Texas Trooper Fired After Being Indicted For Perjury, In Woman's Suspicious Death
By Martin Hill
March 5, 2016


Murder charges have never been filed in the very suspicious death of 28-year-old Sandra Bland, a black woman who was pulled over by a violent Texas Trooper on July 10, 2015 for allegedly not using her blinker. But TX Trooper Brian Encinia has been fired after being criminally indicted for committing perjury in the case.

For those of you who haven't seen the full arrest video of Sandra Bland by state trooper Brian Encinia, this is an absolute must see. It all began when Bland was stopped for allegedly not using her turn signal during a lane change on University Drive in Prairie View, Texas.

Also, LibertyFight has found a very poignant 11 minute of (the now deceased) Sandra Bland givng a talk about police brutality and race relations from her 'Sandy Speaks' youtube account. In the video, Sandra explains how she once spent money to make her own sign and walked around in a mall with her sign that "read not all white people are against us." She also notes that in order to be successfyl, blacks have to kearn to get along with whites, and all sorts of people.

As the situation escalated on the roadside that fateful day, Bland became increasingly appaled at the officer Brian Encinia's behavior, his violence against her, and his unnecessary escalation of the situation. This is the first time I have seen this video. It is especially disturbing, particularly given the gfact that Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell hours later - reportedly hung with a trash bag around her neck. Even State and Federal lawmakers have called Bland's death suspicious.

I happen to know a lot about the Texas Department of Public Safety, (TX DPS) because I filed a federal lawsuit against them and two of their Texas state troopers in 2012. In my case, I recorded both Texas Troopers and immediately filed official state and federal civil rights complaints against the officers. The Texas Department of Public Safety admitted wrongdoing in writing on behalf of the two officers only one month after an internal affairs complaint was filed against the officers in November 2010. The admission letter, dated December 20, 2010 and signed by Captain Kenneth Plunk of the Waco Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division, stated that "corrective action was needed" against both officers and that "additional training has been taken." [Here is the postmarked envelope the letter came in.] During the doscovery phase, the TX DPS was forcd to release one of their internal department memos discusing my case in which they admitted that "The passenger is under no obligation to comply with request" for ID. The police memo can be found HERE.

In the past few years I have also chronicled the TX DPS abuse of black women, and as I reported in 2013, it is gravely disturbing.

The disgusting vile Texas governor, Greg Abbott, for years was the Texas Attorney General. He is the one who defended texas troopers when they and they agency are sued in civil rights lawsuits. As LibertyFight.com reported before Abbott became governor, Abbott encouraged, protected, and empowered the Texas Trooper's criminality, rogue behavior, illegal searches of motorists, illegal demands for ID, arrogance and crimnal acts. Greg Abbott is primarily responsible for the death of Sandra Bland and for the continued, past and current mistreatment and civil rights abuses by Texas Trooppers to the public at large.

Abbott's and the TX DPS Agency's defense of these regular illegal acts by their troopoers and only served to embolden them, maintain and even increase their thggish tactics and criminal acts. You probably dont know that a pervert texas trooper who literally raped a black woman on the roadside in x was not only not fired, not punished, but was put back on duty with the TX DPS. And continues to be employed by TX DPS today. There are also many other cases of sexual attacks by TX Troopers to black women, as admditted by an attorney, who told a corporate newspaper that she was handling numerous such cases.

See the following two stories fro 2013 for more gruesome details on all this:

This is the depraved culture of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The people who make up leadership of that agency, along with the guilty troopers themselves, have blood on their hands.

Also important to note in this case is Texas Trooper Brian Encina's treatment of Sandra Bland, the black woman who was wearing a slinky dress, and smoking a cigarette when she was pulled over for allegedly not using a turn signal while changing lanes.

"Ooh, I cannot wait until we go to court!" Bland repeatedly proclaimed to Trooper Encina on the roadside as he became increasingly violent.

"Do you want me to sit down now, or do you want to throw me to the ground for a failure to signal??! You're doing all this!" Sandra said in disbelief, as the scene unfolded.

After she complained that Encina threw her to the ground and slammed her head on the ground, which Encina did out of range of the dash cam, Sandra angrily told him "I got epilepsy, mother fucker!!"

"Good! Good!!" Encina arrogantly replied.

"You're all real strong," Sandra said.

When the trooper kept barking contradictory instructions at Bland, which she pointed out as they occurred, she pleaded with the trooper "I can't go anywhere with a knee in my back, duh!"

Meanwhile, as a bystander off camera recorded Encina's attacks on Bland, Trooper Encina angrily repeated to the person "You need to leave. You need to leave. You need to leave," at least three times. This despite it was a public place and the bystander had every legal and constitutional right to remain there and film everything that was going on.

This is just another example of the arrogance that Texas Troopers feel to violate the law and to blatantly violate people's civil rights. They know that their agency and the Texas Attorney General will defend essentially whatever they do. When trooper are sued, taxpayers foot the bill.

Here is a condensed version of Bland's arrest:

Here is the video of Sandra Bland discussing police brutality:

Here is the full 52-minute dash cam video of Sandra Bland's arrest:


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