and the world's resources has been a main objective of wars fought for millennia. Is there any reason this would change? ;)

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one." Edmund Burke

BTP Holdings posted on 2016-06-26 19:53:48 ET

#95. To: BTP Holdings, Lod, Christine, Rotara, Turtle (#91)

Control of the people and the world's resources has been a main objective of wars fought for millennia. Is there any reason this would change? ;)

The captured slaves of Roman conquests had no illusions about the nature of govt power and the goals to be achieved.

But, The US was "conceived in liberty" as a "shining beacon on a hill", and therefore it took the combined skills of Edward Bernays, the Tavistock queers, Big Steel, American Fruit, CIA, etc., to slip it to us without our knowledge or consent.

Like mosquitoes, vampire bats and leeches who begin their parasitic feeding with an anaesthetic to avoid alerting their hosts to their plunders of blood, the shadow govt has seized control of education, media and the public consciousness. The result is that we cannot even announce our suspicions without govt's approval, lest we be set upon by vicious outhouse keepers like Turdle, who childishly demand signed confessions as proof of evil conspiracies. He cannot conceive of the existence of evil unless the Devil himself admits to "Rosemary's rape" and the goal of harvesting souls.

Jefferson said, "Education is not a luxury, but a moral condition". We can extrapolate from ol' Massa Thom that America's unique form of self govt by sovereign people was not intended for foreigners who only know how to bow to warlords. (It seems to me that Asians would be content to recreate the tyranny from which they emigrated if permitted to do so. They seem to want a Ferdinand Marcos, Pol Pot or other strongman to rule over them. Where are the NGOs such as, "Asians For The Preservation Of The 2nd Amendment"?)

Americans are never told that the US is (or was) the only nation with a servant govt instead of hereditary seats of power, and sadly too many of the great unwashed believe that our freedom is a gift from our benevolent govt, instead of a birthright.

And, because of this vacuum of information we are being seduced/coerced into surrender. But, if true that "each thing contains within it the seeds of its own destruction", then the shadow govt's plan for world domination is by no means a foregone conquest.

You're a bright individual so I feel no need to elaborate on the ways that seeds may germinate.

If there's one word that describes me, it's profection!

HOUNDDAWG posted on 2016-06-27 10:12:00 ET

[My response:]

Very well stated posts & it's a pleasure to read your commentary here.

The above line is the crux of the issue. apart from your earlier comparison of religious-like blind faith in government, (I have seen other people who also often compare government worshipers, to religious faithful- such as Mike Rivero, who is an atheist, and is a person I like and respect.) But I would actually argue the opposite. Probably because of my admitted pro-religious, admittedly biased (and correct :-) point of view. So if you'll indulge me and allow me to do so here.

People who are religious and have a 'right mind' obviously have the discernment and common sense to see that evil is indeed very real, it exists and permeates everywhere. That evil men, inspired and sometimes even possessed by satan do indeed conspire, murder, plot, lie, etc. There should be nothing shocking about that to anyone other than a blind, witless idiot who lacks all grace, (grace, which is a gift from God.) (I know, I need to work on being more charitable, but I admit it is difficult.)

It reminds me of many years ago when I protested cardinal roger mahony outside the LA Cathedral with some others., many who themselves were actually victims of priest crimes. forever scarred. I was just doing my small part so it was quite funny when me and my sign (MAHONY: RESIGN IN SHAME NOW!!") was seen not only by a few hundred angry churchgoers, (Note: not all of them were angry, some agreed with me) but the photo rather was picked up by Rueters and ran in a front-page story in the orange county register. Man I thought that was damned funny and great.

A few days later, I showed one woman I knew through work, a Catholic woman with a husband a kids who was sort of a pal of mine. To my surprise, she immediately reacted negatively and said "I don't agree with that, you shouldn't do that." She couldn't explain WHY I "shouldn't do that" or why she believed that protesting perverts was wrong.

I always thought her reaction was very squirrely and never really liked her after that. I was still friendly of course, but, you know.

A few years later this same indignant woman who was 'so offended' not so much at the crimes of pervert priests but rather at the fact that any Catholic ever dare call them out on it, she left her husband and shacked up with her new boyfriend.

Ha! That explained it all. This woman who abandoned her sacred sacramental vow and two children, essentially a two-bit whore, never actually followed, understood, believed or adhered to the Catholic faith at all, she had no foundation, zero. Her indignant 'defense' of the church was more simpleton emotionalism, a defense of something she never actually understood or cherished. (In this thread we can compare it to turtle's blind support/belief/worship in all things government. That evil or conspiracies could never dare exist.)

Whereas I, the 'troublemaker', 'anti-Catholic' who 'dare' protest outside a Catholic church, and get international attention to an important issue, and shame the perverts, (that is actually a spiritual work of mercy, by the way, called "admonish the sinner.")

I was taught about rot in the church from the time I could talk. Such as the masonic, satanic fag infiltration of the church. I THINK IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR CATHOLICS TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND ADMIT ALL THIS!

"After all, if someone believes that there is a church that the son of God established, satan would NEVER ever dare try to destroy it, right?

Such thinking is insane and 100% retarded.

Of course satan tries to destroy it and has done a pretty damn good effort.

Many years ago my dad gave me a book about the document which the Vatican published many years ago about the masonic , satanic infiltration of the church from within . its called the alta ventida. [The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita A Masonic Blueprint for the Subversion of the Catholic Church, By John Vennari.

The author quotes the actual Masonic document, which both Pope Pius IX (1846-1878) and Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903) asked to be published. This document describes the Masons' diabolical strategy to destroy the Church by infecting her leaders with Liberal ideas. Tells how they do not desire a masonic Pope, but rather a Pope infected with their ideas. Touches on Liberalism, the French Revolution, Freemasonry, Ecumenism, Modernism, the modernist conspiracy at Vatican II, and much more! An eye-opening book that every Catholic must read! 50 pgs,

These two homilies at the top of the page [Formerly, my favorite website, which has recently been split up into three archive sites.]

The priest, far from deny the evil and modernism in the church, which largely began post Vatican II, explains all this stuff about evil in the church and the world so well. It is on par (even better, actually) with Bishop Sheen's sermons of the past. [See Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen discusses atheism, human freedom, and why God allows evil in the world 2/21/14.]

End Times, part 2: Operation of Error 2014- 11-30. Length: 35:25
End Times, part 1: The Great Apostasy Length: 34:36

Any Catholic who listens to these sermons should not have any trouble understanding Pope Francis, all the horrible things he says, and all the other stuff regarding this topic.


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