Dancing Israelis Lawyer Insists that Ohio Professor Who Says Israel Did 9/11 "needs to be thrown off campus immediately"
By Martin Hill
March 4, 2016



This is hilarious. I never seem to stop coming across the Israeli lawyer who represented the 'dancing Israelis' in their failed lawsuit against John Ashcroft and the U.S. Bureau of federal prisons.

A black female college professor at Oberlin College in Ohio, Dr. Joy Karega, recently came under fire for some of her social media posts, in which she claimed that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the Israeli Mossad.

Dr. Karega's official bio at the College's website states, in part, "Joy Karega is Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition. Her teaching and research interests include Black political and protest literacies, translingual composition, rhetoric and composition historiography, social justice writing, and writing pedagogy." She received her Ph.D. from the University of Louisville in 2014.

Marvin Krislov, the Jewish president of Oberlin College, defended professor Joy Karega's right to free speech. He wrote in a statement:

"The screenshots affected me on a very personal level. I am a practicing Jew, grandson of an Orthodox rabbi. Members of our family were murdered in the Holocaust. As someone who has studied history, I cannot comprehend how any person could or would question its existence, its horrors, and the evil which caused it. I feel the same way about anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Regardless of the reason for spreading these materials, they cause pain for many people- members of our community and beyond."

"I am also the son of a tenured faculty member at a large research university. My father instilled in me a strong belief in academic freedom. I believe, as the American Association of University Professors says, that academic freedom is 'the indispensable quality of institutions of higher education' because it encourages free inquiry, promotes the expansion of knowledge, and creates an environment in which learning and research can flourish."

[LINK: https://oncampus.oberlin.edu/source/articles/2016/03/01/mission-liberal-arts-education.]

Kudos to Mr. Krislov, who is a practicing Jew and grandson of a rabbi.

FOX News, supposedly a conservative outlet, was outraged that the professor wasn't immediately ousted from her job. They actually quoted the Dancing Israelis lawyer in their article.

LibertyFight.com broke the story in 2012 about the outcome of the dancing israelis lawsuit against the U.S. government. Here is an excerpt from that article:

"Dancing Israelis" Arrested On 9/11 Later Sued The Govt, But Lost Their Case [Also Featured on Infowars.com.]

In 2004, four of the Israelis, Paul Kurzberg, Silvan Kurzberg, Israelis Yaron Shmuel, and Omer Gavriel Marmari filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Attorney General John Ashcroft and wardens of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The four were represented by New York attorney Robert Joseph Tolchin and Israeli attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner. They claimed that their detention was illegal and that their civil rights were violated, suffering racial slurs, physical violence, religious discrimination, rough interrogations, deprivation of sleep, and many other offenses. The lawsuit also stated "As Israelis and as Jews, plaintiffs themselves are sworn enemies of al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden."

According to press reports at the time the case was first filed in 2004, the plaintiffs' lawyer Nitsana Darshan-Leitner said: "The infamous arrest of these young Israelis on 9/11 has been used by anti-Semites worldwide as 'proof' of Israel's involvement in the World Trade Center attack. Our clients are seeking compensation for the harm they suffered in the MDC by prison officials. In addition, the law suit will serve as an important public forum to debunk the lie that Israel or the Mossad was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It will show that there was no Jewish conspiracy as the Arab world continues to claim and put an end to this racist blood libel."

[The case was eventually tossed out literally because the plaintiffs failed to serve the U.S. Attorney general properly.]

If it were so important to have a public hearing and "debunk the lie that Israel or the Mossad was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks", why would the lawyers allow the lawsuit get tossed out for such an absurd and avoidable reason?! In 2004 when the suit was filed, many people across the U.S. and the world were researching and finding out the truth about 9/11. Could it be that the lawsuit was filed at a time to deflect attention away from Israeli complicity and paint them instead as the abused victims?

A similar civil rights lawsuit alleging violation of due process, physical and mental abuse, and many other violations was filed against Ashcroft and other government agents by Ibrahim Turkmen, a Muslim man who was arrested after 9/11 and held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn NY. (This is the same jail where the 5 Israelis were held). Turkmen V. Ashcroft was filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights. Five out of seven on the plaintiffs eventually agreed to settle the case with the government, who paid the men $1.26 million dollars. Here is a document from that case and an interview with Turkmen's lawyer. Ironically, Judge John Gleeson heard both the Israeli case and the Muslim case. If the Muslims could settle their case and receive compensation for what they suffered, why couldn't the Israelis?

Here years later we still have the israeli lawyer, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, popping up in various cases. In 2013 I reported that the Jews Suing Jimmy Carter over his Palestine book were represented by the very same 'Dancing Israelis' Lawyer, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner. [You can hear an interview I did with Dr. Kevin Barrett on that case in the embedded youtube videos below.]

In this latest case she demands that the black woman college professor in Ohio be "thrown out" of her job for "anti-Semitic rhetoric" and "hate speech."

FOX News reports:

"This is the worst kind of anti-Semitic rhetoric," said Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, director of the Shurat HaDin-Israel Law Center, an Israeli-based civil rights organization. "It is not acceptable for the dean to hide behind academic freedom and claim this is freedom of speech."

"She (Karega) is not a tenured professor," she added. "She needs to be thrown off campus immediately."

...But at some point an academic institution has a responsibility to repudiate hate speech, according to Darshan-Leitner.

"There is a difference between freedom of expression and hate speech," said Darshan-Leitner. "There is no place for hate speech on campus. If she was attacking gays or Hispanics, there would be no tolerance for that."

A series of posts on social media have been offensive, Darshan-Leitner said, including a picture she posted after the Jan. 7, 2015, Charlie Hebdo shooting that showed an Islamic State terrorist with a Star of David tattoo pulling off a mask, exposing the face of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In text accompanying the image, she called the murder of the French cartoonists part of a conspiracy to stop French support for Palestinians. Under the picture, she wrote "This ain't even hard. They unleashed Mossad on France and it's clear why."

Another post claimed Netanyahu attended a free speech rally in Paris after the attacks 'uninvited,' but did not mention Netanayhu was actually in Paris to honor four Jews killed in a related terror attack.

She also claimed the Islamic State is not Islamic, but rather "a CIA and Mossad operation," writing "there's too much information out here for the general public not to know this."

Another offensive post, Darshan-Leitner said, claimed "Israeli and Zionist Jews" orchestrated the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center."

FOX News continues:

"Melissa Landa, who heads a group fighting anti-Semitism at Oberlin, said physical intimidation, verbal harassment and vandalism is prevalent at Oberlin.

Hanan Yadin, an Israeli whose Texas-based company, Instinctive Shooting, trains military and law enforcement about terrorism related conflicts, said anti-Semitism is on the rise worldwide. He said the propaganda at the university against Jews, including Karega's rantings, could get people hurt.

"Could this incite violence against Jews worldwide and against Israelis in Israel?" he said. "Of course. It will give more fuel to those who are anti-Semitic already and for those who are indecisive and need an 'extra push' to make up their mind."

LINK: Ohio professor keeps job despite spewing anti-Semitic hate on social media

Comments on corporate news stories of the whole affair were generally negative, such as this one which promsied to get the professor axed and punish Oberlin College one way or another:

"I will be contacting their accreditation agency to see if there title 4 fund eligibility can be revoked ASAP. If this does not work, then their accrediting agency should be sued for discrimination and pressured to revoke their accreditation status which in turn will require that their Title4 (Federal Student Loans) be cancelled. Disgraceful. If another religion had the same done to them, this would not be tolerated."

[LINK: Oberlin College president defends professor's rights after social media uproar.]

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