Forty-Three Americans Will Decide The Fate of the Audit The Fed Bill Today
By Martin Hill
May 17, 2016


43 people- 34 men and nine women- who are members of an obscure government committee - are the Americans who will decide the fate of the audit the fed bill today. The United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will vote on H.R. 24, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2015.

Their website is

On their business meeting schedule for today, the committee posted a link to H.R. 24, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2015 and also a link to an Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute to H.R. 24 Offered by Mr. Massie of Kentucky.

The committee is comprised of 17 Democrats and 24 Republicans, in addition to Republican Chairman Jason Chaffetz (UT-3) and Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings (MD-7).

Republican Members:

Democratic Members

The full committee list. along with their photographs and contact information, is here.

Ron Paul sent out the following message today to his e-mail list:


As C4L President Norm Singleton shared with you last Friday, Audit the Fed is moving in the House of Representatives!

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will vote on my bill TODAY.

So if your representative is on that committee, please call them immediately and tell them to vote for H.R. 24.

And if you haven't already, please sign off on my Budget Proposal right away. Phase one (outlined below) is already well underway.

You can be sure the Fed and its allies are going to turn up the heat on Congress to block this bill.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

Dear Martin,

The ongoing chaos you and I have witnessed in the 2016 Republican presidential contest could be a godsend in our battle to Audit the Fed...

But the clock is ticking, so I must be able to count on your IMMEDIATE action.

Iíve never done this before, Martin.

But Iím rushing you this confidential memo to lay out the plans Campaign for Liberty staff has put together to pass Audit the Fed through BOTH houses of Congress before voters go to the polls this November.

Iím asking you to please sign off on the Audit the Fed Budget Proposal, and -- if possible -- agree to your most generous contribution to help put this plan into action.

The truth is, the political landscape has changed dramatically since you and I fell only seven votes shy in our battle to pass Audit the Fed in January.

Many nervous U.S. Senators up for re-election in 2016 now believe the Big Government political establishment may no longer be strong enough to save them.

Members of BOTH parties are worried about hitching their wagons to their partyís possible nominees.

Meanwhile, many Americans are feeling the initial tremors of another economic earthquake that could dwarf the financial crisis of 2008!

From the U.S. and Canada, to China and Japan, to England and Germany, economic conditions are beginning to worsen around the globe.

The U.S. stock market continues to seesaw after its worst start to a new year in history!

Make no mistake. The chickens are just beginning to come home to roost from all the madness the Federal Reserve and BOTH parties have created over the past decade.

And itís going to be ugly.

Iím afraid the Fedís response wonít ďjustĒ be limited to bailouts, sweetheart loans to their cronies here in the United States and abroad, and ďstimulusĒ packages.

Even media outlets like CNN are reporting ďglobal central banks are running Ďout of ammoíĒ to paper over the problems their print-now, ask-questions-later policies have created!

Already, while stating she isnít sure she has the authority to do so, Janet Yellen is openly discussing the possibility of imposing negative interest rates -- a radical inflationary tool never used in the United States!

And I can assure you that wonít be all.

Everything from wage and price controls, higher taxes and more regulations, to outright government confiscation of retirement accounts could all be on the table.

Every last shred of American wealth could be wiped out overnight!

But thereís one thing stopping them. The 2016 presidential race is proving the media ďexperts,Ē bankster apologists, and political know-it-alls have all seen their power vanish.

The American people are no longer listening to them.

Politicians know -- in this new environment -- NO ONE is safe.

Thatís why itís up to you and me to send a message to politicians in BOTH parties that standing in defense of the Federal Reserveís madness could be political suicide.

Forcing passage of Audit the Fed will finally show the American people the Federal Reserve system leads to:

*** Ever-expanding Big Government boondoggles like ďObamaCare.Ē Now that politicians have figured out the Fed will just print money out of thin air to pay the bills if taxing and borrowing canít make ends meet, the floodgates are wide open for even more of the statistsí utopian plans;

*** Constant economic crises. Centrally planned interest rates and money manipulation lead to one economic bubble after another -- just as we saw in the housing crisis and as weíre seeing now in the U.S. stock market;

*** The destruction of the middle class. As the cost of everyday necessities soar, those who are NOT on the government dole are forced to make do with less as the value of their money sinks;

*** Currency destruction. History shows us that riots, violence, and full-scale police states can result when people finally realize our money isnít worth the paper itís printed on and REFUSE to accept it.

Already, Campaign for Liberty staff are turning up the heat on members of the U.S. House to cosponsor Audit the Fed, and beginning to pressure new House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Passing Audit the Fed through the U.S. House will only increase the momentum on the U.S. Senate to pass the bill.

The good news is, weíre up to 194 cosponsors in the House -- just 24 away from having a majority of the House of Representatives cosponsoring this bill.

Once you and I reach that mark, my staff will launch a $3.3 million program (if we can raise the funds) to put Audit the Fed on President Obamaís desk before voters head to the polls this fall.

You and I will win no matter how the vote goes.

If the U.S. Senate refuses to act again -- or if they once again uphold Harry Reidís filibuster -- those senators who stood against you and me in January and refused to take the opportunity to repent could pay a very steep price in November.

If Audit the Fed passes Congress and President Obama vetoes, it will force Audit the Fed to the forefront of the American political debate -- right when the American people are zeroing in on the presidential race.

With Fed banksters already plotting their worst, thereís never been a better time to force members of Congress to choose...

Stand with the Fed banksters responsible for the status quo Americans are rejecting. Or stand with the nearly 75% of the American people who support Audit the Fed.

But it all begins with you and me.

As I mentioned, my staff has put together a $3.3 million plan to force Audit the Fed through BOTH houses of Congress, which Iíve detailed for you HERE.

As youíll see, this plan includes everything from targeted mailings and emails to hard-hitting TV ads in 10 targeted U.S. Senate states.

My hope is to launch this plan in the next 15 days. But Iíve decided I will not act without the sign off of Campaign for Liberty supporters just like you.

After all, youíre the reason weíve passed Audit the Fed with overwhelming bipartisan majorities in each of the last two Congresses.

Youíre the reason we were able to force a vote on Audit the Fed in the U.S. Senate, only to be stopped by a filibuster.

In other words, without you, all of our plans are just words on paper.

So Martin, Iím counting on you.

Will you please sign off on the Audit the Fed Budget Proposal by clicking here?

And if possible, will you please agree to your most generous contribution of $50 right away?

I know Iím asking you to stretch. But itís so critical we reach our $3.3 million goal to put this plan into action.

Of course, if itís just too much at this time, please agree to $25 or at least $10.

The timing has never been better to finally EXPOSE the Fed.

So please click here to sign off on the Budget Proposal and agree to your most generous contribution of $50, $25 or at least $10 right away!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Iím rushing you this confidential memo to lay out the plans Campaign for Liberty staff has put together to pass Audit the Fed through BOTH houses of Congress before voters go to the polls this November.

Will you please sign off on the Audit the Fed Budget Proposal by clicking here?

And if possible, will you please agree to your most generous contribution of $50 right away?

Ron Paul link: Audit the Fed Budget Proposal
Please review the budget below, sign off, and return it to me right away! Ė Ron Paul
To help Campaign for Liberty expose the disaster that has been the Federal Reserveís print-now, ask-questions-later policies, I am signing and returning my Audit the Fed Budget Proposal to show that Iím ďall inĒ in the fight to Audit the Fed in 2016.


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