Obama's Oil Tax Would Cost Me Personally Over $12,500 Per Year
By Martin Hill
February 13, 2016


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Obama has proposed a $10 dollar per barrel tax on oil.

CNN Money reported that oil companies warned "such a tax would raise the cost of gasoline by 25 cents a gallon and killing American jobs."

I have been writing about the push for an increased fuel tax for years. In 2014, the CEO of Fedex, a pervert Skull & Bones Member, personally urged Obama in a business meeting to pass a 15-Cent-Per-Gallon Fuel Tax Hike. [That article was also featured on EconomicPolicyJournal.com at the time.]

In 2010, I explained how Republican Congressman Tom Petri advocates charging drivers by the mile to replace 'obsolete' fuel tax .

Let me explain what Obama's most recent barbaric outrageous proposal, if enacted, would cost to the average business owner in America, such as myself.
I'm in the transportation industry.

To fill up both tanks on a big rig takes approximately 139 gallons of diesel fuel, which currently ranges anywhere on average from $1.74 (if you're lucky) to $$2.15 per gallon. 139 gallons times a .25 cents per gallon increase, would amount to an additional $34.95 per fill-up, which is at least once a day, some days we fill up twice.

$34.95 times 30 days is $1,042.25 per month!

Times twelve months is $12,510 per year! And that is only for each individual truck!

Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, by his insane communist proposal would raise my taxes and cut my profit by $12,510 per year, at a minimum!

Excuse my French, but F this bastard! Obamacare is bad enough!

In addition, don't forget that such a tax hike will increase the cost of everything that you as consumers buy. It won't simply stay at the fuel pump- it will be passed along, to you too!

P.S. You can visit my trucking site at DontWakeMeUp.org.

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[WRH Link: http://whatreallyhappened.com/content/how-business-really-works-obamas-outrageous-oil-tax-would-cost-me-personally-over-12500-year.]

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