Response To My Open-Border Libertarian Friend On Trump's Immigration Raids
By Martin Hill
February 16, 2017


Robert Wenzel, who runs the great sites and, has a new blog post up. In case you aren't familiar with him, Bob has a very popular libertarian blog which is often cited by well-known libertarian legends such as Dr. Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Walter Block, and Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo. Bob is a principled Austrian economist and author. He devotedly adheres to the libertarian "non-aggresion principle."

The thing I like about Bob is that he is a 'respected' libertarian, yet he is not afraid to cover topics that many such folks are too gutless to broach, such as false flags and the Israel lobby. His sites are two of the very few that I visit regularly for news and analysis.

As I mentioned here when Bob's site was mentioned on Ron Paul's TV program, Bob has posted many articles at his sites over the years, which I appreciate. I can tell from the clickbacks that his sites get massive traffic.

I first became acquainted with Wenzel when he posted some of my articles on Rand Paul many years ago, which Lew Rockwell then also linked. See:

My friend Dr. Kevin Barrett interviewed Bob in December 2015, here.

Anyway, Bob posted this absurd post yesterday which complained about President Trump's Immigration raids. Immigration policy is one issue where I completely disagree with Wenzel, so here is his post and my response.

Immigration Authorities Arrested 680 People in Raids Last Week

Immigration authorities last week arrested 680 people who were in the United States illegally, Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly said in a statement, reports The Washington Post.

More from WaPo (my bold):

...Asked to provide further clarification, a DHS official confirmed that the term "criminal aliens" includes anyone who had entered the United States illegally or overstayed or violated the terms of a visa. There are an estimated 11 million people in the United States who fit that profile.

Under the guise of deporting "criminals," the sneaky street hustling president has given the DHS a license to go aggressively after every undocumented living in the United States, including hardworking, God-fearing undocumented who have never violated NAP in their life nor taken a welfare payment.

It is very difficult to see how libertarian Trump fanboys can support this activity.

Here is my response to Wenzel:

Bob, my response began as a comment on your post, but I decided to post it here instead. :-)

Feel free to re-post or reply as it seems that a number of your readers don't see eye to eye with you on this issue.

First of all I am so glad and happy to hear if Trump is considering "criminal aliens" to be ANY illegal alien who has snuck into the USA. . If this is true, it's absolutely great news, not to mention hilarious. Since they all broke the law, and unlike many of our laws it is a 100% valid law, they are indeed all literal criminals.

As far as "God-fearing"??? Eegads, Bob, that sounds like something a far-lefty would say. Trying to characterize illegal invaders and leechers as righteous angels.

This is probably the one topic I disagree with you 100% on. Speaking of "God fearing," first of all most Mexicans aren't even religious, they have a very secular society (No doubt in part as a result of fallout from the Cristero war.)

Furthermore, if they were Catholic & followed what the church actually taught, then they'd know that the U.S. Catholic Bishops Official Document States The "Duty of Government Is To Secure One's Border And Enforce The Law For The Sake Of The Common Good." It continues, "Catholic Bishops accept the legitimate role of the U.S. government in intercepting unauthorized migrants who attempt to travel to the U.S." The Bishops add that the government's "duty is to secure one's border and enforce the law for the sake of the common good"!!!

Also, the Catechism of the Catholic Church Section 2241 states, in part, "Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens."

These far-left wing bishops, like radical commies, have a bizarre anti-American agenda. I also have a homily by a traditional Latin rite Catholic priest about WALLS and borders and how God ordains it. It is simply common sense. it's titled "Heaven has Walls!". It is brilliant and no Christian theologan can refute it.

[By the way, lest there be any confusion about my use of the term 'Latin Rite order,', I actually know that priest, and his order is in good standing, part of the Roman Catholic church. Not one of these looney schismatic Mel-Gibson type groups, whose so-called "church" in Malibu has no connection whatsoever to the actual Catholic church, as acknowledged by tbe Cardinal of Los Angeles.] You can find more of these great homilies, a treaure trove in the style of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, at and, which are actually my two favorite websites, hands down.

Back to immigration. Unlike the majority of Americans, I actually have a passport and travel extensively. (By the way, a side note: passports that were "magically found in the rubble of the World Trade Center" could not survive a raging inferno hot enough to "melt 110 story towers into dust" in an hour. That is unimaginably beyond absurd and anyone would have to be LITERALLY RETARDED to believe it.)

My wife and I have been all over the world, to over 30 countries. NO COUNTRY on Earth allows anyone to just wander in and stay forever, and leech off the taxpayers. That is insanity, and no sovereign nation could survive it. If you did that in Mexico or any South American country you'd end up in a dungeon, lol. And it would be insane, fraudulent nonsense for anyone to claim otherwise.

All of these "liberation theology" far-left clergymen who promote this treasonous open-border garbage are also severe hypocrites, since I have also been to every one of the lower 48 United States and guess what? EVERY CATHOLIC CHURCH THAT EXISTS, not to mention the Vatican in Rome with its huge fortress WALLS, has fences, gates, locks, as well as signs regulating parking and TRESPASS.

This open-border stuff would not and has never worked anywhere, is an absurd idealized pipe-dream with no basis in reality. Pat Buchanan is correct on this issue. But then again I am aligned with the paleo-conservative, mindset, so my position makes perfect sense.

Regular readers of this website know that I like to tell stories. I have a very funny, unbelievable story about borders and walls. Years ago when I was opposing pervert Arnold Schwarzenegher for governor of California, (I supported state senator Tom McClintock, who at the time was often compared to Ron Paul- Tom even interviewed Ron Paul on the radio years ago and said he'd make a great president.)

Anyway, when Arnold won, he met George W. Bush in Southern California. Arnold is a disgusting anti-gun, pro homo, big government open-border socialist. I protested him and as "the only man" protesting Arnold from the 'right' perspective, I was interviewed by Patrick Healy for the channel 4 KNBC Los Angeles 11 O'Clock News. That video incidentally is here, at minute 5 .

Nevertheless. while I was at that event, every one of the other people protestting Schwarzenegger were radical reconquista open-border far-leftists. Which actually shows how stupid they are, because Governor Arnie was clearly on their side. While at the event I by complete chance ran into Barbara Coe, who headed a group called CCIR, the California Coalition for Immigration Reform.

I had gotten to know Barb over the years because my dad and I had attended some of their monthly meetings. They held events with guest speakers, etc., with such speakers as Tom McClintock, Tom Tancredo, Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist, Terry Anderson, Glenn Spencer of American Patrol, Kevin Shannon Bearly, Hal Netkin, Daniel Sheehy, Art Olivier, etc. [By the way, only later did I learn that Tancredo, McClintock and Gilchrist, turned out to be looney rabid Zionists. But that's another story.]

I'll never forget when Jim Gilchrist spoke at the CCIR meeting in Garden Grove, Calif. in 2004. You see, the truth is that the great majority of CCIR members were the white-haired brigade, so Barb had called me, being probably one of if not the youngest member there, and she asked me if I could help along with some of the other big guys as sort of a security watch or deterrent in case they had any trouble. Now just about everyone in this group was constitutional pro-gun folks, with several military and law enforcement vets. So these were no pansies.

The open-border reconquista type illegal aliens were known to use a certain nasty tactic. They would throw frozen soda cans at the heads of the pro border folks, a potentially deadly weapon.

Screw that, I thought. I didn't have any delusions about these traitorius violent maniacs, so I came fully prepared. I had bought a professional riot helmet at a military surplus store, along with some other defensive 'provisions,' and showed up wearing it.

The place was complete chaos and pandemonium. It was insane. My friend Kevin Shannon, who was a radio talk sbow host, protestant minister and former LAPD officer, we were walking around the perimeter of the Garden Grove women's center, where the monthly CCIR meetings were held, and the place was surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of radical maniac open-border absolute lunatics.

These violent thugs, much like the same ones in Berkeley last month, were not going to accept free speech on private property. They smashed bricks into the windshield of an old 85-year old couple, a husband and wife, who were simply trying to drive their Cadillac into the parking lot to attend the Gilchrist event. It was horrible. The reconquistas had the entire block surrounded and were attacking peaceful patrons who wanted to attend.

Kevin and I had not seen the actual brick throwing incident but came upon the scene in the immediate aftermath. Terry Anderson, a very big black guy from South central Los Angeles and a popular radio host of a weekly show on immigration, was there with his posse too, and he was so pissed at what these thugs had done to this now terrified and bloodied elderly couple. I actually have video footage of this carnage and if I ever dig through my archives and find it I will be sure to post it to my YouTube channel.

Anyway- back to the Schwarzenegger protest in Riverside in 2003. I came upon Barb Coe in the streets and she was surrounded by four very frenzied and aggressive college-aged thugs, three males and one female. They apparently had recognized her and were aggressively taunting aand arguing with her. Now Barb was a very thin frail-looking white-haired lady and you could tell she was phsyically intimidated by their actions.

That is when she saw me walking by and happily proclaimed "MARTIN!"

What happened next is astounding, and I actually have this on video too, and if I ever take the time to find it, will post it.

I'm not someone who has a problem with difference of opinon. I'm not easily swayed to change my positions, but am okay with talking with all sorts of people. So I engaged these four folks and asked them exactly what they believe and why.

They said basically that borders were evil and that we should have wide-open borders.

I asked them, well, if the United States is that big of a draw for immigrants than there must be a reason for this. We agreed that it was primarily economic. But then I asked them, if the U.S. let anyone and everyone swarm in here unabated, millions or even billions of people would swarm in.

They agreed. Then I asked, could our nation or any nation sustain such an influx? Would that be good for the country? Could it even sustain, and would the very economic system and opporrtunity that they fled here for, even exist if there were that many new immigrants? Should we, for example, let a billion Chinese or Africans into the U.S.?

To my complete shock, they all said no.

Why not? Are you a 'RACIST NAZI!!??" I asked incredulously, to which they all laughed.

One of them actually said "No, we have to check them before they come in, to see who they are."

WOW man, this is a true story and it took literally less than five minutes to get these radical brainwashed college kids to agree with me and Barb. So I replied "Well, it looks like we're on the same side then!" and they pleasantly left. Barb and I looked at each other in shock.

That's the thing about actually having a calm conversation with people instead of a manic frenzied one. I've actually done this many times with people, such as when Obama and McCain appeared together at Rick Warren's protestant TV megachurch 'Saddleback' in Orange County, Calif. Some of the Saddleback members were arguing with the Westboro Baptist "God hates fags" church protesters, and I intervened both sides. I got the liberal Rick Waren groupies dingbat women to at least agree that such a thing as "hell" exists, (as all Christians must believe,) and they were completely befuddled and disarmed. Those two videos with my interviewes of the 'Westboro Baptist Church' folks are below. I ask them about 9/11 being an inside job, Ron Paul, and many other issues. I think it is hilarious.

So that's my argument against open borders. It's an absurd and baseless theoretical pipe-dream that has never, should never, and will never exist.

Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist on 9/11 Truth at Saddleback

8/16/08: Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church Vs Rick Warren's Saddleback Members

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