Advocate Warns: "Male Domestic Violence Victims Should Not Seek Help in San Diego or Anywhere Else" Advocate Warns: "Male Domestic Violence Victims Should Not Seek Help in San Diego or Anywhere Else"
By Martin Hill
June 22, 2016


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Paul Elam of 'An Ear for Men' has a very interesting video analysis of the San Diego, CA District Attorney's recent video targeting domestic violence victims.

During the video, he points out an undeniable bias against men, as well as a very interesting study which notes "286 scholarly investigations, 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600. [- Martin S. Fiebert, Department of Psychology, Cal State University, Long Beach.]

Elam notes, "It is important to recognize that this is an ideologically driven office. From the (San Diego) D.A.'s facebook page to the people associated with their domestic violence task force, we find transparent, convincing evidence that a feminist worldview is at the foundation of their efforts. One very telling bit is in their danger assessment form for domestic violence victims. Do you notice anything questionable about the screening questions? That's right. Throughout the document, the perpetrator is assumed to be male and the victim is assumed to be female. Remember, the data- the facts- absolutely reject this assumption."

The 'Ear for men' webpage on patreon notes "The problem with the mental health industry is that it is mentally unhealthy, especially for men. An Ear for Men was established to help men navigate life on their own terms without the feminized psychobabble of modern therapy."

The group's websites is; here is their Facebook page and twitter page.

The An Ear For Men About Page begins, "An Ear for Men (AEFM) is a website, blog and personal consulting service for men only. It is also intended to build a community of men who come together supportively. Most importantly AEFM was established to assist men with shaping their own life narrative; to choose what direction they want to take in life — and to take it."

UPDATE: I have spent some time watching more of Paul Elam's videos today, and learning more about him, his message, and his philosophy. I will start by saying that I like the guy, he is very funny, entertaining, and intelligent. A lot of what he says I agree with. He condemns feminism and the terrible way men are often treated, as if they must "kiss the woman's ass" as he puts it, as if men are obligated to tolerate all sorts of insanity, while groveling to the women in their lives- women who demand to be treated as if they are an entitled Disney princess. Like I said, he's a funny guy.

However, I disagree with his message that men should never get married, and that religious values about marriage are improper. There is an article on Paul Elam which interviews his estranged first ex-wife and daughter. [See: How Mens Rights Leader Paul Elam Turned Being A Deadbeat Dad Into A Moneymaking Movement.] It is not a favorable article. It includes biographical data about his personal life, that he is thrice-divorced man who abandoned his two children, is a former drug user, who shacked up with at least one other woman, his daughter claims he depends on women financially while bashing women, that he derides marriage, and worked as a truck driver and at other jobs.

I sent Paul a message today which read in part, "Hi, I just discovered your work and like what I see so far. I'd be curious what you think of, or if you are even vaguely familiar with, the traditional Catholic teaching on marriage, which is that marriage is a indissoluble bond, a Sacrament created by God, and that the woman should be submissive (yet equal, with different roles) and be the man's helpmate- and that the man should sacrifice for the wife 'as Christ did for the church"? Many sermons throughout history outline and compare the marriage of man and woman with Christ to the church. It is quite interesting. Well, I know your message isn't a religious one, and I see that you don't advocate marriage. But I just wanted to say that although we apparently have widely divergent philosophies, I appreciate your efforts to expose, educate, empower, and change the corrupt anti-male system that we clearly have today. Marriage is very hard. But can be beautiful and rewarding, and fulfilling, too... Take care and keep up the good work. :-)"

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Here is Paul Elam's latest video on domestic violence:

Here are a few more of his videos, they are funny and interesting.

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