OhMyGosh- Creepy Texas Troopers Asking People For Their Cell Phone Numbers On The Roadside OhMyGosh- Creepy Texas Troopers Asking People For Their Cell Phone Numbers (And Cell Phones!) On The Roadside
By Martin Hill
June 23, 2016


Police get away with the most egregious and wild behavior these days. Aside from the traffic ticket revenue-schemes and speed traps to fleece people out of their hard-earned money, which is bad enough, police today even rape, murder innocent people, plant guns and drugs on people, and steal people's life savings.

The story is not as serious as all those things, but it is a definite violation of the privacy and 4th amendment rights of the drivers.

When I have some spare time to monitor the ISP log visits to my website, the results are often very revealing and sometimes amusing. I don't generally share info about the traffic to my site unless its a particularly interesting visit by a government agency or corrupt mega-corporation. Since I respect individual user's privacy, I do not reveal their ISP data. However, sometimes their search queries are so interesting that find it appropriate to share it. As google knows, people's search queries also reveal what is happening in society.

The following is an ISP log from my page on the videos I recorded of two Texas troopers back in 2010, who had illegally demanded my ID. I knew immediately their demand was insane and illegal, which is why I got my cell phone out and began recording them. This page still gets a great deal of traffic including many state government agencies and department of transportations in various states.

As an aside, you may be interested to know that as a result of my official complaints in this case, both troopers were punished, had 'corrective action' taken against them, and were forced to undergo 'retraining.' The Texas Department of Public Safety officially admitted wrongdoing in writing on behalf of these two troopers only one month after an official internal affairs complaint was filed against both officers in 2010. Also, the trooper's employer, the Texas Department of Public Safety, was forced to admit in federal court that "The Passenger Is Under No Obligation To Comply With Request For ID".

Nevertheless, despite countless U.S. Supreme Court rulings upholding the rights of citizens for decades, even since before I was born, many police and rogue cops throughout Texas and the USA continue to search people's cars illegally, demand ID with no cause, demand people answer their questions, plant guns and drugs, etc. We have a literal lawless criminal government.

The latest example is a person who searched on the internet at ask.com, asking "during a commercial vehicle inspection can the officer ask for my cell phone and number?"

Can you imagine some creepy cop demanding your cell phone number during a traffic stop, or asking for your actual phone?? That is beyond the pale.

As you can see in the screenshot below, directly above that visitor is the State of Oregon, and directly below is a visitor from Pennsylvania who was reading about the Texas Troopers conducting illegal searches and literally raping women statewide, an article I published in 2013. As if Texas troopers raping women was not bad enough, one pervert female Trooper who raped a black woman on the roadside was re-hired by TX DPS, even though she has numerous additional case pending. The black woman had been on an outing with her family going to the beach and was wearing a bikini. Like I said, you just can't make this stuff up, folks.

We must draw a line in the sand. Woe to the pervert who ever dare try to touch my privates, it would be the last thing they do. Excuse my French but fuck these demonic evil bastards. I've had enough of this shit. We have a God given right to self defense, up until the point of death, if it's necessary to defend ourselves, even against cops. This has been upheld in courts. I would never initiate force against anyone, but I will defend myself if I am attacked, and so should you. Additionally, I would never, ever let any cop see my cellphone or give them my telephone number.

Be sure to know your rights during traffic stops and other interactions with police. Try to learn to calmly assert your rights. Do not consent to illegal demands or searches. Practice beforehand, and teach your loved ones to do the same.

Here is a very interesting story of How a Youtube Video Helped a New York Woman Learn To Properly Deal With Rogue Police and Win $1.12 Million. The woman had been studying civil rights issues prior to her run-in with the rogue cops, and she knew how to properly behave. She did not get hurt, and she sued them later, and won a bundle. She watched the following video, 'the citizen's guide to surviving police encounters, which is embedded below.

Here are the screenshots:

Here is the actual link they were reading http://libertyfight.com/texas_trooper_1.html

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