Explosives Reported In Idaho Involving "Increasingly Unstable" Cop Who Killed Jack Yantis Explosives Reported In Idaho Involving "Increasingly Unstable" Cop Who Killed Jack Yantis
Sheriffs Admit They Searched Wood's Property; FBI Alerted By Explosives Company

By Martin Hill
May 22, 2016


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Some 'extremely explosive' information was released by the 'Justice for Jack Yantis' group today.

LibertyFight.com has confirmed with the Valley County Idaho Sheriff's department, who told us that that they did indeed go out to Brian Wood's property and search for explosives last week. LibertyFight also conducted an exclusive interview with the patent holder and owner of the explosives company in question. That information is below.

The law enforcement bulletin issued by Ada County, Idaho on January 22, 2016, a story that LibertyFight.com broke on May 6, did indeed state that Deputy Brian wood had access to explosives. "Adams CSO stated Wood claims to have access to explosives," the alert stated. It also stated that "Brian Wood has become increasingly unstable in recent weeks," had been involved in Domestic Violence issues in the Home," and had separated from his wife. The bulletin also stated that "Wood's in-laws currently reside in Meridian (info above) and have requested extra patrol due to statements from Woods that they are "not safe".

The bulletin, marked 'law enforcement sensitive,' urged officers to "use extreme caution" around Wood and also stated that "During a conversation with Adams CSO, Wood advised "If cops get involved, shots will be fired."

Here is an exclusive picture of the HELIX explosives provided to LibertyFight by the patent-holder and owner of Omni Explosives. HELIX is a "HIGH ENERGY LIQUID EXPLOSIVE, a "Binary Liquid Explosive, a Multi-component liquid."

We will begin with the latest post on the Justice for Jack facebook page:

16 hrs


This is a Private Message that the Justice For Jack Admin has received in the past Hours from Various Valley County Sources who along with others who have recently Contacted the Valley County Sheriff Office and made Complaints...

Upon Receiving this Information the JFJ Admin made a Call to the Valley County Sheriff Dispatch to Inquire about Authenticity of this Information and Learned that IN FACT Valley County Sheriff Office had received Several Complaints and Requests for the Search of These Explosives and had sent out Deputies to Investigate but to date had not Discovered any Evidence other than the pictures in Question..

Below is a copy of the message that was sent !!! This is from Various Sources!

"Various sources have information about Brian Wood possessing explosives within the past few weeks. You can also contact the Valley County sheriff office. They also have pictures of the explosives at Brian Woods residences and have interviewed people about these explosives. Brian Wood bought a case of Helix explosive from Omni in 2014. He had an ATF explosive license at the time. His license expired in 2014 and he was still in possession of these explosives this month. Don't know why an LEO would need a private explosives license. The Valley County Sheriffs office has pictures of the explosives with a fuse in them. ATF and FBI have also been contacted by numerous people about Brian Wood having these explosives. The law enforcement agencies are hiding this from the public. It is illegal for Brian Wood to possess class 1 explosives".

The Original ATL issued on January 22nd by the Ada County Sheriff Office also indicated that Mr Brian Wood was Possibly in Possession of Dangerous Explosives...

How much Longer is the General Public and the Supporters of JFJ going to live in FEAR concerning the Mental Uncertainty of Mr Brian Wood and His Potential for HARM and INJURY to others he Deems worthy of INFLICTING PAIN UPON ?????



This further information has been reported:

Some people found a suspicious package in a field near McCall Idaho last week- described as "a really weird package and it has a Fuse in the middle of it.." One of the people was allegedly a "licensed Explosive Expert". The package contained "3 bottles of Activator and a Fuse in the middle with writing on the Bottles." It was described as "Type 2 Explosives and the Bottles have Writing on them which also has the Manufacture Name which is Omni..and Phone # Listed.. He calls the # and Danielle with Omni answers the phone.. he tells her what he has and she without Hesitation tells him that those Explosives which are numbered and labeled were sold to Mr Brian Wood in 2014 who had a Valid Explosive License at the Time ... This bundle of Explosives are 30 ft from where Brian Wood is currently living in McCall Idaho... The Danielle with Omni Tells him that by LAW she must make additional calls upon completion of their discussion and they will be in the order of the ATF, FBI, and to Valley County Sheriff.. He indicates that Several Residents have called and made complaints about this Incident and that Nothing has happened and they are upset and confused by the lack of Interest on the part of the Valley County Sheriff's Department...

Our source reports "I did Call the Valley County Sheriff's Department.. and the lady I talked with was "AMY"... Said there was NOT a public statement issued by the VCSD today and then became very vague and Illusive and then I explained that the Lady who I had talked with at 830am this morning did confirm the Investigation and that No Explosives had been found by the Officers during their investigation to the Scene... Amy again was Vague... Then I explained that the Explosive Company of Omni had confirmed the Identity of the Explosives being bought by Mr Brian Wood in 2014 and that he still showed as being the one in possession of the same Explosives... At this point Amy with VCSD stated that NO public statement has been issued today.. basically shutting down the conversation... I told her thank you for her help and hung up !!! This has taken a Strange Twist without the pic and the public statement by VCSD I need to talk with [redacted] with the Statesman to collaborate the Story to make sure they have the Pic and the same story as he told me !!! ALL I have right now is the statement this morning by the Dispatch lady with VCSD who said that there was an Investigation into the Bomb and Mr Brian Wood and that there were Complaints on file ....I did Verify that [redacted] is working on the case in McCall and [redacted] are on a Conference call on Monday... Let you know more as I get it ... Below are the sites and numbers of Info involved... Later ."

Saturday at 6:39AM our source further reported: "Just Talked with a Jennifer in Dispatch at Valley County Sheriffs (208) 382-5160 and she stated that within the last week that Deputy's had gone out to Brian Wood's Property and searched but did not find any Explosives... Like I told Jennifer... Here you have a Citizen who claims to have pictures and to have seen these explosives with Brian Wood and also he is free to travel the area with badge, gun, and explosive among people he does not like and make Threat of Violence but the LE in the both Valley and Adams County do Nothing?? Crazy !!! still waiting on phone call from [redacted]... Keep you posted !!"

LibertyFight.com did speak with Jennifer from Valley County Idaho Sheriff's Dept. this morning, Sunday 5/22, and she confirms that they received a call about explosives found, and that they did search Brian Wood's property, but that no explosives were found.

However, as my interview with the patent-holder of HELIX explosive and owner of OMMI Explosives reveals below, if not mixed, the components are not techinically considered to be explosives by the ATF.

Bill Nixon is the owner of Omni Explosives OmniExplosives.com and LibertyFight spoke with him today in an exclusive interview.

Nixon is a licensed Mechanical engineer, and has 30 years in this business. Nixon is the patent holder for HELIX Binary Liquid Explosive, a Multi-component liquid explosive composition and method. The patent number is US 6960267 B1 and you can find more information here. HELIX stands for "HIGH ENERGY LIQUID EXPLOSIVE."

Omni explosives is a specialized operation which does not sell to mines or quarries, but rather to police departments, the FBI, CIA, ATF, TSA, for police dog training, bomb squads, etc. It can also be used for avalanche control.

He originally filed for the patent on Jun 26, 2003 and it was approved on Nov 1, 2005; ironically, the very same date that Brian Wood killed rancher Jack Yantis. Nixon described HELIX as "fantastic explosive" with a 2-part liquid component.

The 2 Part process has an 'activator component' which is aluminum powder. The liquid is green and looks similar to scope mouthwash. To activate the material you would pour the liquid into the activator and shake it up, and it garners a "very high explosive" on the order of TNT or C4. It looks like aluminum paint after it is mixed. These two parts, before they are mixed, are not considered explosives by the ATF or the U.S. Department of Transportation.' However, to buy HELIX, Omni won't sell it unless the party has an explosives license because the person Has no business having it." even though technically by law, the party is not required to have an explosives license to buy these items separately.

After mixture, the concoction can be stored forever and to make it explode one would need a detonator cord or blasting cap. Once it is mixed, it would be in the activator container. If it's powder, it hasn't been mixed and if it it's liquid, it has been mixed. If stored long enough improperly sealed or without a lid, the liquid would eventually evaporate.

The person whose material was allegedly found in a field would have need a detonator, or they may have bought a fuse or electric detonator. That would be the other component needed to make it explosive.'

Since an explosives license is not required to possess these materials prior to mixture, from a federal standpoint a party can still store it, even if their explosives license had expired.- as long as it is storied properly. Asked by LibertyFight if leaving the items unattended in a field is proper storage, the answer was absolutely not.

With the date code and lot number of the product, OMNI could very quickly find who bought the product.

After receiving the call about the bottles in the field, OMNI told LibertyFight that they contacted the FBI.

[A 2015 article on Bill Nixon from the Atlantic can be found here: Hotter Than Lava.]

[LibertyFight.com notes, it is certainly most likely illegal to dispose of and/or store these explosive type components carelessly in an abandoned field after you purchased them. Idaho environmental agencies and/or state prosecutors should get involved and look into this.]

Adams County Idaho Sheriff Ryan Zollman has defended Wood repeatedly in the rpess and even said that he would hire him back. wood and Cody Rolan have been on paid leave since they shot and killed Jack Yantis on November 1, 2015. You can contact Sheriff Zollman at (208) 253-4228 ext 4160 or by e-mal at rzollman@co.adams.id.us.

[Once again "Fringe" website LibertyFight.com, as BoiseWeekly described us, scoops the story long before the Idaho STALE-sman, channel, 6, 7, etc. have the guts to do it. Hee hee! I will eagerly await their covering this story on the news tomorrow, after they copy and paste all my info.] Glory to God in Jesus name, AMEN. Justice for Jack!.


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