Fifty Creepy Governors Place Indoctrinating 4-Year-Olds At Top Of National Agenda Fifty Creepy Governors Place Indoctrinating 4-Year-Olds At Top Of National Agenda
By Martin Hill
March 4, 2017

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[Note: You can listen to my latest interview, February 22, 2017 with John Friend of 'The Realist Report' here. One hour 31 minutes. The show notes page is here.]

At their annual National Governor's Association meeting, governors from across the nation overlooked bipartisan differences to focus their aim at innocent 4-year olds- insisting that putting them in the classroom at such a young age-- "early childhood education," as they put it- is vital to the nation's economy and future.

The topic was so important to tbem that they placed it at the very front of the agenda:

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley began the session, urging all of the governors to push the agenda and give kids "a strong start."

In other words, brainwash the kids by the state for hours everyday while their brains are literally not even done forming yet.

California governor Arnold Schwarzegger strongly pushed getting tiny pre-kindergarten aged kids into government schools as soon as he got into office.

Republicans just adored this open-border big-tax anti-gun socialist goon from the second he declared. I sent to several of his rallies to document all this at tbe time, it was really something else. All of the genuine pro-gun, low-tax and border patrol groups were strongly against this guy but the masses just ate it up.

I have interviews with many of his enthralled fans and I asked them about his blatatntly acknowledged anti-conservative agendas, to which they would get uncomfortable and a glazed look on their faces,- honest enough to not deny what I was saying, but unable to defend him and not knowing how to reply or justify their endorsement of him. Seriously it was like a college course on mass brainwashing. Some day I should find and upload all of this footage.

I supported State Senator Tom McClintock at the time, he was the only Republican who ran against Arnold and often pointed out how terrible he was. Tom was often called the Ron Paul of California and even interviewed Ron Paul and said he would make a good President.

When Arnold won, he met George W. Bush in Southern California. Arnold is a disgusting anti-gun, pro homo, big government open-border socialist. I protested him and as "the only man" protesting Arnold from the 'right-wing' perspective, I was interviewed by Patrick Healy for the channel 4 KNBC Los Angeles 11 O'Clock News. That video incidentally is here, at minute 5. [You can read several more interesting stories about that interview and rally here: Response To My Open-Border Libertarian Friend On Trump's Immigration Raids.]

I met Tom McClintock several times during that election and even volunteered for his campaign. For example he proposed a California constitutional amendment which would have abolished the car registration tax altogether, forever. Tom gave speeches such as his classic 'Freedom and Firearms', insisting that the second amendment was to proteect the people from tyranny.

On the car tax, Tom's proper principle was, if you own something, why should you owe tax on it to the government? He was 100% correct but the loons in California put the kabosh on it. He actually couldn't even get a million signatures for his initiative to put it on the ballot. Yet at the same time all these purported conservative republicans shilled for schwarzenegger, who openly vowed to pass billion-dollars bonds forbhis socialist programs, which would enslave state in perpetual debt fof decades and generations to come. It was truly an amazing and bewildering time, and a real life-changing politocal education for me.

And then, soon after Arnold won the primary, even mcClintock endorsed Arnie. He then was elected to the U.S. Congress and is a rabid fundy zionist. I have an entire Tom McClintock section here.

Sorry to have diverted from the topic but it's all sort of related. Author Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, who served in the Education Dept. Of The Reagan Administration, wrote "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" (website is The site offers a "Back to Basics Reform" free PDF book download and points out that "Back to Basics Reform or OBE...Skinnerian International Curriculum, 1985, 4th edition reprinted in 2013 by popular demand. Back to Basics was boycotted by all major conservative organizations."

I heard Mrs. Iserbyt speak at a UROC conference years ago with Dr. Stan Monteith with and others, she is a very nice and funny lady. Her Wikipedia page is here.

Following is an excerpt and link to the National Governor's Association's propaganda insisting that innocent babies need to be brainwashed by the State "for the good of society."

2017 Winter Meeting - Opening Session

February 25, 2017
Early Childhood Education: A Foundation for Economic Success

Watch the video here:


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