Cows In The Road: Adams County Idaho Sheriff's Dispatcher Comes Forward With Powerful Stories About Jack & Donna Yantis Cows In The Road: Adams County Idaho Sheriff's Dispatcher Comes Forward With Powerful Stories About Jack & Donna Yantis
By Martin Hill
June 23, 2016


A dispatcher who worked over seven years for the Adams County Idaho Sheriff's Department has shared a very powerful and revealing message about her personal experiences with Jack and Donna Yantis. "I love the family," she says, and explains how she called them out many times to let them know about cattle in the road. Jack was always very helpful, no matter day or night- even when the cattle were not his own, Coon says.

"Do I want their pain eased with justice? More than life itself. Standing firm for them!" she concludes.

On November 1, 2015, deputies Brian Wood and Cody Roland, shot 62-year-old Jack Yantis to death after a dispatcher called Jack out to attend to a bull that had been hit by a car on Highway 95 near the Yantis ranch. Nearly eight months later, the small community of Council, Idaho is still eagerly waiting the Idaho Attorney General's findings in the investigation.

Be sure to see the complete Jack Yantis case archives here.

Here is the post Diane Coon made on the Justice for Jack facebook page on June 7th:

Diane Coon
June 7 at 5:47pm

I worked as a dispatcher for Adams County for 7+ yrs. I placed hundreds of calls to ranchers to assist with cattle on the roadways. I have no idea how many times I called Donna and Jack. Never did they get angry or refuse to assist. They would not only move the cattle, even if it wasn't theirs, but help me figure out who the owners were, too. Many times they would corral the animal and make the calls to ranchers to be sure they were off the roadways, right along with me. Even at 3 am. I think the harshest words Donna ever said to me was late one night I called her, she went down, moved the cattle, 30 minutes later, I had to call again for the critter found another hole in the fence. I said, sorry Donna but they found a way out. Her reply? "Well shit". That was it, nothing more. They caught them up and called to let me know, all was clear. Thanking me for letting them know. Never angry, always grateful. They were true ranchers and out of many other ranchers who would get angry, or ignore my calls, this family always helped me. Always! Never ignoring a call, which is more than I can say about most people, including some LE's during my years there. Do I know first hand? Absolutely! Do I want their pain eased with justice? More than life itself. Standing firm for them!

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Becca Barrow Amazing!! Everyone needs to know how loved this family is!!!

Gene Mcdaniel Nice post.

Nancy Gardner Wonderful post!

Audrey Bath Thank you for this post Diane Coon! Thank you thank you!

Jill Zollinger Love this! Thank you for sharing!

Sandra Carlile Hurst What is it going to take to get this resolved and the two SOB's put in prison????

Claire Cox - Thank you for speaking up, Diane Coon. I know there are tremendous pressures to remain silent, and your experience helps gives context to this horrific incident.

Jackie Raymond - Diane Coon great post. You nailed in the head. Do I want there pain eased with Justice? More then life itself. This is why I support this family I want to ease this family pains. I know the pain they are going through. Millions are standing by were we are watching the news and post for that day when they say Grand Jury has indicted these two dirt bags. Then We all will have relief and be able to yell hell yeah it's about time. It's a beginning to healing. And then Justice will have begun to ease there pain. But another type of pain begins but it's different. It's a roller coaster to get justice. Justice for Jack 😊

Floyd Coons Jackie, I only wish millions were watching and waiting for this justice for him and the family. But as I stated in my last post, the persons who were first alarmed and upset by the tragedy, moved on to other world matters after a few days, and have soon forgotten. It will take a major effort to bring it before them again. I have relatives over in that general area who probably have not talked about it with neighbors or family since a week after it happened. People from the same walk of life as was he. WHERE is that organizer? As I told you, I had read about your Dad in the Argus observer shortly after it happened, but only after you refreshed my memory did I have a recall of it.

Jackie Raymond I know that's why we need to keep it alive so people don't forget😊that's exactly why they are taking so long so people die and move on and people forget. But if we keep fighting and flood news feeds and talk about everywhere we go. Keep Justice For Jack alive.

Bill von Besser I am still here, I am following this unbelievable injustice from Chicago and I will not move on until these two scum are in prison.

Jess Witt And LAWRENCE WASDEN aka Attorney General for the state of Idaho, gives a big middle finger to Donna Yantis and the entire population of Adams County and the State of Idaho. He has neither the integrity or the character to handle this in a fair and unbiased manner, and instead chooses to shirk his responsibility and his duty to the citizenry. He sits on all of the information ISP spent five months collecting, refusing, as did ISP, to say one damn thing. I smell a cover-up, with a heavy essence of bullshit. ....smh

Sharon Allen- Ketchum Maybe it's a case of damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don't...because either way when the report comes out people on either side will be pissed. If he says LEO are justified then there will be an uproar. If he says it was unjustified then people will be outraged. Perhaps civil unrest either way we look at it. But this can not go on for ever. Wasden HAS to jump off the fence one side or the other so he might as well stop stalling and issue his report. It's time!

Bill von Besser I simply cannot see how they can in any way claim this was justified. I cannot believe there are people out there sticking up for the corrupt sheriff or the two murdering scum.

Rhonda Lee Horton Awesomeness heart emoticon<3

Marie Mills Thank you for sharing that! PPL need to know just how wrong this was and is. I'm trying to get support for this here in Oregon n other states. Is it OK if I share this post? I always ask before I do. I want ppl to see as much as I can share, so they can see how wrong n strange this is. Knowing this actually happened on top of what I've already known has been hard for me...I can only imagine how you all feel...especially Mrs Yantis n the family. I don't know if you all realize how important what you're doing is. I've heard n read stories...I've had my own experiences but this one has been made painfully realistic by making it more personable. It's not just a story that current culture too easily forgets bc it's dehumanized by ppl who've become desensitized. You're bringing life to it and that makes all the difference. It bothers me to know I live in a time in this world where ppl don't stop or care more...I think this may be a very effective way to revive ppl...restore humanity by invoking empathy wherever possible and show the world what can be when ppl truly are friends and DO love...not just say or feel it in self-serving ways. There is beauty in this page and experience beyond the surface that can't be destroyed no matter what happens. I've always tried to follow the ways of the Lord n it's been a life lesson to learn how to 'resent not evil (don't let it make me bitter) but overcome it with good".....I see this page and all of you here doing just that. God bless you all! I honestly sense there's more good coming from this than we may ever know...there's just something about it I can't fully identify but I just sense there's more to it n there will be a lot more good than realized come out of this. Keep the faith...I know beyond a doubt there will be justice in the end n I'm praying we see it soon. I'm trying to get this out to ppl back east...I have ppl overseas already looking at it....if I can get more states watching n calling, I'm hoping it'll make them know it's not ok to dismiss this thinking it's just a small area they can write off. I'm on the outside n need you to know what I'm seeing is a testament to all that's right, good, true, and beautiful n it's so important bc it's something were losing in our world and can be revived if ppl don't lose hope. Thank you for showing ppl everywhere how to not only survive but thrive despite all odds. You are the voice for Mr Yantis and I just find that so beautiful. It's a testament to who he must have been.

Diane Coon - If it helps, by all means, share the truth, know it's for the family.

Marie Mills Thank you!

Ann Shaw Thank you for sharing.

Lenna Paradis Well said thank you

Diane Coon - I love this family.

Jeffrey W Lee Yes...Thank You. Good people and truth...go hand in hand: the paradox of life is that often good people pay the price for others who are less so. What happened to Jack could have happened to any number of Good People. I pray it never happens again...but I feel God is at work here...though I will not pretend that I understand it. However, I do believe (based on what I've read about him) that Jack and the Lord would want us to keep the faith: and that I can do.

Rhonda Larsen I agree he needs to go one way or the other. But probably won't cause its an election year

Barbara Rudolph Well said Diane coon couldn't of said it any other way

Jackie Raymond Marie Mills 😊

Marie Mills Jackie Raymond smile emoticon:) heart emoticon<3

Kirk Evans That's a powerful testimony of the Yantis character ,of many years dealing with loose livestock and L.E. peacfully without incident and I'm sure anyone who reads it will surely see the credibility of your testimony Diane Coon (kinda like turning on a light in a dark room). Thanks for shinning a little more light on it,from your professional and personal experience. "Wow powerful"

Diane Bennett God bless you Diane Coon for your great testimony. Yantis family are fine people. And they deserve Justice not cover up

Charlie Swearingen Diane Coon's statement just about says it all...

Derald Evans Very nice post


Here is a nice picture of Jack and Donna:


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