SHOCKER: One Year After San Bernardino Massacre, Corporate News Inadvertently Broadcasts REPEATED Footage of Original Police Dispatchers Mentioning "THREE males in a black SUV," "The suspects, all three of them" SHOCKER: One Year After San Bernardino Massacre, Corporate News Inadvertently Broadcasts REPEATED Footage of Original Police Dispatchers Mentioning "THREE males in a black SUV," "The suspects, all three of them"
By Martin Hill
December 2, 2016


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New information has come out about the shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California last December. ABC News Nightline broadcast a very powerful segment yesterday.

Hidden in the very riveting and emotional news report featuring interviews with many of the first responders are two bombshells which were inadvertently left in.

"A RIVER OF BLOOD" flowed out of the building, one emotional officer recalled, as he heard a beautiful young woman cry out to him for help, pleading "Help me, I am gonna die.".

She didn't die though, and is also interviewed.

However, the most interesting and revealing part of the ABC News report are two different clips where the police dispatchers refer to the "three shooting suspects" and the "three fleeing suspects." Those clips are at minute 7:30 and 8:30 below, although I suggest watching the whole thing.

[Update with additional commentary:

I watched the video again. The Female police dispatcher says "Haven and Arrow, three males in a black SUV" at 8:30.

A male police dispatcher says: "The suspects, all three of them, have fled in a black SUV" at 7:30.

This was long before victim and IRC employee Sally Abelmageed went on CBS news. Note the two dispatchers say  males. I have not heard that clip before today, have you? You can leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

One more thing I found extremely odd, surprising and fascinating was that the police dispatcher said "Haven and Arrow." That is in Rancho Cucamonga Calif. I am very familiar with that area, and it is nowhere near San Bernardino. Google maps says that IRC to Haven & Arrow is 21 miles. I haven't followed this story too closely, but did they drive that far before they got shot? And I know for sure they were not killed in Rancho Cucamonga, so are we supposed to believe that they headed west on I-10, then exited the freeway and drove north on Haven, or are we to believe they took side streets westbound for 21 miles?? And then drove back east again, another 21 miles.  to San Bernardino, where police ambushed their vehicle?

As Dr. Jim Fetzer might say, that's an absurd, preposterous and asinine story.

Maybe their alleged escape route has been reported in the press?

Also, the fact that the dispatchers said three men, not just three suspects, fits perfect with what Sally and the other witnesses said.

It's important to note that the San Bernardino District Attorney was interviewed on a local Los Angeles radio station in March 2016 and noted that several witnesses saw three shooters. [Link to that interview is below.] But so did the police themselves, long before Sally & others went on the news. Also, "three men" discounts the possibility that only one of the three perpetrators escaped, (if we are to believe that the married couple's one accomplice escaped). But if it were three men, then two men would have had to escape.

Why didnt ANYONE that day say, "be on the lookout for three white men and a short Muslim woman tagging along?"

Here is the video:

We reported extensively on this shooting incident at the time, along with Dr. Kevin Barret, who later wrote a book on it. BUSTED! San Bernadino shooters were three white men dressed in military attire


Witness to San Bernardino Massacre Describes Shooters As Three White Men "Dressed In Military Attire"

Witness Sally Abdelmageed, who works at the Inland Regional Center and witnessed the shooting in San Bernardino, was interviewed live via telephone by CBS Evening News the day the massacre happened.

The news anchor begins "She saw the attackers enter the building, and we spoke to her by phone."

"We saw three men dressed in military attire," she says. "I couldn't see his face, he had a black hat on... black cargo pants on, the kind with zippers on the side... He had a huge assault rifle a lot of ammo..."

She continues, "They opened up the door to building then he starts to, you know, shoot all over into the room - that's the room we have conferences in..." "I called 911 and I just hid under my desk.."

"As I was talking to the dispatch, we went into my manager's office and locked the doors..

"Mrs. Abdelmageed, can you describe to me in as much details as you can what did the gunman look like?" the CBS anchor asks.

"I couldn't see his face, he had a black hat on. All I could see was a black hat, black long-sleeved shirt... He had extra ammo. He was probably ready for something, to reload - I don't know know..."

"I just saw three, dressed exactly the same." They looked like they were athletic build, and um, they appeared to be tall..."

"You're certain that you saw three men?" the news anchor asks.

"Yeah," she replies, as she continues to describe the THREE WHITE MEN, their muscular build, etc.

After she leaves the line, the anchor insists "and of course we've just learned that one of the suspects was actually a woman."

Here's another witness from that day interviewed on the news as he tells about the three white men:

The head of the FBI office which led the investigation told ABC

"It certainly surprised me that you'd have a woman with a 6-month-old baby who’d do something like this," David Bowdich, who led the FBI's Los Angeles office at the time, told ABC. "That's very hard for us to comprehend."

That's because it was three white men in military gear according to several employee eyewitness who said so on the news that day. or, was it a 'conspiracy' that all these witnesses 'plotted' and were 'lying,' to 'make it all up'? That's absurd. The victims reported exactly what they saw.

And let's not forget, this didnt get too much attention at the time, but I think it is very relevant: The ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE and FBI admittedly train local law enforcement in San Bernardino County!

Lest anyone think that the three shooters were imaginary, made up, or a "conspiracy" which was "made up" on the part of multiple shooting victims who saw the three shooters, in March of this year, the San Bernardino CA District Attorney Michael Ramos went On Radio Discussing Possibility Of Third Shooter in The December 'Terrorist Attack'. Excerpt:

"John Kobylt asks Ramos "What's the indication that there might be a third shooter involved in the attack?"

Ramos replies "You know I will tell you this, that the FBI has done a tremendous amount of work in this area, and so has the San Bernardino Police Department and the Sheriffs. But there's still some information out there that a couple of the victims that were in the building themselves said it's possible they thought that there was a third person. Now we don't have any other corroborating evidence that there was a third person, but shouldn't we look at everything? I mean think about it. They were communicating on that phone."

John continues "there were a couple witnesses they absolutely insist-"

Ken interjects "I remember the first day or two there were a lot of people insisting that, and then it kind of faded."

Ramos replies "yeah. And so my thing is, hey! Well let's - here's a piece of evidence, that could really help us with that one issue. That's just one issue we could take a look at. And a judge has made a ruling. a federal magistrate, through probable cause, the 4th Amendment to the Constutution, and I truly believe Apple has the duty to give us that information."