Violence Against Anti-Zionist Protesters At Presidential Campaign Rallies Needs To Be Preempted
Common sense warns us to take action in order to prevent an anticipated event from happening.
By Martin Hill
January 15, 2016



I find it very interesting & revealing that Glenn Beck & other neocons, along with the corporate media, have widely covered the "Mario Rubio is owned by Jews!" Heckler, yet none of them covered my Trump 'Isreal did 9/11' thing. [See Heckler Shouts "Marco Rubio IS OWNED BY JEWS!" In Dallas, Assaulted Immediately By Rubio Fan.] Obviously that would only serve to inform and interest the public in the matter of all the Israelis arrested on 911. I don't think they want that. It's not as easy to brush off as "Anti-Semetic". I even sent it to the Times of Israel Newspaper with Trump's response saying I'm committed, I'm a Trump guy, I'm on his side," etc. These is a very controversial response from Trump, yet the Israeli media won't even touch it. Gee, I wonder why not? Ha. Because obviously, this would only bring into the public arena the issue of the Israelis arrested all over the United States, with explosives, etc, on 9/11/2001.

The Zionists seemed very happy that the Rubio heckler was violently attacked. It's very disgusting. Here is the Glenn Beck link , note the celebratory title. There are many other similar articles online.

I'm very much against violence but anyone were to attack me, believe me it would be ON. No one is gonna assault me without immediate & severe repercussions.

Watch the Marco Rubio heckler video below, it's only one minute long. Watch how the guy behind the heckler, who looks literally like Brutus from the Popeye cartoons, immediately attacks the heckler and pulls him to the ground, to cheers from the crowd and laughs from Rubio himself.

If some thug grabbed me from behind and put his hands on my neck and shoulders like that Brutus-looking guy did to the heckler, he'd have some broken fingers real quick. It's outrageous how quickly these thugs resort to violence, to cheers from the crowd no less.

In my Trump video, which occurred on December 21, 2015 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I did a preemptive tactic and I spoke to all the biggest guys around me prior to the start of the event. Because I know how this stuff works. You see, I assume that people are going to try to be violent. Heck, for all I knew, Trump's Secret Service maniacs were going to shoot me. After all, I was standing only five feet away from Trump. I literally don't put anything past these people in Police State USA.

We were packed in there like sardines and I was scoping out who I could potentially be brawling with in 5 minutes. I asked them questions such as, are they gun guys and "have they ever supported a ban on assault weapons as Trump did?" (which he has never actually retracted, by the way.). They said hell no. I asked them, don't you think that's shady, or do you believe that an anti-gunner magically becomes conservative over night? etc. They all replied with something like 'gee, that's a good point.' I said, yeah, it is. They got silent.

Just like in the past, Trump always supported 'comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty) before changing to GOP an deciding to run for president.

You see, these people are DUMB.

But that's beside my main point. I don't give a shit if they're dumb, I just know that they're going to get HURT if they dare try to attack me when I will shout at their schoolgirl-crush Trump about the Jews in 5 or ten minutes.

So I disarmed all the biggest idiots who were standing behind and beside me at that Trump thing. There were many of them.

ONLY ONE, the guy on camera, touched my arm when I began to shout at trump, and if you listen, you can hear me warn him 'DON'T TOUCH ME DUDE', at which time he immediately stopped touching me, good thing for him.

I then turn the camera at him, and you can see him.

Prior to this, in the time before the event, this idiot had boasted that he was "an educator" (probably means public school teacher, yet another government welfare recipient slug). He was whining about the Michigan economy, he told me that he had seen me get interviewed by the Israeli TV station while in line outside before the event. So we had had some kind of rapport before all this, you see.

By the way, I encourage everyone across the country to confront these rat politicians like this. Why have only two of us done it, nationwide? What's the problem? If many people started doing this non-stop, it would force more corporate media coverage and a national conversation on this issue.

Watch the video below.

Here is the Rubio heckler video:


Front-Row Protester Disrupts Trump's Michigan Speech with "ISRAEL DID 9/11! FIVE JEWS ARRESTED ON 9/11 IN NEW JERSEY, NOT MUSLIMS." Donald Trump Responds To "ISRAEL DID 9/11" Protester With "He's A Trump Guy, He's very committed, Got a lot of energy, He's on our side" (!!!)

Trump's Response To "Israel Did 9/11" Front-Row Heckler Is Almost More Interesting Than The Heckle Itself TV News Footage Of Martin Hill Being Escorted Out By Secret Service While Trump Stops His Speech To Watch & Repeatedly Tells Them "Don't Hurt Him, Be Very Nice..."

HERE IS THE CLOSE-UP VERSION. GO TO MINUTE 20. Trump says that the "Israel Did 9/11' Protester is "A Trump Guy, He's On Our Side, He's Very Committed, he's Got a lot of energy."

Here is the wide-shot footage from the back of the room. If you watch starting at around minute 20, That's when I interrupt him, and he responds to me. Then a few minutes later, he stops his speech again to watch the Secret Service take me out, and he is referring to me when he says: [21:18] Oh! Don't hurt him. Don't hurt him. Be very nice. Be very nice. Yep. Be nice to him. Don't hurt him. See how nice I'm being? I'm only doing it for them, you know that (points to the media) Don't hurt him! (21:34) Tell me, ... I love you too, maam.. Look. Is there more fun than a Trump rally? (21:48) Is there more fun?


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