Why I Almost Sued Redbox, But Didn't Have To
My Unusually Good Customer Service Experience With A Large Corporation

By Martin Hill
April 26, 2016


I've sued a lot of companies in my time, and beaten a lot of traffic (revenue) tickets, including one in California Superior Court of Appeals (without a lawyer.) One time, I even sued billionaire Warren Buffet's insurance company GEICO after his drunk bitch client crashed into me in Seal Beach, Calif. and his idiot people refused to pay me. I won in two seconds, without a lawyer. They are very degenerate and stupid. (Believe it or not, I've actually had three drunk broads crash into me at separate times, all in Orange County, Calif. The other two were in Newport Beach. But that's a topic for another day. The good thing is statistically, I think I'm done being crashed into by drunk drivers. Anyway...)

A lot of times, you can simply use leverage and imply or threaten legal action, and that is enough to solve a consumer problem. The issue here is that I don't like crooks. I strongly dislike unethical and dishonest people and dishonest tactics used by both small companies and large corporations.

This is rampant today, and it is disgusting. In years past, many Americans seem to have chided people for being 'sue happy.' In reality there is nothing wrong with suing others if the situation warrants it. If you try to resolve the matter and the other party refuses to cooperate, that's what courts are for, to enforce contracts. If an unethical company violates terms of a contract and refuses to correct it, courts are often the only recourse one has, absent violent retribution, which is illegal. That is why I have no problem suing people or companies. There is nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

So, when I have a positive experience with a company, I like to share it.

My wife and I rented some movies from Redbox recently- truth be told, we went on a movie watching binge. Some of the better ones (or at least the not-so-horrible-ones) we saw were '99 homes,' 'A walk in the woods' with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, and Forsaken, a western which was the first film which father and son Donald and Kiefer Sutherland starred in together. The Hateful Eight, with Kurt Russell and Samuel Jackson, a film by Quentin Tarantino, would have been good except for a particularly nasty scene involving Samuel Jackson's rape of a white male confederate soldier at gunpoint. Very vile and nasty stuff. Makes one ask, why'd they have to throw that in there? To mock and demonize southerners, of course. Jackson recounted the rape by bragging about it to the soldier's father, then he murdered the father as well.

Anyway- enough of that.

Redbox is a brilliant business model. I am very impressed with it and wish I would've thought of it. Whoever thought of this idea was a genius. Typically they charge $1.50 per movie plus tax but here is a tip. If you choose one movie and click 'check out,' they oftentimes (but not always) will offer you a second movie for .50 cents instead of $1.50.

One night, two of the dvds we watched didn't work. they froze up. we tried them on both the dvd player and the computer. They did not work.

When I went to return the movies the next night and get a few more, they were due by 9PM. We were in Pennsylvania. When I went to the walmart at about 8:30PM and tried to return the movies that didn't work, the redbox machine said that there was an error and that the movies could not be returned.

I went to the walmart customer service desk and a chubby black girl tried to help me by returning the movies exactly like I did, and then she informed me that 'this machine does not work.' I replied, yeah I know, that's why I went to you. I figured that they could offer no help, but rather did it just for a walmart corporation witness to all of this. So, she told me there was another redbox at the grocery store across the street.

By this time it was 8:55PM. I knew the movies would be late, and that I would be charged for yet another day, for these movies which didn't even work.

So I walked across the street to the grocery store and returned the two redbox movies, and the machine worked fine. However, it was about 9:05PM when I finally returned them.

Then I called the 800 number on the redbox machine and told them that the machine at Walmart was defective and had not accept my returns, which caused me to return them late. She asked for the code # on the dvds so that their repair tech can make a note of it.

The Asian sounding customer service rep, who spoke broken English as an obvious second language, informed me in a matter-of-fact manner that I would be charged for another day, since I returned the two dvds late.

Of course this greatly pissed me off, since I had just informed her that the only reason they were late was because their machine disfunctioned and that walmart personally verified this. I informed her that not only was I not paying for an extra day for these two movies, but that I'm not paying for them at all, even for the first day, since they were both actually defective.

To my shock and surprise, she understood my point and refunded all the charges, totaling 6 dollars and change.

Now that is good, competent customer service.

Cheers to Redbox!

By the way, If Redbox had not refunded the money, I would have disputed the charges on my credit card, and got a refund that way. (Don't EVER use a debit card for any of these type outfits!) If the credit card company did not dismiss the charges, I would have sued redbox, and no, I am not kidding, and I would have won, and then bragged about it, like I always do. This helps others and helps build a sane, just society where corporations adhere to their terms of a contract.


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