Iraq Vet's Pro-Refugee (Propaganda) Story Goes Mega-Viral On Twitter, He's Meeting With Obama Next Week Iraq Vet's Pro-Refugee (Propaganda) Story Goes Mega-Viral On Twitter, He's Meeting With Obama Next Week
By Martin Hill
January 30, 2017


A U.S. Iraq vet has told a story in a series of tweets about an Iraqi boy who worked with the U.S. military in Iraq as an interpreter. He tweeted the story on January 28, at 9:38am and it already has 57,152 retweets and 81,838 likes.

The poster has since noted "Shared a story about love, loss, and brotherhood, so of course I've been called a killer, a racist, a traitor, a nigger, a liar, etc. Welp."...

"Complete strangers emailing me and calling me non-stop. Some threatening. The internet is the best-worst thing ever."

"Annnnd I'll be in SF on 2/8, because when Barack Obama asks you to do something, you do it."

It appears that the purpose of the story is to generate sentimental emotional support for refugees, to influence public opinion and policy in the United States.

He tells the tale of a 16-year-old Iraqi boy who served as an interpreter with his unit in Iraq, and upon returning to the U.S. the soldier assumed that the boy would eventually be killed in combat. Then several years later while flying from Hawaii to Arizona to attend his brother's funeral, the vet gets in a cab and low and behold, the driver is his Iraqi friend, who was allowed into the U.S. as a refugee!

The two men then stop the taxi on the side of the road and weep bitterly, embracing beach other in the rain as traffic wizzes by. Straight out of a Tom Hanks movie! Aww, how heartwarming! (Very stupid and dangerous thing to do by the way. Being in the transportation industry, I know that people get killed while milling about on the roadside every day across America.)

The author, based on his twitter feed, is very anti-Trump, pro-refugee, and pro-Obama.

He claims to have been threatened as a result of his pro-refugee story, but one of his recent tweets was a GIF celebrating the assault of white nationalist Richard Spencer, with the caption 'Make Nazis Afraid Again.' Spencer was blindsided and punched in the head recently while giving an interview on the street to a news outlet. The Iraq vet seems to be celebrating and endorsing such violent acts.

Here is the Iraq Vet'a refugee story, along with several of the responses. You can judge the veracity of his claims for yourself.

"I told this story about #refugees a couple years ago on Veterans Day with a humorous slant. I'm going to tell it again today, unfiltered. Years ago, on my first deployment to Iraq, I befriended a local boy, Brahim, who would quickly become one of our interpreters. He was able to do so, bc the turnover rate for local nationals work with us was enormous. And not bc they quit, bc they were killed.

Besides the money, we were able to get them to volunteer with us by promising them refugee status in the U.S. if they completed a tour. (But really, I think the chain of command knew that most interpreters wouldn't make it through their contracts alive.) Anyway, Brahmin would tell me about all the family members he lost in the conflict--brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, all of em.

He told me how he lived in a one bedroom house with 7 people. No clean, power every other week because of the rolling blackouts, etc. He told me how they did have the basic necessities most days and that him volunteering w/ us was one of their sole sources of income. One day, I went down to the PX and bought him $20, maybe $30 worth of toiletries. Nbd really. Just didn't want dude to smell like shit.

When I presented it to him, he cried. Literally bawled his eyes out and said he give his life for me. OVER SOAP. Completely sobering. He spent the next year acting as our liaison, providing us with valuable intel, essentially saving our lives on a daily basis. At 16. When I presented it to him, he cried. Literally bawled his eyes out and said he give his life for me. OVER SOAP. Completely sobering.

He spent the next year acting as our liaison, providing us with valuable intel, essentially saving our lives on a daily basis. At 16. At the end of my tour in Iraq, I knew I was leaving him to die. I knew I'd never see him again. Was just kinda like "take care kid." Fast forward 5-years. And I'm flying home to Phoenix to bury my little brother who was brutally murdered. (Gun violence is another subj.)

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I cried my eyes out all the way from Hawaii to Arizona. Fucking brutal. Spend 6 years fighting wars and you don't expect to get a phone call that your kid brother was randomly murdered in a carjacking. Anyway, I land in Arizona and it's pouring. Hop off and walk down to the taxi stand. (Uber's weren't really a thing in 2013.)

I get in the first taxi that pulls up and we're off. Driver starts to make the standard small talk. Where you from, what do you do, etc. I tell him I just got out of the military and blah blah. He says "oh great. I love the military. You ever travel anywhere?" Tell him, "Sure. Been to every corner of the globe. Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc." He says "Oh! I'm from Iraq! What part?"

I say "Kirkuk, mostly." And he says "Im from Kirkuk." And then gets really fucking quiet. Like awkwardly quiet. Making me nervous quiet. My first thought is I killed one of his family members and he recognizes me. And now im literally getting ready to bail out of the cab. I see him staring at me in the rear view. I can see the anguish in his eyes. And then he starts to PULL THE CAB TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.

He stops, turns around and says, "Dylan, you remember me? It's me, Brahim." And I'm like wtffffff. And just start sobbing. We got out of that taxi off the I10 and Rural and hugged it out on a bridge in the rain on some Notebook shit. I didn't ever care, man. So I'm like WTF ARE YOU DOING IN FUCKING ARIZONA?! HOW? MAN WHAT? And he's like I did my 4 years and they gave me a visa.

They gave him some cash and a 1 way ticket to the States. Asked him where he wanted to go, and he said where the weather is like Iraq. So they sent him to Arizona. 5 years after I left him in Iraq and a few days after my younger brother was violently murdered, the universe linked us up again.

Brahim literally saved my life, twice. Lost one brother, and got another one back. #refugees

The soldier concludes his twitter tale with this photo:

Here are some of the comments:

Thank you for your service and sharing this.

they just want us to believe all humanity is lost, thank you for your service, for sharing, and for proving them wrong.

thank you for your service and for sharing man. A really touching story. Glad you were able to gain your little brother back.

Trump wouldn't know this because he never served.

Thank you for your service, first, but also for sharing this. Storytellers go into the darkness and come back with light for others.

or interacted with those less fortunate, or volunteer, or think of anyone outside himself. I will not let him break my spirits.

Banning people whose region we have helped destabilize, people who just want to LIVE and be free is as un-American as it gets.

I am really sorry about your brother, may he rest in peace.

I am glad that you & Brahim were able to reconnect. What a small world

wow! Amazing story, sorry about your brother. Thank for your service. I salute you!

you're making me cry. Thank you for sharing this story.

This is such an awesome story, the universe as a funny way of bringing people together. Sorry about your brother :(

Awesome. Great story. Thanks for sharing and for your service.

this is so beautiful thank you so much for sharing this.


please tell me you are still in contact with him!

I'm crying 😭

thank you for your service and for sharing this incredible story. My heart is crushed in 10,000 ways. This story is everything

your story have me moist .God is amazing

thank you for sharing this incredible story. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Ya it’s unfortunately not that simple. A ton of them want to commit jihad on us. They ruin it for everyone. America first.

I'm literally crying my eyes out! Thank you for your service & please thank Brahim as well! Have a nephew who's an Airman

And I'm so very sorry for the loss of your brother! But happy you have another brother in Brahim! β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ—½πŸ™ŒπŸ»β€ΌοΈ

what a great story. Now I'm all emotional


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