Negative Propaganda About My Historical Hero Father Charles E. Coughlin Needs To Be Debunked
By Martin Hill
February 12, 2017


I recently came across an article by a Catholic priest which appeared to reference Father Charles E. Coughlin in a negative light. This bothered me, and I thought I could get some clarification and set the record straight.

You see, Fr. Coughlin is one of my historical heroes. He was a genius who predicted and fought against many of the evils that still plague our nation today: the federal reserve, the undeclared wars, the media propaganda, usury, and tyrannical oppression of the people.

Fr. Coughlin was friends with America-first people like Henry Ford and Huey Long and he railed against the war-propagandist media such as the New York Times in the 1930's on his radio show, which reached millions of listeners weekly.

But today, if you hear him mentioned at all, Fr. Coughlin is often demonized as an 'anti-Semite' extremist. People like Glenn Beck and other neocons still try to smear the good Fr. Coughlin's legacy. But none of that is true.

But even worse than the neocon political hacks, this article by this priest actually not-so-subtly implies by his omission, that Fr. Coughlin somehow failed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I find that VERY OUTRAGEOUS, FALSE, AND OFFENSIVE.

So I wrote to the priest, and since I received no response, I will publish the letter here as an open letter in the interest of open public discourse. I began by writing to the secretary at his parish, the only contact info that I found listed:

Hello, I am trying to reach Fr. Pokorsky, but did not see a contact e-mail for him listed on your parish website or in your parish bulletin. Could you kindly forward this e-mail to him? Thank you.

Hello Father Pokorsky. I recently signed up for "The Catholic Thing" emails after having the very pleasant surprise of visiting & touring the studios of EWTN in Alabama a few weeks ago. During that week I saw on EWTN an interview with Fr. Gerald Murray. I was very impressed with his interview regarding Cardinal Burke and Pope Francis, which is what led me to subscribe to his columns via "The Catholic Thing." [Read about my visit to EWTN here: HISTORIC: Never-Before-Published Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter To A Catholic Woman On The Holy Catholic Rosary.]

[By the way- a note to WRH readers: The YouTube video I referred to above with Fr. Gerald Murray and another Vatican expert discussing the feud, for lack of a better word, between Pope Francis and American Cardinal Burke is VERY shocking, interesting, and extremely informative. Remember that this is not from a Catholic-bashing or Fundy perspective. EWTN is a very mainstream conservative Catholic network; the largest in the world, which broadcasts worldwide. Cardinal Burke is a good holy traditional Catholic Bishop. Pope Francis, who is an admitted modernist, fired him from his Vatican position as soon as he took office. I will write more on all this later. But for now I HIGHLY recommend watching that clip. Now, continuing with my letter to another priest about Fr. Coughlin...]

A few days ago I recieved your February 5th column A Temptation: The Cult Of Personality". I noticed you mentioned Fr. Charles Coughlin in your column, along with a photo of him at the podium.

You note

"Religions, great and small, can be prone to engender false and potentially destructive "cults of personality" as well. Horrors like the Jonestown mass murder are easily seen. But there is plenty of evidence of alarming "cult of personality" problems emerging from within the Church herself.

Father Charles Coughlin (the social justice "Radio Priest" of the 1930s) and Fulton J. Sheen (whose TV ratings exceeded that of comedian Milton Berle) were real-life "celebrity priests." By contrast, the popes of their day - custodians of the Church's Magisterium - were dull and not particularly entertaining."

You conclude "Like Fulton Sheen and John XXIII, John Paul used his popularity in the service of the Gospel."

Noticeably absent in that sentence was Fr. Coughlin, who you'd mentioned along with the previous three. May I ask, was there a reason for this omission of Fr. Coughlin, along with the previous three, whom you said 'served the Gospel'?

Father Coughlin certainly used his massive popularity in the service of the Gospel and the Holy Catholic church- he retired and died as a priest in good standing. You may be surprised to learn that he is even featured on an official U.S. government website. [Pssst! Don't tell Jared Kushner! Fr. Coughlin's page will be gone quicker than Chris Christie, who put ole Jared's felon daddy in PRISON!.]

Furthermore, Fr. Coughlin preached the actual gospel to millions worldwide, and sought to stop all these evil undeclared and unnecessary wars that the United States has been involved in since long before you or I were born. Fr. Coughlin promoted the just war doctrine of St. Augustine and peace, and thoughtful resolution of conflicts. He sought just wages for all Americans and an end to usurious central banking policies of the federal reserve.. at the time not long after it was established. People often complain about these things now, but the good Fr. Coughlin warned against them when it was not necessarily popular.

By the way, I read and study the actual Catechism of the Catholic Church on the just war doctrine, as well as Papal encyclicals, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop's "Forming Consciences For Faithful Citizenship".

I can tell you that in all the years of visiting various Catholic Churches with my wife throughout the United States and in 30 countries worlwide, as well as attending parochial school my whole life, I can count on one hand, if that, the times I have ever heard ANY priest even mention the "just war doctrine," much less alude to it, explain it, or promote its' tenants. They certainly do not promote it. And that is a great shame, because as the U.S. Bishops explain, as faithful Catholics we have a responsibility to promote "peace and justice."

I first heard of Fr. Coughlin in 2007 when my dad alerted me to an article in The Wanderer Catholic newspaper, when they were comparing his anti-war-hawkish "non-interventionist" foreign policy ideals to that of the presidential campaign of Dr. Ron Paul.

You see, both of these men, Father Coughlin and Congressman Paul, actually had the gall, albeit 80 years apart, to boldly promote peace as opposed to perpetual war and "the merchants of MURDER," as Fr. Coughlin so appropriately put it.

After learning of Fr. Coughlin, my mom informed me that my grandfather, who had immigrated to the U.S from Italy, was a huge fan of Fr. Coughlin and had listened to his radio shows weekly.

This fascinated me, so I did much more research. I have since listened to probably hundreds of hours of Fr. Coughlin's sermons and radio shows, as well as read his material.

He was a genious and predicted many of the problems which continue to plague our nation and the world today- including many of tbe monetary policies which Pope Francis rails against such as "the worship of mammon and the oppression of the poor and working man."

By the way, Fr. Coughlin also wrote extensively that he was specifically NOT an "anti-semite" or "Nazi" supporter. He sent out not only his sermons, but free books on this very matter to his millions of listeners, -books which I have copies of. Fr. Coughlin said that Americans should support neither communists or nazis, that they should instead support the vision of our founding fathers of our nation and the U.S. Constitution.

So this nasty often-heard smear that Fr. Coughlin was some sort of "Nazi Jew-hating anti-semite" is an extremely evil, defamatory, scandalous and absolutely false lie. Such claims are literally bearing false witness.

And I will note that these claims are often made by the very same warmongers and usurious banker-types who promote perpetual war today.

I'm sorry that this letter to you ran longer than expected and I thank you for taking the time to read it. Since you are the one who brought up Fr. Coughlin in an apparently not-so-flattering way, I think it needed to be said.

By the way, four years prior to World War II, Fr. Coughlin warned in his weekly radio address that the international war-mongers will try to entangle the U.S. into another world war using Japan as the impetus. Like I said, he was not only a geo-political genius but a very holy and devout priest.

I see on your columns page that they have links to share your columns on to facebook, Twitter, etc. They also include a short bio of you along with your photo. That is a lot about YOU. Does this mean that you are somehow to be condemned, like Fr. Coughlin apparantly is, by implication at least, in your column, of being guilty of perpetuating a "cult of personality?"

I will be more kind and fair, and answer NO to that question. I hope you pray for the soul of the heroic brave Fr. Coughlin as I do, and I will continue to spread and perpetuate his true and accurate legacy of Catholic Christ-based peace, justice and truth in the world.

By the way, when is the last time you preached on the Just War doctrine, or opposed publicly ANY of these current evil wars, which both Pope Francis ane Pope Benedict XVI have spoken against? I would absolutely love to hear it.

God bless you,

Martin Hill
Los Angeles, Calif

[By the way, if you Google "Fr. Coughlin Archives," the Fr. Charles E. Coughlin Archives appear sixth on the list, on the very first page of results! I am very happy and proud to see that! :-)

Here are some more photos of the good Fr. Coughlin. When he died they found several firearms among his possessions. :-)

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