WOW: Insane Fort Worth Cop Attacks Black Family Who Called Police For Help WOW: Insane Fort Worth Cop Attacks Black Family Who Called Police For Help
By Martin Hill
Dec. 24, 2016


Wow man, I've seen a lot of crazy police abuse videos in my life but this one just about takes the cake.

A black mother in Fort Worth, Texas named Jacqueline Craig called the police to report that a neighbor had assaulted her 7-year-old son. The neighbor had accused the kid of littering on his lawn while he walked home from school with his sisters.

Specifically, the victims said that the (white) neighbor put his hands around the child's neck and choked him after the child refused to pick up a piece of paper he allegedly littered on the neighbor's grass.

One of the lady's very smart teenaged daughters, Brea Hymond, recorded the whole interaction with the cop live to Facebook as it unfolded.

The first mistake the cop makes is to talk to the parties together instead of separating them. Very foolish and unprofessional. Even any low-level manager knows to do the opposite.

The mom very reasonably tells the officer that they have lived a few doors down from the man for four years, he knows who they are, and that if there was a problem with the child that he can come and talk to her about it, but that no man has a right to put her hands on her child.

The cop responds by asking "why don't you teach him not to litter?"

She says maybe he littered and maybe he didn't, but that doesn't give him the right to PUT HIS HANDS ON MY SON.

The cop replies by asking, "why not?"

Yes, he actually asks the complainant why the neighbor man can't manhandle her 7 year old. Of course this insane response evoked shocked outraged from everyone involved.

The mother is very appalled and angry at this point, and the cop asks "why are you yelling at me?"

The woman explains that she is 'pissed off' because of his ridiculous and very inappripriate response.

The officer ominously warns her 'well then don't piss me off' and within seconds everyone is on the ground and he has his tazer pulled out. Watch what happens next. The inasane cop then attacks the mom and 15-year-old daughter.

The recorder is screaming in horror and outraged, shocked at what she is witnessing. She lets loose a string of expletives at she cusses at the at attacker. I completely empathize with her stunned outrage. "THIS IS MOTHER FUCKIN' LIVE, YOU PIG-ASS BITCH!!!" she proclaims, as the cop attacks both her mother and sisters. She knew, correctly, that this was a literal international news story as she live-streamed it. (You gotta love the internet, right?)

Then, the pig arrests the filmer for merely filming. He is completely out of control. The police department refuses to identify the officer.

This is a totally outrageous video. I'll put money that this cop is either an iraq vet, on psych drugs, or both.

These folks just hit the jackpot courtesy of Fort Worth taxpayers. In a just world, the pig would be in prison for years and pay the verdict out of his own pocket.

By the way don't whine about my use of the term 'pig.' Sometimes it is appropriate, and if the slur ever fits, it's now.

All I can say is, John Bad Elk vs. United States comes to mind:

"Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer's life if necessary." Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529.

This is not the 30-second sanitized version of the video that you will see on the news. This is the 5-minute real version that the victims recorded. At tbe end, when it aappears that the video is over, keep watching until the end and you will see another family member give their commentary.

The family is being represented by attorney Jasmine Crockett, []

Fort Worth police tweeted the following response:

While this video is horrific, I suppose that we should be thankful that officer anonymous didn't empty his service revolver into all the victims, as the wicked cops did who murdered Jack Yantis, Philando Castile, Loreal Tsingine, and Francisco Serna.

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