FBI Arrests Utah Man Who Has "An Extreme Hatred For The Federal Government," Charged With Bomb Plot On BLM FBI Arrests Utah Man Who Has "An Extreme Hatred For The Federal Government," Charged With Bomb Plot On BLM
By Martin Hill
June 23, 2016


UPDATE 7/3/16: FBI Admits Supplying The Dummy-Bomb To 'Domestic Terrorist': Man Arrested For Bureau of Land Management Bomb Plot Admittedly Set Up By Multiple Undercover FBI Employees

The FBI has arrested a man in Utah but won't tell the media what the charges are. They only keep repeating that he has an extreme hatred for the federal government. The man also posted about forming a militia last November and December.

Bill Keebler was arrested in Nephi, Utah, local news reports.

In his last Facebook post prior to his arrest, on June 4th at 7:31AM Keebler stated, "Dont wait till its too damn late. Prepare now, train NOW. Join NOW,". Attached was a graphic that stated "DEFEND OUR COUNTRY BEFORE WE HAVE NO COUNTRY TO DEFEND."

Update: The Salt Lake Tribune reports That Keebler tried to set off a bomb at the Bureau of Land Management in Arizona:

"A Tooele County man has been charged by federal prosecutors with attempting to use an explosive device at a BLM facility along the Arizona Strip that he had scouted with Robert LaVoy Finicum in October 2015 — an effort that was foiled because his militia group had been infiltrated by the FBI. William Keebler, 57, of Stockton, was arrested early Wednesday morning in Nephi and has an initial appearance scheduled Thursday in U.S. District Court. The crime is punishable by from five to 20 years in a federal prison. He was being held in Salt Lake County jail."

LINK: Charges: Utah head of militia tried to detonate bomb at BLM facility in Arizona

Here is a news video on Keebler from yesterday, which described him as a "doomsday prepper." This was broadcast before the charges were released. Below are some Keebler's Facebook posts:

KUTV reports

"Keebler has a prolific online social media presence. On his personal Facebook page he is friends, almost exclusively, with people and groups with a strong hatred for the federal government. Keebler is also friends with the Finnicum and Bundy families, the people behind the seizure of a wildlife refuge in Oregon in January. Keebler also brags about his friendship with LaVoy Finicum, and said he provided security for him. The FBI refused to answer our questions about his arrest."

Keebler's Facebook group is titled PATRIOTS DEFENSE FORCE MILITIA. It is a public group and nothing posted is illegal.

Here are some of his previous Facebook posts:

[Here is the text of the post, in case it is deleted:]

Bill Keebler shared a group.
November 12, 2015 ·
In an attempt to better reach out to fellow patriots, Militia's, and to assist to better inform the public we have elected to make our MILITIA page from secret to PUBLIC. We hope you will join in and feel free to see many items we use in training, prepping, and so on. Also we have further elected to start posting updates on our training, and scheduled events such as FTX's, etc. Looking forward to seeing ya there. And please share if you will. Thanks.
Bill / th3hunt3r, P.D.F.M. Commanding.

Here is a post from November 30, 2015:

Here is the text:

Bill Keebler shared his post.
November 20, 2015 ·
Please read and share if you will. Donate if, what you can, Participate if you can.
November 6, 2015 ·

This country will NOT be fixed by down loading an app. or playing with your keyboards.
Be one who actually did something!

We are in serious need of Patriots in the following fields;
Militia, medical, communications, Homesteading.
We have ongoing missions, upcoming deployments.
And we need a lot of financial assistance for travel, equipment, etc.
All the remarks about why doesn't someone stand and DO something.
Well WE ARE DOING JUST THAT, but we need your help in doing so.
We are limited to the limited resources we have available.
paypal.com th3hunt3r.101@gmail.com
paypal.com, . patriotsofamerica@gmx.com
Bill /th3hunt3r, Founder

One from June 2:
Bill Keebler
June 2 at 7:49pm
Patriots Of America has started a new Homesteading page, hope you will join us.
May 23
see item six.
How to Find Water in the Desert
FYI, Step six which Keebler referred to says "Cut open a barrel cactus. The trunk of a barrel cactus is a well-known water source. Cut into it with a machete or knife and chew the pulp to extract the water. Don't eat the pulp, however. Other desert plants like the prickly pear and baobab tree can also provide water."

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[WRH Link: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/content/fbi-arrests-utah-man-who-has-extreme-hatred-federal-government-wont-say-what-his-alleged-cri>]

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